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How does our crypto payment gateway spot fake payments?

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How does our crypto payment gateway spot fake payments?

Our crypto payment system works like a detective to protect your business from fake payments. It uses smart tech to check every transaction. Here's what it does :-

Blockchain Check: It looks at a big list (the blockchain) where all crypto money moves are written down. This list is like a forever bill for each move. Our system checks this list to make sure the crypto money is real and not made up by a trickster.

Wallet Check: Every crypto wallet has a special code, like a really long bank number. Our system checks if the sender's code is right and matches what they say. This stops fake or stolen wallets from sending you money.

Speed Check: If someone tries to give you a ton of crypto money all at once, it's weird. Our system watches how fast money comes in and if it's too quick, it might be a trick.

IP Check: Like some websites know where you are, our system looks at the internet address used to send money. If it's too different from the buyer's real address, it's a warning. But some people hide where they are on purpose, so it's not always sure.

Bad List Check: We have a list of known tricksters. If a move uses one of these, we look closer.

Expert Team: We also have smart people who always look for new tricks and keep our system one step ahead.

Working with a crypto payment gateway development company that sets up ways to accept cryptocurrencies can give you the know how and safety your business needs.

Known more :- https://beleaftechnologies.com/crypto-p ... t-services

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