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new Amazon marketing

mark schaaf
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new Amazon marketing

I got e-mails from a half dozen different internet marketing people trying to sell me this new make your own business on Amazon, I watched there little sales video on how to do it and how it works and it does sound like it can work, but like so many of these plans it costs a ton, if I can remember at least 2 grand. This would be fine for some but I think most of the people I meet on this site are just making ends meet and trying this kind of work to make extra money until they get it all figured out and make it a living. But this Amazon thing first costs a lot just for the training materials but with them wanting you to sell your own products which means you find a supplier who you buy the stuff from a packager to put it all together then sell it all on Amazon. As I said it sounds like it could work but by the time you get things going I figured it would end up costing close to 10 grand before you ever sell a thing and how many of us have that kind of money just sitting around. I would stick with what Mark is teaching and if you make good money and before you leave your job to do it full time then maybe check out the new Amazon training course. I know I couldn't do the Amazon thing. What does anyone else who has seen the video think.
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I agree, unless you have the resources (including time) to devote solely to a new venture it's not going to go so well especially if the learning curve is great.

I first heard about FBA (fulfilment by Amazon) a few years ago from a marketer friend who was one of the first to use it for his business and then later heard about ASM from when the first time they (and every other one of their marketer friends) pitched it, this seems like the 3-4th time now? heh

I would love to create an e-commerce store someday though, along with the other million ideas us Intrepreneurs have lol.

Yeah focus on one thing, make it great and profitable then move/grow to the next project.
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I haven't seen the videos yet but I am always wary of training offers that cost thousands of dollars. AffiloBlueprint is so far the best I've come across, not only for the price but its guarantee that we will be getting our money's worth. Plus, the good reviews it has garnered from IMs new and old, I think that says a lot about the program's credibility.

But regardless of the cost, always, ALWAYS do your research. :)
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If I recall correctly the people promoting those courses were getting 25% of the price as affiliate payments... which would be around $1,000 per sale.
I can understand why everyone was promoting it crazily.

I really just don't have that type of money to throw around. However I'm looking at getting into it in the near future, just skipping the course bit. I live in China so I can get real factory pricing, which is nice. Just need to save up enough funds to get started and go over the legalities.
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yeah..... I agree with the above post.

Amazon affiliate network is a very popular network.
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Yeah...it's a shame it takes so much money to make a little money. I'm cautious about what I invest in, to be certain I can do what is necessary to see a return on my investment.
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