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Looking for feedback/help in developing affiliate marketing

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Looking for feedback/help in developing affiliate marketing

Hey team,

So I'm coming from the opposite direction. My boss has tasked me with coming up with an affiliate program for our business - it's an online service marketplace where we match business that need to hire with a recruiter who runs the whole process.

We built a margin in for affiliate marketing; so based on how much the person being hired will make, it will pay $200, $300, $400 or $500. And my thought was to make it so that if an affiliate brings in Company X, and Company X makes 10 hires in a year, then the affiliate gets that commission for all 10 hires.

I'd love some feedback from the folks that are actually doing the work on the affiliate side. Is this attractive?

Thanks for feedback/thoughts in advance!
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That is a very good payout scheme. I can see no problem with it for as long as your company has enough earnings for itself :)
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