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Visual Marketing Review and Report

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Visual Marketing Review and Report

My Visual Marketing Review Service Offer:
I'll review, inspect and critique your Sales Page - and then show you how to improve it visually in my confidential report.

While I can’t guarantee that visual enhancements to your Sales Page will improve your conversions, market research shows that they should do just that.

$30.00 USD for 1 page
$75.00 USD for 3 pages

I'll do all within my power to deliver your confidential report within 4 days. If you need faster service, just ask and I'll try to accommodate you..

Service Address & PayPal Button:
Please enter your email address and forum nickname in the fields provided there.

Email Me:
My direct email address is [email protected]

See my ebook: 'Visual Marketing Online':
'Visual Marketing Online'

Now that Google's Panda website reviews are penalizing websites and blogs that have what Google considers a "poor user experience", it's more important than ever to have a sales page with a low bounce rate, high time-on-page and a pleasing, clean professional look. Trust symbols and other visual persuasion features will also improve your probability of online success.

I will thoroughly inspect your Sales/Landing Page(s) and prepare and email a confidential report to the email address you specify. My report will contain a critique of your use of all types of visual elements, recommendations for improvements and a list of resources for further study and continuing improvement.

If you have questions, I'll respond to those without further charge for a reasonable length of time.

100% Money-Back Guarantee:
If you're not 100% satisfied with my review and report, for any reason, and if you contact me within 30 days and request a refund, I'll promptly refund 100% of your charges.
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Nice package, wait till I email you regarding to the said services you have there :)
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That's a very good offer for a reasonable price.Other services are not that cheap.Your's is quite cheap and reasonable.I'll try to contact you with the services you are offering soon.
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