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What other SEO techniques are there?

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What other SEO techniques are there?

My site is just a few months old and like everyone else I of course want to see progress as soon as possible..

What is the best way to be better found in search engines ?
Is it mainly useful content, link building and an optimized site or is there something else that I miss?

Of course you see offers of linkswheels and seo packages on many sites, is this in all cases a bad idea or are there people who use this to a limited extent?

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You are right about how you can rank better in search engines that is to constantly post quality content, do quality backlinking, optimize your website pages, and also combine these with social media marketing. Social media is not SEO but it can indirectly help you rank better :)
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Look at your competitors and the needs of your audience. Perhaps the topics that you touch are not in demand
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