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How to access pathway to passive

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How to access pathway to passive


Im a South African living in Italy.

I bought pathway to passive on Sunday but could not access the course.

I sent in a support message immediately, but still have not been contacted

Could someone help, I have the receipt

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I checked your account and you have the Pathway access. If you cannot see this on your end, I suggest you clear your browser and try to log back in.

Let me know how you get by.

Mary Ann
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I guess without a response from customer support managers you won't be able to get an access to pathway to passive. Everything because when you buy a product you as a rule get an immediate access to your account, whether existing one or you have to create the very new one.
If I were you I would apply to customer support once and try to find the way our via the help from these managers. Of course, they might respond you for so long, but just annoy them. It's a serious problem which requires immediate reaction from client support managers. You can also read the FAQ section in case of this program offers it.
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Just wanted to ask the same question.
And the answer is already there.
Thank you!
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