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Zen and the art of affiliate marketing

Zen and the art of affiliate marketing

It’s no surprise that affiliate marketing is a popular industry for so many people. It has great income-earning potential, offers flexible work options and can be done from anywhere. However, sometimes the honeymoon seems to end abruptly once the reality of navigating what feels like a complicated industry sets in. It seems everyone is speaking a foreign language, using terms like SEO, eBooks, keyword research and social media marketing.

Added to that is the sometimes slow start that can discourage new affiliate marketers. For many this seems to be the end of the road, they hang up their hat and walk away from affiliate marketing.

Anik Singal knows exactly how it feels to be very close to quitting but he’s very glad he didn’t and now he’s helping others to clear these newbie hurdles with his own affiliate training program.

Anik was lured away from a promising medical career by the glitter of internet marketing having read in forums of the good money being made by others selling products via sites like ClickBank. Armed dangerously with a little knowledge, Anik dived in only to find himself in the red after six months of hard work. He was discouraged and ready to quit. But he had an open mind and realized he was missing something, and that’s when he really got into affiliate marketing.

With the benefit of hindsight, Anik realizes there were a lot of things he could’ve done smarter, saving time and money, if only he’d had the sense to ask and seek help. That was a big part of his motivation to start www.AffiliateClassroom.com, a training center designed to help absolutely anyone make money from affiliate marketing straight away.

Mark Ling from Affilorama.com interviewed Anik Singal about his journey, from the days of trying to start a new business with $100 in his pocket to being CEO of the very successful www.AffiliateClassroom.com site.

Watching this 23 minute video interview you'll learn: 

  • The one thing Anik realized he was missing when he was at the point of quitting
  • What to look for when you want to promote a profitable product
  • Why you might run a niche at a loss
  • Why Anik doesn’t use AdSense too much
  • How Anik made $2800 for writing a 15 minute email
  • The one big mistake that most affiliates make with their subscription confirmation page

Anik has learnt a ton of top tips and proven techniques that have learnt him a lot of money through affiliate marketing, particularly PPC campaigns. The great thing is that Anik hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to be a newbie. He knows how overwhelming it seems when you start out. His www.AffiliateClassroom.com course is aimed to help anyone, no matter what their experience level and make money right off the bat. So it doesn’t matter if you can’t build a website to save yourself or you’ve never heard of SEO; Anik is determined to help absolutely anyone!

Course content is broken down into small, manageable steps that help newbies avoid drowning in information overload. His $1, 14-day trial means that new students can try the program without risk.

So why would a talented tennis player and promising med student leave that all behind to learn and practice affiliate marketing, and then move on to become the Zen master, teaching others the ways of affiliate success? Watch the interview, then post your comments here on what you think of Anik’s affiliate techniques.

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  • Reply Bill • 3470 days ago

    The 23 minute video interview only played 1 min, 20 sec. I got thestart music, the fact that Anik was admitted into a prestigious pre-med program, and then the closing music. Is that what is was supposed to do? I am in PPC Classroom and thought it would be cool to hear the interview, do I need to do something more to hear the whole thing?


  • Reply Jason Dodd3470 days ago

    hi bill, to watch the full clip you'll need to be logged in (registration is free). let me know if you're still having problems. thanks

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