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Images and Article

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Images and Article

It's been some time since I posted an offer here or updated one. I closed the other one down, but I have a new offer here.

Offer #1:

$5 for a 500 word article (or $1 per 100 words) -- These will be original articles on whatever topic, though I'd probably be best with self help, parenting, health, learning guitar, writing, creating graphics, and money, since these are things I either am already studying, have an interest, or have studied in the past. Willing to do other topics, though. The articles won't be keyword stuffed and will be written for a human audience.

Planned turn around: 2 - 3 days (including any rewrites needed).

Offer #2:

$5 Image work -- Need an image resized, cropped, cut-out (ie transparent background) or just text added? Let me do it for you! These would be great for custom header graphics, avatars, banner ads, bullet replacements, and more. Don't have an image? No problem! For a little extra, I'll find one for you!

Also, I have the tools to do some 3d work if your interested as well.

I'm just getting into doing this, so that's why I'm offering so low. I probably won't be keeping it at this rate for long!

If you want to see samples of my work, you can check out my blog at SuccessBuildingBlocks.com. Most of the writing is my own (unless otherwise noted as a guest post) and many of the images, including the header, are images I created. I even have a portfolio of some of the work I've done.

You can PM me or email me at [email protected] for more info. I do take Paypal, and I'm going to be writing over at iWriter as well (gradyp... go figure :D)

I look forward to doing some work for you soon!
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I will use only articles with Images for free submission.
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Your services are great! I'll bookmark your contacts for in case I need you to work with it ;)
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I am interested with your work offer just that the rate for an original article is too low. I have been writing articles for any subject and it's not really compensate my effort in just $5. I am looking forward to learn about your 3d work. Is there any possible way which I can have a hands on for this?
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