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Alliance Program - High Commission!

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Alliance Program - High Commission!

Are you a passionate digital marketer, influencer, or content creator looking for exciting opportunities to earn money and grow? We invite you to join our affiliate program.

Our features:
1. This type of landing page for advertisements is unique, consisting only of links without any content. Therefore, the click-through rate is extremely high, with over 40% being very common.
2. Income can be generated with just two clicks, without requiring users to submit forms, make payments on the website, or create a website.
Low threshold
3. The content consists of high-priced search terms, with many advertisers.

Why choose us?
Attractive commission: Profit sharing and risk sharing based on a 20/80 split.
Reliability: BlueFriday provides advertising accounts, funds, CPC links (offers), while Publisher/Affiliate provides professional advertising placement skills.
Diverse CPC offers: AFD, RSoC, Adx, Yahoo/Bing Feed
Regular payments: settle once a month, based on the actual amount received.

We are looking for who:
Individuals and teams with advertising optimization capabilities

Apply for cooperation channel:
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