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Hi I am back

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Hi I am back

I have been out of it for a while but back trying to make money online.

I met someone that was making decent money on Etsy and Amazon selling print to order mugs.

I thought I would give it a try.

It seem pretty saturated but I suspect that I know more about finding long tail keywords than the average Etsy Seller.

I can find keywords that others are not targeting and design a my mugs around them.

Wish me luck.
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JC Dean
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Hi JC,

Thank you for sharing your ideas and updating us on your marketing activities.

My suggestion would be to build a website that directs your visitors from these sites and incorporate content to attract web visits and redirect these visits to your online stores.

Running a newsletter is also an effective way to get leads that you can personalize your messages in marketing.

I hope that helps!

Mary Ann
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Glad to hear you're back in the business, as I think that this industry is about to expand more in the following period. As for your idea, I would say that you should definitely try it out, printed stuff work very well on sites like Amazon or Etsy so there's nothing to lose here.
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jcdean wrote:I can find keywords that others are not targeting and design a my mugs around them.

Will you build a store on shopify to promote your mugs, or will you focus back on affiliate marketing solely?
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