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BMR Snippets Anyone?

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BMR Snippets Anyone?

hi folks,

I have a writer here that needs extra work and I thought of putting a service here for her.

She is writing for me for my sites but right now I'm currently using USA for my backlinking and not needing any articles for the sites. So she's Free! (from me) ... (for now)

I usually give her assignments/topic keywords Monday and gives me the articles Sunday.. so that's 1 week.

Anyone here who's a member of BMR interested in some 150-wordish snippets for their site?

I think she will able to write in most niches since she is very good in researching and stuff.. (she writes on our local Women's Magazine)..

Anyway, for those interested, it's $1.50 per 150word snippets ($1 cheaper if you're hiring BMR writers inside the members area)

Approval is guaranteed and she'll replace all rejected articles (if there are any).

Anyone interested, Please send me a PM....

PS: Im not sure if she can take many clients.. or what's her limits are, but I'll post here if she's loaded and cant take anymore orders. Thanks!
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That's a great deal!

Hopefully somebody will take you up on this offer and it just might inspire me to reinclude BMR in my strategy:)
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I provide a service writing regular web snippets. I'm looking for help with these as the volumes are more than I can manage.you're allowed to publish little snippets of content onto the blogs in the Build My Rank network.
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From what I understand, BMR is basically useless these days since Google deindexed their entire network...
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Yes, BMR recently came forward and informed everyone Google de-indexed them. As they say in their blog post: "it's been a great run". Natural link building is slow and tedious at times, but it's the best way to go.

Have a good day!
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Can you send me some of her contacts because I might be needing a personal writer. We will talk about it if she likes.
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