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50 Cents Per Click for 10 to 20% Sign Up : Good or Not?

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50 Cents Per Click for 10 to 20% Sign Up : Good or Not?

Hi there!

I currently have a google adwords campaign running, and am paying about 50 cents per click.

And then for every 10 clicks (that connect to my squeeze page), I'm getting only 1-2 people to sign up on my list.

Do those numbers sound about right? 50 cents per click, and 10-20% sign ups?


What are others' experiences with PPC costs and conversions?

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50cents per click is reasonable enough, but a higher click through rate won't hurt. You'd want more sign ups regardless of how much you're paying for each click.

The following article has plenty of tips to help you increase your ad's CTR:
50 Strategies To Increase Click Through Rate Via PPC Advertising

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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