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One monetization hub

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One monetization hub

Affiliates can enhance their conversion rates and generate higher earnings, up to 20% more than their typical return on investment, by utilizing targeted notifications aimed at segmented groups within their audience.
Why MonRays?

The pop-up is an effective way to attract the attention of website visitors, and it is also a multifunctional tool that helps convert website traffic into leads.
This allows you to generate high conversions. With our Targeted Customization, you can increase your site's performance and conversions.
Using in-page push on a website increases the conversion rate (CR). Unlike push notifications, in-page targeting is not a separate feature and does not require a user subscription. It allows you to customize the content of the page based on the behavior and interests of each individual user, which leads to the completion of a targeted action on the site. In-page targeting can be used as an addition to pushing notifications, or as a standalone feature to boost conversions. This increases the likelihood of their viewing and reaction from the user.
Unlimited periodic pushes and Unlimited scheduled pushes:
We offer unlimited periodic and scheduled pushes, ensuring that you can send as many notifications as you need to reach your audience.
Unlimited subscribers:
We provide unlimited subscribers, so you can grow your audience without restrictions. With MonRays, you can rest assured that your push notifications will be delivered to your audience without fail, allowing you to maximize your reach and grow your business.
Target settings (GEO/Device/OS/Website):
Set target settings based on geographic location, device type, operating system, and even specific websites. This increases the chances of conversion and engagement.
Free plan
Get Started with MonRays today and 30 days FREE trial.

At MonRays, we strive to constantly improve our service and provide our users with the best possible experience. These new updates will enable our users to achieve their goals and get the most out of our push notification service.

If you have any questions, contact us.
Telegram: @monrays_support
Email: [email protected]
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