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What other SEO techniques are there?

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What other SEO techniques are there?

My site is just a few months old and like everyone else I of course want to see progress as soon as possible..

What is the best way to be better found in search engines ?
Is it mainly useful content, link building and an optimized site or is there something else that I miss?

Of course you see offers of linkswheels and seo packages on many sites, is this in all cases a bad idea or are there people who use this to a limited extent?

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You are right about how you can rank better in search engines that is to constantly post quality content, do quality backlinking, optimize your website pages, and also combine these with social media marketing. Social media is not SEO but it can indirectly help you rank better :)
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Look at your competitors and the needs of your audience. Perhaps the topics that you touch are not in demand
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Is each page on your website optimized for SEO keywords?
Is your URL structure optimized for search engines?
Are you using links in your content?
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There is ot much to SEO. If what you need are keywords for your website to be recogized durig google search then keywords are necessary but you do not need to worry about that because all you ahve to do is hire a SEO and cotent writer to write the articles for you with all the necessary keywords.
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The SEO technique that I have seen most people usig is copying other keywords that are popular. it is called copywrittig but you have to make sure that you copy only the keywords and nothing else because google will know if you do. It is a simple as that.
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You will need to look for a good keyword to rank for. Optimize your content pages, build backlinks and use social media.
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no overnight operation. write lots of content and don't look at money.
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Work on your Keywords, On demand content, back links, Optimized your onpage
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There are lots of techniques for SEO. Here I am sharing some of them:
1. Improve User Experience Across Your Entire Site.
2. Write Longer Content.
3. Take Advantage of YouTube SEO.
4. Create a Diverse Backlink Portfolio.
5. Target Local Searchers with Landing Pages and Listings
I hope this information helps you.
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Add Your Main Keyword Early On In Your Content.
Write Unique Titles, Descriptions and Content.
Optimize Your Title Tag for SEO.
Optimize Your Site's Loading Speed.
Track Your Results With The Google Search Console
Optimize Images for SEO.
Work on Backlinks
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The SEO procedure that I have seen a great many people usig is duplicating different catchphrases that are mainstream. it is called copywrittig yet you need to ensure that you duplicate just the watchwords and nothing else in light of the fact that google will know whether you do. It is a basic as that. we also provide the services for Establishment of Foreign Office in India.
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These are some following SEO techniques:-
1.Complete an SEO Audit on your website
2.Learn what your users want
3.Create SEO optimized landing pages
4.Make sure your website is mobile-friendly
5.Grow your traffic with infographics
6.Optimize your content for RankBrain
7.Write at least 1,890 words
8.Write a roundup post
9.Post valuable content on social media
10.Use advanced SEO internal deep linking
11.Send link juice to lower ranked pages
12.Link to external sites with high Domain Authority
13.Snag broken link opportunities on Wikipedia to build links
14.Find and use your competitors’ SEO keywords
15.Use AdWords copy in your on-page SEO
16.Use multiple keywords in SEO page titles
17.Monitor Google Search Console stats
18.Regularly update your old content
19.BONUS – Revamp old articles with more organic traffic potential

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