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Hello everyone I'm pretty stressed out.

Long story short someone hacked my personal fb account. I got a notice saying my post was disproved and my account was suspended.

The post in question was (underage sexual content) that I did not post.

Of course I appealed the post becouse I did not post it. but when fb sees it. There going to keep my account suspended.

I got a email from fb stating that the owner of 1 of my drop shipping stores was changed (from me) to som asian sounding name.

I can not contact fb to report this.
I can not contact fb to report the sexual content.
I cant contact fb to report a hack.

I cant contact fb to report that I dont have control of my advertising account. (Fb ads)

Who ever hacked my account started running 5 ads. (I got the confermaion emails saying that they were approved.) Of course the ads are in a forging language.

I cant contact fb couse I cant log in to my account.

I have no idea how to contact fb. I'm for a loss of words.
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Hi Nate,

I am sorry to hear that you have this problem. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with this since this is an issue where you need FB support.

However, I did some research and you may want to read through this article here: https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/how ... s-account/

Also, in the future, please create 10 FB accounts as backup in case you experience this kind of issue again.

Hope that helps!

Mary Ann
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Have you tried creating another fb account and contacting a rep through this new account?
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