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Scenario...Would you pursue this niche?

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Scenario...Would you pursue this niche?

Hello All, I'm new here :) I've been flirting with the idea of starting an online venture for sometime now. I've listen/watched/read many great IM courses from some of the top internet marketers...Mark Ling being one of them. I just recently read a post that he wrote about the difference between successful and unsuccessful people. It served as a welcomed reality check and a kick in the ass. Anyway, picked a niche, did some research and found the following.

The scenario: I have an idea for a product. I am involved with the niche as an offline product.

1. There are multiple (7-10) books on Amazon with a decent number of reviews (10-50 per book)
2. There are a few (three) poorly written ebooks/sales pages within the niche on ClickBank
3. There are many Google Adwords advertisers within the niche keywords (mostly business, not affiliates)

I have identified 5 BUYER keywords within the niche with the following Google stats:

Global Monthly Search Terms | Competing Websites
Keyword 1: 74,000 | 5,970
Keyword 2: 22,200 | 8,790
Keyword 3: 9900 | 13,400
Keyword 4: 8100 | 15,200
Keyword 5: 590 | 10
Totals: 114,790 | 43,370

All of the above keywords are rated "Relatively Easy" in Traffic Travis.

The following is just to humor myself...is this ridiculous? Assuming I can get on the first page of Google, by using article marketing, link building, etc... And that I write decent sales copy and provide good content.

Total Monthly Traffic: 114,790
Visitors to Site: 11,147 (10% of Total Monthly Traffic)
Convert to Sale: 115 (1% of Visitors to Site)
Gross Profit: $5,635 ($49 ebook, will be slightly less after merchant fees)

Is this promising?
Should I pursue?
Am I being realistic/conservative enough in my assumptions?

Let me know if I've completely missed something and sound like a total ass.
Feedback is much appreciated.
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I do not even bother with trying to work out SEO data figures as it is just too hit and miss. With paid traffic it becomes a bit easier to work out your metrics but with SEO there are too many variables.

Without knowing the niche (which I am hoping that you keep a secret), it is hard to be able to give any advice. That is a lot of monthly traffic to be getting! Just remember that a lot of the estimated traffic is if you get into the first spot for all your terms (hard to do and can take a long time, especially if there are authority sites in the rankings) so I would estimate a substantially lower figure of traffic.

Sometimes you just have to put up a site, build links, promote, promote, promote and see what sticks!
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2. There are a few (three) poorly written ebooks/sales pages within the niche on ClickBank

What is the gravity of these products? High gravity (20 or 30+) means a lot of people are making sales, which means that you can too. For the moment it's our best indicator that a product will be profitable for you. Low gravity means the product is either brand spanking new, or it's a flop.

If there isn't at least one product with a gravity of 30+ in Clickbank, I would probably be looking at another niche. It's the first thing we teach you to look for, because it's the clearest indicator that there is money being made in this niche.

Promoting books on Amazon isn't exactly going to make you rich. I think their commission is something like 6%. That means on a $40 book you get $2.40. Pardon me whilst I sniff at that :)

It's the digital products where you will get the real returns on your time and money, and if there aren't successful, compelling products to promote in your niche, then all that other research you've done is kind of beside the point.

You could still go for it. Mark has sites where there are practically no good affiliate products, but he's able to make $20/day on Adsense because there are just SOOOOO many people passing through his sites. I kind of lump Amazon in with Adsense: You need a lot of people buying through your link to make that effort worthwhile.
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Thank you for your replies, much appreciated.

Aletta, my product will be a digital product that I (with some help) create. One of the clickbank products in my niche has a gravity of 30, and like I said all of them are HORRIBLY designed and written. Some of the call to action links don't even work.

Also, the 5 keywords above are just the top 5 that I can get on the first page of Google with the easiest. There are over 1m monthly searches for my specific niche product, not including the big industry keywords I'd never be able to rank well for (ie. real estate, investing, etc.)

I'm going to give it a go, the worst that can happen is it doesn't work.

Anyway, thanks again!
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I do differ in terms of gravity and money part. If you see lots of books on amazon with good number of reviews that means there is a market for it. A lot of niches are still not fully exploited on clickbank. Lack of gravity might be due to bad sales page or other reasons. Not everyone understands how to market themselves to affiliates.
Do look for digital products outside the Clickbank marketplace.
I agree with digiblue... seo data is a mess. Better option is to put up a sales page with a free report and surverymonkey and do some ppc campaign with it. That will give you a better idea of market.
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I would say go for it but go easy on the PPC side and do a lot of SEO. This could be one of those products in which a killing could be made and because you would be the one to exploit it first, you will be way ahead of anybody else before they even have a clue what's going on.
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