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Top 10 Reasons to Become an Affiliate Marketer

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Top 10 Reasons to Become an Affiliate Marketer

1. It is free
2. No product or content creation
3. No website, hosting, or autoresponder fees
4. High commission rate
5. Almost all websites have an affiliate program
6. Banner ads are provided free of charge
7. Pre-written emails provided
8. Professional high converting website provided
9. Your only job is to drive traffic
10. No HTML or computer programming skills required
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"Almost all websites have an affiliate program"

"Professional high converting website provided"
By whom?

"No website, hosting, or autoresponder fees"

"Your only job is to drive traffic"
Uhh... sometimes.

Steve... I can see you're here to promote the website that is in your signature. But it really helps if you make more sense.

Try engaging with the conversations that people are having, rather than just bombarding the forum with vague rants of dubious credibility. You're like someone's crazy uncle, standing in the corner of the room talking to the potplant.
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Affiliate Marketing has truly been one of the best ways to make money. Thanks for sharing the points.
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Internet Entrepreneur > Affiliate Marketer :P
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"No website, hosting, or autoresponder fees"

Dang... I've been doing it wrong this whole time... :(
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Affiliate programs with low commission rates could also be lucrative at times! Take amazon for example. Isn't it?
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Another good reason to learn how to do affiliate marketing and earn an income online is that you are not required to deal with the hassles of customer support - the product creator does all that.
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I don't need ten reasons to become an affiliate marketer.
I only need one: - FREEDOM!

Freedom to be able to:
1. Work anywhere
2. Own my own time
3. Be my own boss
4. Spend more time with family and friends
5. Spend more time to pursue other interests
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Why do you care if there are free banners provided? You don't have a website and you can't do PPC or other campaigns for free. What do you use the banners for? Why do you care if there are pre-written emails provided? You don't have an autoresponder and you can't do solo ads or buy a list for free. I'm assuming you mean a free blog and manually sending the emails to a list you already have that you somehow got for free. Your only job is to drive traffic, ok, I can agree with that, kind of. How are you gonna do it with your limited resources? Maybe social media, that could get some results, but only if you have a large following already because you can't advertise for free.
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"Pre-written emails provided"

I have not found this on many affiliate programs.

But affiliate marketing give you freedom to set your working schedule.
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As an affiliate marketer, your main job is pre-selling the product, warming up the potential customer to the idea that products you are promoting.

You will have greater success as an affiliate marketer if you develop your own email list of subscribers, so you can talk to these people on a regular basis. This will work better than trying to rely on random traffic and one off sales for an income.
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Working from the comfort of home is yet another reason to become an affiliate marketer. As an affiliate marketer we have absolute freedom to choose our working hours. Affiliate marketing is one such business that makes the marketer proud.
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