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How do i start growing an email list

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How do i start growing an email list

Hi, I just took project life mastery's clickbank affiliate course on youtube just now and I'm wondering how I grow an email list to promote clickbank products through email.
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You can create a lead-magnet content to collect emails.
Here is a simle example:
you can create a valuable content and create a form where users should fill email address to get access to this content in exchange to email address.
Also you can create a subscription form to collect emails to receive your valuable content via emails.
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Yes, you need to setup a landing page to collect the emails. You should have a subscriber's bait, such as a free ebook to download, so users can sign-up to the form with their details.

Then to drive people to your landing page, you can use free and paid methods. The free method includes SEO. Then for the paid, you can try solo ads, FB ads, or Google and Bing ads :)
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The most important part of what has been shared above is the offer on the landing page, when the offer is something that people want, they will give you their email address
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What do you mean here? You need to generate a lot of traffic to your clickbank page and then create some form to collect their e-mail addresses anyway for all possible reasons later. For scripting e-mails use aweber, getresponce or similar mailchimp.
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wes20 wrote:The most important part of what has been shared above is the offer on the landing page, when the offer is something that people want, they will give you their email address

Nope, for example you can create a subscription form using some email sending services. And just share this link. All subscribers will be automatically added to your emails list there
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You can collect contacts in different ways and here are the most common ones:

1) Use a subscription form on the website, so that your customer subscribes purposefully.

2) Use the special checkmark that the new customer clicks on during registration on a site.

3) Collect contacts that a customer provided filling out a loyalty card application form to build your mailing list.

4) Parse contacts from open sources using a special email parsing program or service.

You can collect existing customer contacts using the first three methods. If you need to find contacts of potential clients for cold emailing, use the fourth option.
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Make astounding email content. ...

Portion your email rundown to make focused on content that your supporters will adore. ...

Begin blogging. ...

Keep your email list clean. ...

One-up the opposition with your lead magnet by making it greater and better. ...

Add content moves up to your blog entries. ...

Make a portion of your substance gated..
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Email list building can be one of the most powerful tools for your online marketing campaign. It is cheap, allows you to go for a long term relationship with your clients and best of all, can secure the best advertisement for your business. The trouble is, you need to follow a set of rules if you are to manage an effective campaign. Here’s what you should look out for when you are building that list:

1. Research Your Market

Mindless mailings are no good whatsoever! You need to cater to just the type of visitor you want and need. Visit websites catering to the niche you want and find out real concerns affecting real people! Collect these concerns and questions and try to empathize! This will help you in your email list building!

2. Have Signups for Every Page

Your landing page may not always be the one you wanted. It would be foolish to ignore sign ups on a page, just because you did not expect a visitor to land there! Entice your visitor by describing the benefits of signing up. It does not really matter whether it is a newsletter or a free quote you are offering, just so long as it appears beneficial to him to become part of your email list building!

3. Offer Them Something

As a continuation of the method above, you can always offer them an interesting e book in exchange! People would love to have more matter on a subject that interests them. Your advantage in this whole thing is that you get access to extremely targeted audiences. Your email list building is faster and more effective- now isn’t that something you always wanted?

4. A Word about Your PPC Pages

If you have a PPC landing page, insist on having a form which will get you access to that e mail id. This will help you target people who are actually interested in doing business.

5. Simplicity- The Best Tool

Avoid complicated steps when you are asking for e mail addresses. If your visitor has to pass through complicated processes and countless pages, he will just leave! Make your email list building easier- go for an uncomplicated form that is to the point!

6. Don’t Ignore Relevant Events

Important events organized around a product you are catering to are one of the best places for your email list building. Offer a giveaway at these events in exchange for a sign up. Once again- the advantage is that you get a targeted audience!

7. Avoid Buying Those Lists

We know, it’s really tempting! After all, who would want to build such a painstaking list if you can just buy one? We have just one word of advice- don’t! You will only end up with lists from spammers. At the best, you will buy lists of people who aren’t remotely interested in your product!
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Use Lead Magnets to Draw in Subscribers
Invest in Evergreen Content
Use CTAs on EVERY Relevant Blog Post
Connect Your Lead Magnet and CTAs to a Specific Opt-In Landing Page
Create “Hub Pages” for Your Most-Blogged-About Topics
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If you want to grow an email list the you need to create a website that you can use to collect emails because that is the easiest way. It is best if you create a survey website because that is what most people prefer these days. All that you have to do is get a very good web desiger and a content creator to come up with interesting surveys.
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Using GrooveFunnels is helpful if you're growing more email lists. It will be a good platform for you if you're looking forward to expanding your emails this year. You can review the feature at Findfocus, Martin posted a lot of good insights.
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