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What's the best way find someone to partner with me?

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What's the best way find someone to partner with me?

What's the best way to find someone to partner with me on an Amazon wholesaling promotion?

I'm in a program that gives me access to a 7 day promotion of a popular Amazon wholesaling product. I am providing all the promos, salespage, and webinar (all created by a top marketer and webinar expert), and I want to partner with someone with a list.

The commission is $1250, so my partner's cut would be $625/per sale.

Any ideas how to find partners? Thanks!
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Maybe try a search on the web, post some kind of advertisement or just write to forums with similar topics. I think someone will definitely respond, although it may take some time. Just don't take the first person you meet as your partner, you'll have to trust it at least a little. And to do that, you have to get to know the person better. Think about what you want your partner to be like and all that stuff. Good luck with your search!)
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you can literally introduce yourself on YouTube through video conversations as someone that's very compatible to work within online partnerships. doing things like this allow potential JV partners and fellow bloggers or affiliate marketers to fill out your personality and see for themselves if they feel comfortable working with you. Would you happen to have a YouTube video channel by chance?
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social media ways , another forums ,but post on that topic which close to your deal.post video .
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In fact, finding a partner in this case can be a bit risky, especially in these days when web scams is gaining popularity. So you can't trust the first person you meet who wants to do it with you. It would be perfect to involve a friend or a familiar person in this case. And if that plan fails, at least try to get to know the person before you start trusting it.
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Choose a partner you can trust.
Pick a partner who is hungry to succeed.
Consider a partner in a different field.
Make sure to define the parameters of yours.
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