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Help: Rate for video production

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Help: Rate for video production


I've been reading a lot of posts here on how to charge for product promotion videos work but I still haven't figured out what my rates are. I am not sure if I should charge per hour, per project, half a day rate or a whole day rate. I am working for a company for almost a year now and I do their in-house stuff like ads, videos, highlights, commercials, motion graphics etc.. Now my question again is, how much should I charge potential clients if I want to do freelancing?

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.
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You can do your own research about this. You can check out several freelancing websites (like Upwork for example) to see how other freelancers charge their clients. I think, it is better if you are flexible with rates as compared to having standard rates for your service. Since video production is different from every client, it is a better strategy to submit your proposal rate based on your client's needs.
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you can visit freelancing sites, and check bids, relevant project which you need ,if you are just starting your work then try to charge less then others ,after getting some experience increase your rates.
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In order to have competitive bids for your service you should do some benchmark analysis. Good luck!
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