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What is your niche?

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What is your niche?

What is your niche and what affiliate programs are you part of?
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Payday loan, but I`m not a part of affiliate program, I actually represent it)))
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I too am not an affiliate. I am here to network with affiliate marketers. My niche, however, is bath and body products.
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my niche is helping educational content creators, specifically with video and audio (podcasts) content. I have many affiliate products from the tools, equipment, software, and equipment we use to digital courses that we recommend.
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The niche you chose should alway spend only your audience. There are quite a number of people that you can target ad ocne you have identified then you can then decided what nice you are going to deal with. it is actually that simpel and you can take it that way. On other hand the niche also has to be worth it.
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You need to give the people that hey wanna tor they think they at. If you are choosing your niche then you need to choose your own and not what you think others are doing will work well for you too. Different regisons require you to take different niches and it is best to stick to your niche.
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