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Clickfunnels Blogging? Extreme Competition

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Clickfunnels Blogging? Extreme Competition

Hi fellow Affiliate Marketers. Was hoping someone could give me some insight. I want to promote clickfunnels products/services. My training with Savage Affiliates suggest I create a blog on clickfunnels. But there is so much competition and me ranking high i feel will take extremley long. Can anyone suggest good converting ways to promote clickfunnels services? I will do payed traffic aside. Just trying to figure out the best ways to BLOG clickfunnels.

Thank you
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Hi Alex,

You need to pick a subniche for your website in order to rank on the SERPs amidst the competition. Choosing a subniche can give you an edge on competition since, the more targeted niche you got, the lesser and easier the competition is. From there, you can also focus more on building your topics that are also targeted for a specific audience.
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Nice question, if I know the answer, it will help me a lot.
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