Why should you choose Clickbank?

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Why should you choose Clickbank?


Guest post by Dush Ramachandran, Vice President Business Development and Marketing, ClickBank

As new entrepreneurs look to make a livelihood on the Internet, affiliate marketing always seems like a good starting point. Working with an affiliate network appears like the way to go. But which one? The choices are many and bewildering.

Here are the Top 5 reasons why ClickBank is your best choice for an affiliate network:

5. Low Barrier to entry:  ClickBank is free for affiliates to join, and unlike other affiliate networks, vendors do not have to approve you before you can promote their products. As an affiliate your contract is with ClickBank. All you need to do is sign up with ClickBank, pick a product to promote from the ClickBank Marketplace, make a Hoplink - and you’re ready to do business. That’s pretty much all there is to it.

4. Sophisticated fraud control:  ClickBank’s industry-leading fraud detection and control technology minimizes fraudulent charges that result in charge-backs and refunds. Also, ClickBank tracks chronic or repeat refunders and “blacklists” them so that they can’t continue to buy products and demand refunds, making it safer and more profitable to promote ClickBank products.

3. Large and varied selection of products:  The ClickBank Marketplace has over 35,000 products from more than 12,000 vendors in topic areas ranging from dog training to body building and from search engine optimization to guitar or language lessons. No matter what your passion, you’re likely to find a ClickBank product to promote. All these products are equally available to all affiliates to promote.

2. Reliable on-time payments:  Since its inception, ClickBank has issued more than 1.0 million checks and paid out more than $1.0 Billion (that’s right – billion with a ‘B’) to clients. We have never missed a payment. Our clients tell us that one of the most attractive things about ClickBank is that, as an affiliate you never have to wonder if you’re going to get paid for the sales you promote.

And the #1 reason ClickBank is your best choice for an affiliate network is:

ClickBank processes the transaction: Since the transaction is processed by ClickBank, a trusted 3rd party, and not the vendor, you as an affiliate do not have to worry about the ethics of the vendors whose products you choose to promote. Unlike other networks, you do not have to rely on the merchant reporting their sales accurately or the systems of the affiliate network and the vendor working efficiently together. The affiliate tracking, transaction processing, commission payout and affiliate management are all handled safely and securely by ClickBank. No slip-ups. No lost sales and commissions.

So what are you waiting for?

Do you currently use ClickBank? What is your most preferred feature?

Mark Dulisse 15 years ago
It is seldom that we hear from people that actually work at Clickbank. Very interesting. Thanks for the posting.
Bryan Hee 15 years ago
Clickbank provided real time statistics for the sales performance. It's easy, convenience and Free to register as many as account you like.

To Your Success
Bryan Hee
Malcolm Hornsby 15 years ago
Clickbank may have around 35,000 products but many are the same products in a different category. In truth Clickbank have around 8000 unique products, Sill a prodigious number however.
Ann Lewis 15 years ago
Very new to this game, but I am relying on the recommendations to clickbank. I am setting up my website now. Fingers crossed that all the good things that are said about clickbank are true. Certainly sounds good.
Valentin 15 years ago
Yes, is Clickbank is definitely leader for affiliate marketing, their only drawback being poor knowledge of world geography. But they will improve soon I hope)
Mike Beletro 15 years ago

agreed ClickBank is neat, but most affiliates are not aware that it might get a little tough to actually get their commissions because of this Clickbank policy:

"Unless an account contains sales from made with 5 or more different credit card numbers, including at least one Visa card, and one MasterCard, our system will not generate a check for that account (even if the balance has met or exceeded the payment preference). PayPal purchases do not count toward the minimum."

Many people prefer to use Paypal these days instead of paying with their credit cards.

So it might take some time until you've referred sales from 5 different credit cards and see some moolah.

This imho is at least one major flaw of ClickBank.

Saying that "ClickBank is your best choice for an affiliate network" is just a biased self-promotion of a ClickBank Official.

I'd expected a little bit more objectivity at this blog.

Because there are other Affiliiate Networks out there that might suit Affiliate needs much better. Because i offer the same benefits as ClickBank AND don't insist on you having referred a certain number of credit card sales first before they pay out your commission ....

I will do a reply post on this topic on the Marketing TNT blog today ...
Affiliate Marketing 15 years ago
I definately use Clickbank for the majority of my affiliate promotions. I've even got a couple products on there myself - it makes reruiting affiliates very easy.

However since they started direct deposit into international bank accounts it has made things so much easier! Love it.

Megan McDonald 15 years ago
We have been successfully using clickbank for a few years now and our favorite feature is the ease in which you can select a product, make the affiliate link and place it into a website. The Clickbank interface for publishers is great and you can quickly make affiliate links - much quicker than other affiliate network.
Alex Newell 15 years ago
I love clickbank but

(1) their product search facility is crap
(2) products come up under incorrect categories
(3) no info on CTR and "Gravity" is a poor indicator

AND they're still the best!

Vanessa Clare Gill 15 years ago
Being new to all this, i have found your comments very interesting, thank you
Lisa 15 years ago
I am new and would LOVE some help. I want to promote products from clickbank but I am confused as to how you go about putting your hoplink in blogs, in signature lines, in articles etc etc without having them be the actual hoplink. In other words HOW do you make your link to the sales page read "CLICK HERE" or "FOR MORE INFO" and have it redirect. No one wants to buy when they see its just a clickbank hoplink link. anybody ?? help?? thanks Lisa
Franck Silvestre 15 years ago
I'm with clickbank since I got started online and I'm glad I did.

Saul 15 years ago
Clickbank is great but I have a tip for you guys to make it truly the best affiliate network in the world, which I'm sure you've heard numerous times. Add payout alternatives to checks!

I know I know, you have direct deposit option for a handful of countries, but I couldn't care less if I'm not in one of those countries.

How come 99% of companies out there can pay via bank transfer or PayPal to almost any country in the world (including mine) besides the checks? Just shows there are no technical or financial issues, rather just "human factor" (i.e. laziness). Keep up guys, don't get stuck in the 90's like Amazon or the likes.

Now I have to wait 2 months for the money to reach me (after the payment is issued!)... a messenger on a horse in the mid-ages would deliver you the money faster than that...

I would pay anything you wished just so I can get my money faster than that!

Keep up, please!

peter mcgrath 15 years ago
the best thing about clickbank is you know that if you get some affiliate sales that the
affiliate is going to pay you also its got a lot of creadability in the market place

interesting article
peter mcgrath
Claudia Apfelthaler 15 years ago
They have great products and a large variety but don't understand how their payment system works. I have already sold some products and have noticed sometimes money is debited because i have sold nothing. Also I live in Europe and would like my money transferred to my account or at least paypal as cashing in cheques costs €30.
Dan Boulton 15 years ago
Thank you Mr Ramachandran, for taking the time out of your schedule to post here for us.
I hope you we come back soon with more information and the latest developments at Clickbank.
Maybe you could tell us if there is any thing in the pipeline, coming up soon for affiliates?
You know give us some insider information that may help an affiliate, improvements and the like that will affect or improve our business.
Again thank you.
Pat 15 years ago
I have promoted items on Clickbank but have moved away from it in recent months. Why? Because I am generally dismayed at the quality of the offerings. Too many are over-hyped get rich IM products, and borderline ethical (water into gas? free downloads of copyrighted materials) that Google often doesn't approve. And then there are the silly products I can't in good conscience promote and a smattering of other offerings that don't convert well.

Yes, there are some good products that do well but many affiliates jump on those like white on rice and as a result the competition is fierce for about 2-3 dozen products. I would like to see more stringent guidelines from Clickbank as to what it will allow. I want to be comfortable telling my family what I am actually promoting online.
mark PTOLEMY 15 years ago
The blog item lacked any objectivity.Clickbank has some major flaws and they really need to look after their international customers a little better.

I enjoyed Mr Ramachandran's contribution but I hope he looks at the replies and takes on board some of the comments made.
Nigel 15 years ago
Yes I agree. CB is good start for affiliates. There is alot of competition in Affiliate marketing but still I made money and I consider myself a newbie.

cheers Nigel
Zoelka Ryadi 15 years ago
No doubt that Clickbank is one of the best affiliate network in the world. However, I agree with mike, honeyhill and saul comments that Clickbank does have several drawbacks that all of us should aware of.

One other thing that I want to add is that some countries did not included in the list of countries. For example Indonesia where I came from. Up until now, it is still not being listed there. Some of us who know the trick did well indeed by registering their address to other countries that on Clickbank list such as Singapore or US. The reason that I got from Clickbank is because the high potential of financial fraudulent matters. Interestingly enough to see the by Google Trends that Indonesia is number three region where daily unique visitors to Clickbank coming from. So, there must be many of Indonesian that would like to know more about Clickbank. But they will disappointed that they are not allowed to participate in Clickbank unless they change their address.

Clickbank promised to review their list of country by time to time. But certainly Indonesia still being one of "black list" countries. I agree that many Indonesian do some unethical or fraudulent financial activities. But I also aware that many more Indonesian that willingly to do honest business with Clickbank. How can these people get a chance? As in the other hand, as Mr. Ramachandran said Clickbank has a sophisticated fraudulent control. Wow.. I don't know.. do not include these "black list" countries may be one of their sophisticated control..

Anyway.. that's my thought.. Just wanna share you guys my early frustation with Clickbank..
But.. I survive..
Owen 15 years ago
I have to totally agree with Saul's comments- please add payout alternatives to cheques!!
Apart from that, great company, especially for newcomers
Troy Todd 15 years ago
I must say, this is a pretty stupid policy.

"Unless an account contains sales from made with 5 or more different credit card numbers, including at least one Visa card, and one MasterCard, our system will not generate a check for that account (even if the balance has met or exceeded the payment preference). PayPal purchases do not count toward the minimum."

But having said that, do you think Mark Ling would even be thinking about it?
Nope, he just gets on with what he needs to do..
and where is he now..lol
Lillea 15 years ago
I'm really glad that I found out about the 5 different credit cards rule. Although they kind of explain why they do this on their site, I would prefer the usual deal of setting a minimum you have to make in order to get your first check. It's odd, too, because they allow you to set your minimum payout level to $10 when clearly that doesn't apply when you first start up. Imagine someone earning only $10 from 5 different credit card sales! That would be rather pathetic. :) lol
Mervin P Antonio 15 years ago
I'm new here. Anything better than Clickbank out there? what others have people had success with?

Curtis and Tawania Buggs 15 years ago
We are new at affiliate marketing. Looking forward to the task of working with the clickbank program and making some" Duckets." Thanks ! Curtis & Tawania
hillon 15 years ago
It's pity, as an Indonesian I can't joint Clickbank because until now Indonesia is still not being listed there. I and more Indonesian willingly want to do honest business with Clickbank. Do not punish us because of some dirty people doing fraudulent. Did you say CB has a sophisticated fraud control....?
Glenn Nichols 15 years ago
Hi, I'm also new, and also from a "blacklisted country" South Africa. If Clickbank would use Pay pal, that would be great. They do really need to "keep up" with the pack.
Joshua G Muniandy 15 years ago
Hi, I understand that this is just a shot in the dark.. can Clickbank come out with better Affiliate URLs that won't be easily hijacked by visitors? I have read at forums that this is one issue with Clickbank.

Also, with regards to all the objective remarks, will Clickbank take back these ideas for the benefit of the affiliates? I hope at leas Mark and gang can somewhat pressure Clickbank to look into these concerns.

Simon Slade 15 years ago
@Lisa: You need to put them into html so the hop doesn't show. See example below on clickbank's site.

(removed link as it no longer exists)
Troy Todd 15 years ago
Also Most Forums have a URL button or CODE button at the top of the editing block.
You simply click the button you want and enter your code or URL.
Some of the URL buttons have a text line that they ask you what text you want
to have instead of seeing the URL address.
If you need help after reading the above post from Simon, let me know if you are still stuck.
Linda Baker 15 years ago
I am brand new to affiliate marketing and have a question. I have seen the term "Black Hat" and assume it is something negative. What exactly is "Black Hat"?
McP 15 years ago
I am Indonesian too - when the ban will be lifted???
kurnia 15 years ago
I saw some Indonesian commented on this post.
I agree that cb must seriously lifted the ban. Paypal has approved the country,
And they worked with local banks for direct payment to affiliates.
Google also work with western union to pay the adsense with no fee.
If cb is persistent with the regulation, I believe cb will be left on competition.
This is especially also with check payment that need 1 month collection n enormous bank's fees.
Jason Dodd 15 years ago
hi geo777 ... black hat is the technique of using search engine optimisation methods that are not approved by a search engines terms of service. for googles terms of service see http://www.google.com/accounts/TOS
Julie 15 years ago
I would say that Clickbank may be the most well known but it certainly does not have good customer service - try asking them a question - I have been waiting over 9 days for an answer about my account despite their supposed 48 hour turnaround.

They also have a very poor search facility in their marketplace and why do they have to send out checks/cheques - that is okay if you live in the U.S. but quite expensive if you live overseas.

I am just waiting for the Clickbank alternatives to get more vendors and hopefully will never have to use them again.
Bill 15 years ago
Note to Lisa. If you get a good response to your "HELP" request, please pas along all you can. I'm in the same frustrated boat. Like the concept of Click but basics are really lacking. Trial & error gets expensive!
mastercands 15 years ago
how i can set click bank to pay me via paypal and not via check....???
John 15 years ago
Be careful not to make too much money when you are first starting out! They will terminate your account.

I made about $1175 in my first two weeks as an affiliate and then bam. They terminated because of "fraudulent credit card transactions". Funny part about that is that I was able to get in touch with about half of the customers via phone (after some extensive research) and they did indeed pay for the products.

I sent them all of this information to prove the transactions were definitely legit. But they never responded after many phone calls and emails.

Clickbank closed my account on payment day with no explanation, no warning. I lost a ton of money from PPC marketing.

I'd recommend you stick with AdSense or a CPA network and tell Clickbank to kiss your ass.
Kate 14 years ago
This is a nice post. Click bank is the best. It offers features or services that the other bank does not give.
shad0wcrew 14 years ago
By glenno70 at 3:26 9 Feb 2009:

Hi, I'm also new, and also from a "blacklisted country" South Africa. If Clickbank would use Pay pal, that would be great. They do really need to "keep up" with the pack.
tim 13 years ago
I have had great experience with clickbank, but I have heard bad reviews from people regarding click bank
momochii 13 years ago
Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!