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What to Do If My Site is Not Converting

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What to Do If My Site is Not Converting

Hi could someone please take a look at my website www.perfectweighs.com and give me some advice on why its not converting as I am starting to see good amounts of traffic.

Thank you
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I'm a bit of a newbie in the marketing department myself, so I can only offer a few bits of advice and others will add more information.
If it were my site, I'd redo the header: get the photo back into proportion instead of stretched out, and then I'd work on the main title "Perfect Weighs" a bit to incorporate it into the header more instead of it sitting all lonely above everything.
The menu bar seems to target highly searched for keywords which leads to some redundancies (burn belly fat, burn fat). I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. If you're starting to see good amounts of traffic, perhaps it's a good thing. Look at your bounce rates and see how long your visitors are staying.
These are are just 2 things that I can see, and I'm not entirely sure about the menu. But definitely look into the header and give it some love. :)
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Thanks rmsabo anyone else got any tips for me to improve things on my site.
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You need to get them to a page like this one.
and build a list.

Put sexy banners on your site to get them to your squeeze page.
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Maybe you can display your content better, right now your homepage looks like a blog to me.

Checkout this site I found, it does a good job of that http://www.thefatlossauthority.com/ - and it looks like they are building their list too, see the optin forms to get the freebie? Looks like they have a social presence as well, a community.

So let's learn from what they are doing, it looks like their website draws in the visitors with FREE-CONTENT, funnels them onto an e-mail LIST, and builds up a following, a COMMUNITY, so that they can then sell things to those followers, but by this time it won't be "selling" will it? It will be more like Sharing, meaning all they have to do is put something in front of their community and say:

"Hey check this out it's pretty good".

Instead of:

"Buy this? No? k how bout at this price? no? ok how bout with this bonus? no? ok but look at these testimonials, still no? well ok how bout half off? no, ok but but but... etc etc.,".

"Selling" is basically Rejection Control.

Your site doesn't seem to be geared toward building a community, I.E., an E-mail List, Facebook 'list', twitter 'list', etc., it's all about the lists!

Your site/business-model is more or less trying to sell something to a new visitor by getting a click on an affiliate link ASAP. If that's what your doing then that's fine there are ways to get good at that too!

However, remember that these new visitors are folks who don't trust anyone but their family and closest friends, along with some of their favorite brands they may like. So getting clicks is only half the battle.

You need to become a friend or a favorite brand to them in order to INCREASE conversions.

Just like in the offline-world, it takes time to build trust.
(And giving a bunch of free **** away helps too.)
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Hi Andrew,

I'm sorry to hear you're not getting any conversion on your site. It looks great! The header looks a bit too low on the page. You might want to move that further up. I think the other members have mentioned the need to build a list. It's important to build a subscriber list because that's like building a list of your target market that you could always tap into to purchase from your links. I suggest you find a good PLR pack on your subject, re-write it and give it away as a free eBook to build your list. Or you can have someone write the eBook for you. It's going to cost you but it's worth it in the long run.

I agree with tankctrlr in that your homepage, and the site itself looks a bit like a blog. You can use that as an advantage. Instead of writing your articles like an authority on weight loss, why not as someone who is trying to lose weight? Share your experience with losing weight, make the site more personal instead of a "formal" site.

I also suggest using more creative call to action links. Instead of saying "Click Here" all the time, you could say "Want to lose 5pounds within a week? Find out how now" or "These 5 foods will help you shed those pounds!"

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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I think if you make your goal "Get my website making $500/week!" it can be hard to maintain focus and motivation.

It's better to break it down into steps.

For instance, the first goal for most people is to get visitors to your website. Nothing happens without visitors!

If you're getting visitors but no sales, your next goal is to get more people clicking your affiliate links. If nobody is visiting the merchant website, you're not going to make any sales. You could increase the number of clicks by making your links more attention-grabbing, more attractive, re-wording them to make them more compelling, and finding other more creative ways to present them.

If you're getting enough people clicking your affiliate links but you're not making any sales, your next goal might be to get more of those clicks to convert. Aside from doing a serious pre-sell on your site to get visitors REALLY enthusiastic about buying the product, this can be a hard one for you to improve yourself.

A different approach to the "sheer numbers" approach is to try focusing on attracting visitors who are more likely to buy, and getting THOSE people to click through. Visitors who are searching for particular product names, author names, or looking for reviews are generally closer to buying than people who are just searching for "weight loss". You'll probably get a lot fewer visitors and clicks for these, but they'll convert a lot better.

I've got a site which sent 750 hops (visitors) to a merchant from a particular (untargeted) piece of content, and didn't make a single sale. On the same site I have some content targeted towards these "ready to buy" visitors, and made 10 sales from 350 hops.

Figure out what your real goal is at each step and things become clearer.
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