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aws certification training online

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aws certification training online

AWS Training and Certification:

The official AWS website provides a variety of training resources and certification exams. They offer both free and paid training courses, including instructor-led classes, self-paced labs, and practice exams.

Udemy is an online learning platform that offers a range of AWS certification courses. Many instructors create comprehensive courses covering different AWS certifications, and you can find courses for beginners to advanced users.
A Cloud Guru:

A Cloud Guru specializes in cloud computing training, including AWS certification courses. They offer video-based training and hands-on labs, making it suitable for various learning styles.

Coursera collaborates with universities and organizations to offer online courses. AWS courses and specializations are available on Coursera, often provided by reputable institutions and instructors.

Similar to Coursera, edX is an online learning platform that offers courses from universities and organizations. AWS-related courses and certifications are available on edX.
Linux Academy (now A Cloud Guru):

Linux Academy was known for its AWS training courses, and it has since merged with A Cloud Guru. The combined platform provides a wide range of cloud computing courses, including AWS certifications.
LinkedIn Learning:

LinkedIn Learning offers various courses on AWS, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. These courses are often structured in video format and are part of the LinkedIn Learning library.
Before enrolling in any course, ensure that it covers the specific AWS certification exam you are preparing for, as AWS offers certifications for various roles and skill levels. Additionally, read reviews and consider the reputation of the platform and instructors.

Always check the most recent reviews and course content to ensure that the information is up-to-date. As the field of cloud computing evolves, new certifications and updates may be introduced by AWS.

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