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Trouble finding topic ideas

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Trouble finding topic ideas


Hmmm.. How should I start.. Well, i have trouble coming up with a topic to start with.. (which means im still stuck at DAY 1 of the 90-day roadmap.. lols)

I know, as many have mentioned, that it is best that we choose a topic that we are truly passionate about.. However, think I'm too narrow minded, the same few topics are always revolving in my mind and are not wad I'm passionate about..

So I was thinking...it would be great if you guys can share with me the topics you guys are working on so that I can see things from a wider perspective and be exposed to a wider range of topics that are available out there instead of being confined to only a few topics that were mentioned in the videos, like dog training.. haha..

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Have a look at what is going on at clickbank.com, and see if there is a lot of books.

Then, go and check the competition on Adwords. If there are affiliates, it should be profitable.

Let me know if there is anything.
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Look around your house, your yard, neighborhood... have you any hobbies? are you interested in learning about something? Go to Amazon and look at their magazine section... start brainstorming by making a list of all these ideas. Give yourself 30 minutes to write down ideas (don't judge them, just write them.)

Then take a look at your list and pick 5 items that you are interested in. Then check to see if there are affiliate products available, like Supeaff suggested, Clickbank is a good place to look. Google for products that you think would be good to promote and see if they have affiliate programs.

Give yourself a time limit in deciding on your topic. Make today the day you decide. Then go register a domain and get started.

Think about this: What's the worse thing that could happen if you pick a niche you don't like or isn't making a profit? Sure you'll have wasted some time and maybe a little bit of money, but the knowledge and experience you’ve gained by actually going through the process will be priceless to you :wink: Repeating the process will be so much easier for the next niche.

Good luck,
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Seriously, I know finding a topic is hard. Then I hear about people selling train horns and making it big who thinks of train horns?? I guess if you have a train hobby, but seriously for the average person who is starting off finding a niche is mind numbing. Every time I think I have got something I struggle getting key words to work for pages. I am smart I run my own consulting firm, but in this area I get stuck. how do I pin point something that makes enough sense as a whole site?

how many pages do I really need of information? Do I just start something and keep trying? There has got to be a better way than this! With so much success out there really we need to keep bumping our heads to figure it out!
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Hunter: The best place to start is looking for profitable affiliate programs. Once you've found a few affiliate programs to promote in a certain niche (and you KNOW that they sell well... look at the "gravity" score in ClickBank) then that's pretty much all you need for choosing a niche.

Once you've got that you know there's money to be made in a market, and your job then is to find out how it's being made. Which is where your keywords come in: You need to find keywords that not only have enough people searching on them, but that are also the sorts of things that people type into the search engines when they could be convinced to buy something.

Once you've got a good number of THOSE... it just comes down to building your site around them.

When you don't know which end to attack it from, it can seem like a lottery. But all you have to do is look at where the money is already, and just go there as well.

If you're still stuck on things, AffiloBlueprint will be swinging open those doors in less than two months, and it might be worth jumping on board. We go through all this sort of stuff.
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I hope it is okay to add my question here since it is somewhat related.

I have also seen that Train Horns issue btw lol.

Last week I started here and am working my way through the 1st week videos and lessons so I am on schedule.

Now I have found two profitable niches to start with but am not sure how to get the three other products best chosen. BTW the one I want to start with is pure based on the info from the course and not yet in connection with hobbies because for instance I do not see profitable enough products at ClickBank, so that will come later. For instance I would like to do one on gardening but there is no much about that at ClickBank.

So I have chosen Weight Loss as niche. Now do the other 3 or 4 products have to do directly with weight loss products or can I also include for instance a Fitness program. It would still be matching the same criteria, I believe.

I know I am just starting and will watch the other videos of course, but to get me going in the right direction from scratch it would be useful for me to know this.


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