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Unleash the Beast - Web 2.0 Secrets Revealed

Unleash the Beast - Web 2.0 Secrets Revealed

Hi guys,

In today's blog post I'm going to show you some of my secret Web 2.0 strategies that I use to turbocharge my money sites and increase my affiliate marketing income. If you haven't read part 1 of my Web 2.0 miniseries yet, check it out here (it's all about the reasons why you should be using Web 2.0 sites in your marketing campaigns)

AffiloBlueprint has a great SEO section, where Mark covers using Web 2.0 sites to build backlinks to your website. What I'm going to do today is build a little bit on Mark's Web 2.0 training, and show you how to use Web 2.0 to generate targeted referral traffic to your money website. By this, I mean visitors who WANT to join your list or buy the products you recommend. The added bonus of using this method is that you can also create backlinks AND earn residual income from the profit-sharing arrangements Web 2.0 sites offer.

To demonstrate my Web 2.0 secret strategies, I've set up a brand new website in a brand new niche (Diablo 3 - for anyone who knows video games you will know this niche is "hot property" right now) I've used the AffiloTheme and set up a very basic website. At the moment, it's basically just a landing page that pre-sells a popular Diablo 3 strategy guide. There is very little other content on this site.

Web 2.0 "Cheatsheet"

Here is my personal "cheatsheet" for Web 2.0 residual/referral traffic:

  • Pick a keyword around which you want to focus your Web 2.0 properties. You want to create one group of Web 2.0 properties per keyword (for today's example I'm using the keyword 'best Diablo 3 strategy guide')
  • Focus on building engaging Web 2.0 properties by making use of the different modules they offer. Embed lots of videos, pictures, quizzes, and other fun stuff. This also saves on writing time.
  • Link your Web 2.0 properties together (you don't have to use the linkwheel structure - feel free to randomize it)
  • Vary the anchor text of all of your outbound links; both to other Web 2.0 properties and to your money site. This will make your links more natural and give them more value
  • Always aim to build up traffic and social presence - don't just spam for links or money!

HubPages - The Web 2.0 Cornerstone

One of my favorite Web 2.0 sites to build up powerful residual traffic, social presence, and links is Hubpages.

Although Hubpages is no longer the "holy grail" it once was (where you could almost instantly get 1st page rankings on Google, and then promote Clickbank products directly in your hub) it is still very effective.

Let me walk you through how to properly build a HubPages "Hub" for maximum benefit:

Start by trying to get a Hub title/domain that matches your keyword (or at least has your keyword in it):

Also, make sure you have picked the most relevant category possible. This helps to ensure that you get targeted visitors who click through from category pages.

When it comes to adding "tags" use your keyword and logical variations here. You can always come back and add more later. Many affiliates fail to properly tag their Web 2.0 properties - this can mean the difference between being found, and being lost in a sea of competition

With any Web 2.0 property (especially HubPages) the first paragraph of your introduction should be completely devoid of any promotion, and instead set a friendly tone. Remember that our aim here is to build up a "social" profile of Web 2.0 properties that generate lots of referral traffic that trusts you.

Next, you want to prominently display your main keyword. This lets the search engines know what your Hub is about, and also makes it clear to readers:

One of my Web 2.0 tips is to always let people know you'll be adding more content over time, and that they should check back regularly. This helps to encourage repeat visitors, which is good for building trust (and search engine rankings)

Here's another Web 2.0 super-secret (that applies not only to Hubpages, but Squidoo etc) Make sure that you always add a video above the page fold - this will encourage people to stay on your page for longer and make your page more interesting. Nothing is more boring than being greeted by a massive wall of text when you first open a page. Find an interesting YouTube video and then embed it into your content.

Even better is taking one of your OWN YouTube videos and embedding it in your Web 2.0 sites. This will increase your view count and also increase the chances of your video ranking more highly in the search engines.

Always add plenty of eye-catching images as well. 

Once you've got all that set up, your next step is to add what I like to call a "social supercharger" to your Hub. One of my favorite things to do is place a simple quiz/poll module beneath the introduction. 

This will be fun for your readers, and also make your Hub more entertaining (other platforms such as Squidoo also offer quiz/poll functions, so make use of them)

With Web 2.0 sites you need to get out of the mindset of milking them for money, if you ever want to see REAL success by using Web 2.0

Next, you want to actually add the part of your Hub that is going to bring your referral traffic and backlinks. What I like to do is create simple reviews or "mini articles" that have a whole heap of bullet points (they're easier to read and more informative for your visitors)

Don't fall into the trap of being salesy or promotional here. Instead, you want to inform your readers and make them want to click through to your CTA link. Once the traffic starts to build to your Hub (or Squidoo lens, InfoBarrel page, or any other Web 2.0 property) it is this CTA that is going to drive the majority of traffic for you.

My CTA link directs users to my main Diablo 3 game guide site. 

Bonus tip: If HubPages won't allow you to link to a page on your money site (because it contains Clickbank links, is too promotional, or is on a topic they don't allow) then link through to a different Web 2.0 property. For example, if you have a Slideshare presentation you could link to that instead - and then link to your money site from there.

You should always add a product screenshot as well! This makes your Hub more vibrant and interesting, and also helps to draw more attention to your link.

Revenue sharing is a big part of Web 2.0 sites such as HubPages. Amazon Associates (sign up for it here) is one of the perennial favorites. Just about every Web 2.0 site offers some form of revenue share when people buy from Amazon. Google Adsense is also another service that you should definitely sign up for.

I like to insert Amazon modules on HubPages (and Squidoo) Even though these "cold selling" modules don't convert that well, once the traffic builds and you have more Web 2.0 properties you will see some residual cash build. However, the main reason I like to use them is to really beautify your pages and make them more interesting.


Protip: HubPages now offer a new feature where you can directly link to an Amazon product using the "insert hyperlink" function in the text module. Say, for example, I'm writing about Diablo 3 strategy guides - I could write a CTA such as "buy the official Diablo 3 guide here" and insert an Amazon link directly into the Hub. You can even search for products from within the "insert hyperlink" function. These links convert at a much higher rate than the standard Amazon modules.

With HubPages, the "links" module is one of your best friends. It allows you to add a list of useful links to your Hub, and format it properly. One of the best things to do is search HubPages for your topic or keyword, and then add links to at least 10 related hubs. You can do this in a matter of minutes.

What's the benefit? 

Linking to other Hubs:

  • Makes your Hub more of an authority
  • Shows readers and moderators you aren't just out to promote your own links
  • Increases your chances of receiving reciprocal links from other Hubbers

You can add another link to your main site here, using the anchor text you are trying to rank for.

Finally, you want to write a unique Hub summary that includes your keyword (and a variation or two) This will help you to rank higher in Google, and also make your Hub easier to find:

Once you've published your Hub, make sure that you Tweet about it and share it on your Facebook account. This quickly builds social proof and can get more visitors. Although I personally believe that social signals are overrated in terms of their ability to build links and increase your search engine rankings, I do think they are very useful for referral traffic.

HubPage Hubs usually form the cornerstone of any of my Web 2.0 "groups" - HubPages is therefore the only Web 2.0 site I'm covering in step-by-step detail today.

However, now let me walk you through some powerful secrets of other Web 2.0 sites I like to pack in my arsenal:


Here's a shocking secret - when Slideshare first came out I wasn't really too fond of it. My presentations got presented in an "ugly" manner, and they weren't ranking highly in Google.

However, things have changed a lot now - Slideshare presentations frequently rank on Page 1 of Google, especially for long-tail keyword phrases.

What I like to do is create simple Powerpoint presentations that are between 10-20 pages long. The presentation should be focused around either teaching something, or reviewing a product.

Here are my Slideshare tips:

Always embed lots of images - it makes your presentations eye-catching and more appealing to readers

Notice how attractive this particular slide is when I added a simple screenshot of the product's sales page? I like doing this as it familiarizes the visitor with the salespage before they have even arrived at it (thus reducing buyer resistance)

Another secret with SlideShare is to always make sure that you have clear calls to action for people to click back to your website. Here is an example:

Note that this link actually takes visitors to a product review on my website. This presentation has been live for about a week. It took me 5 minutes to make, and has earned me $50 in sales already - how neat is that?

My biggest Slideshare secret is to make sure that you properly optimize your presentations. Take a look at this example:

What optimizations can you notice?

  • Keyword in the presentation title - check
  • Keyword in the tags list - check
  • Keyword (and variations) in the description - check

I've often wondered if naming your Powerpoint file in accordance with they keyword you are targeting actually has any effect on the search engine ranking of a presentation. While I have no conclusive evidence to suggest it does, I still recommend that you use your keyword as your presentation file name (for example "best Diablo 3 strategy guide" becomes "best-diablo-3-strategy-guide.pptx")

 Other Slideshare tips:

  • Take your presentation link and add it to the "links" module on your HubPage Hub (and Squidoo Lens)
  • If you have Web 2.0 blogs on platforms such as Blogger, embed your presentation using the embed code
  • Make sure you use really clear fonts and bold colors 
  • Bookmark and ping your presentations


Squidoo is very much like HubPages (only a bit more flexible in my experience) However, I don't think their interface is as friendly as HubPages, nor are Squidoo lenses as easy to rank with.

However, Squidoo is still an important part of my Web 2.0 strategy. When making Squidoo lenses follow my HubPages method, but keep the following in mind:

Here are my Squidoo success secrets:

  • Squidoo has many more module types available than HubPages. Make sure that you use them wisely. The Amazon Plexo module, for example, allows visitors to vote on their favorite products from a list you provide (great for social proof and more sales)
  • Use the RSS feed module. Go to HTML2RSS and create an RSS feed of your other Web 2.0 properties, as well as article submissions. Paste this RSS feed back into your Squidoo lens for supercharged backlinks. In a future blog post I'll show you the power of HTML2RSS. 
  • While we are on the subject of RSS feeds - take your HubPages author feed and add it into your Squidoo lenses. Every time you publish a new Hub it will get instant links and an SEO boost.
  • Always embed lots of YouTube videos.
  • Use the links module to build links to all of the Web 2.0 properties in your group
  • Build your lenses up to the point where they are not "works in progress" - this means you will get much more referral traffic from within Squidoo itself.

Other Web 2.0 Secrets

HubPages, Slideshare, and Squidoo are the heavyweights of my Web 2.0 strategy. They bring me the majority of the traffic and backlinks (not to mention passive income)

However, there are literally dozens of other Web 2.0 sites out there. There are also many different Web 2.0 tips and strategies you can employ, such as:

  • Always follow all the rules on Web 2.0 sites. Since Google Panda they have become much more cautious about members promoting their own sites or affiliate offers.
  • Create a group of Web 2.0 properties focused around a keyword (for example, 1x Hub, 1x Squidoo lens, 1x Slideshare presentation, 1x Scribd doc, 1x InfoBarrel article) 
  • Once your group has been created and has been live for a week or so, go back and add more content to each of the properties in that group.
  • Always reply to any comments you receive, especially on Hubs and Lenses. 
  • Create RSS feeds from each of your properties (or use your profile RSS feed) and submit to popular RSS directories for more backlinks and traffic.
  • Make sure you are signed up for all the relevant ad programs each Web 2.0 site offers for revenue sharing. You might only earn a pittance per page (PPP marketing anybody?) but over time it all adds up to build a nice little side income. 
  • Make sure you add backlinks to your money site on all of your profile pages.
  • Really get involved in the community aspect of Web 2.0 sites - comment on others' works, post in the forums etc. This will help to build up your presence and drive more referral traffic.
  • Focus on one keyword/group at a time. This will keep you focused on the task and avoid confusion.

So there you have it - my Web 2.0 secrets revealed. Hopefully you have learned a thing or two today, and will put this into action in your own affiliate marketing campaigns.

The methods you have learned today work very well alongside Mark's AffiloBlueprint system. Build a site using his system, then add this knowledge to the link building section of the course and you'll be a country mile ahead of your competition. If you haven't already, check out the latest version of AffiloBlueprint here.

If you have any questions, comments, or queries just drop a line below. I'd love to hear from you!

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  • Reply Ekhlas jewel2585 days ago

    This is one of the best tutorial I have read online. I didn't start using hub pages so it will create great value for me. Thanks

    Samuel Frost2581 days ago

    Thanks for the kind comment! Have you checked out part one of this blog post yet?

  • Reply Tyler Herman2585 days ago

    Nice writeup. My strategy is pretty similar but I like adding in Tumblr, have at least one Tumblr blog per site, sometimes 4-5. Easy way to curate content on a niche and drop lots of links to your money site, 2.0's and get some reblogs along the way, without looking like you're just out for self promotion.

    I really need to get into Slideshare. Been too lazy to do it yet but seems pretty viable.

    Samuel Frost2581 days ago

    Hi contact20 - I haven't actually used Tumblr that much to promote my money sites. What sort of strategies are you using on Tumblr?

  • Reply Tony Wang2585 days ago

    Hi Sam. Another master piece of tutorial. This is a very detailed blueprint for web2.0 strategy. I have to save it to read few more times.

    Samuel Frost2581 days ago

    Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  • Reply Esther Shamsunder2585 days ago

    Hi Sam,
    Thanks for this step by step guide. I have been writing on hubpages for a while and wanted to venture into affiliate marketing. I now have the affiloblueprint 3.0. And I find that your post here is just what I had been looking for. Yes, it is adds value to the SEO section of the blueprint.

  • Reply Rayman Abiva2585 days ago

    I have hubpages articles but after reading this post, I have to redesign the modules.Wonderful stuff in here to learn.

    I have question, are article sites still good for google? Thanks

    Samuel Frost2581 days ago


    Article sites still have some value, but they aren't as good as they once were unfortunately. I prefer Web 2.0 sites, although you can still boost your rankings with article sites.

  • Reply MICHAEL K AGBODAZE JR2585 days ago

    Thanks so very much, Sam!
    I really enjoyed the lesson. I learned a lot from it. I hope to continue with my Hubpages and then do something worthy of. But I have a few things here I need education on.
    How do you load videos? If my money site doesn't have video on its home page, how do I go about that?

    Samuel Frost2581 days ago


    Before you load videos you need to actually make them. What I'm showing here is a simple method of adding other peoples' videos into your own content to make it more interesting.

    To create your own videos you could use software such as Camtasia to record your screen (and then speak over the top of the video)

  • Reply Itachi San2584 days ago

    Awesome guide thank you, I'm playing Diablo 3 also.. it's an epic game.

    Samuel Frost2581 days ago

    Such an awesome game huh. These game guides actually convert pretty highly in my experience. I've promoted game guides for about 5 different games and enjoyed decent sales from them.

  • Reply Terri • 2584 days ago

    Wow! Thanks so much for this information. I never knew how to use Web 2.0 sites properly. I'm going to create a few and see how it works. Thanks again.

  • Reply Michael • 2584 days ago

    You mentioned Hubpages is no longer the holy grail so what would you consider to be the holy grail or at least the most popular as of now ;-)

    Samuel Frost2581 days ago

    Hi Michael,

    You've caught me out a bit here! I'm probably going to have to go with Slideshare. Although it doesn't offer revenue sharing it is still a very cool way of getting high search engine rankings and driving lots of targeted referral traffic.

  • Reply Will • 2584 days ago

    Awesome guide, I love the dual purpose of this method!

  • Reply Kat Helms2584 days ago

    This is great. I love this site.

    I haven't ever done hubpages yet, but I have made a couple Squidoo lenses. The problem with Squidoo is that I get sidetracked!

    I'm a sucker for.any stupid points or trophy system, and I end up bouncing around lenses all day.

    I'm going to sign up for hub pages today though, and see what that does for me.

    Great tips, thanks!

    Samuel Frost2581 days ago

    Hi Kat,

    I know that feeling! It can be very distracting on those Web 2.0 sites. I find setting a goal of setting up say 5 Web 2.0 pages in a day helps. If you have any time left over at the end then by all means go crazy and rack up some points.

  • Reply Ferhat • 2584 days ago

    Verrrry very great Post on that! Very Detailed and clear to understand. Thank you guys for this!

  • Reply Jake Drake2584 days ago

    Great lesson Sam!

    Samuel Frost2581 days ago

    Thanks very much!

  • Reply Margot Oliver2583 days ago

    Great content, basic SEO but we often forget applying these strategies. Good to confirm which Web 2.0 and article sites google likes and help our sites to rank well in.

    Samuel Frost2580 days ago

    Hi Margot - even though this is all simple stuff, it is well worth remembering to help you make more money through generating greater numbers of leads and traffic.

  • Reply Carlos Cortez2583 days ago

    So we start a web 2.0 account per keyword/site? and not just use one account for everything?

    Samuel Frost2580 days ago

    Hi, I would suggest creating one Web 2.0 profile for each site per niche. This way, if one niche suddenly becomes "dangerous" to a Web 2.0 site and they decided to ban it from their site you won't lose all your hard work.

  • Reply Walter Akolo2583 days ago

    Perfect post Sam. Must you use a keyword in the web 2.0 profile? Most of my profiles use my real name. Thanks for the awesome tips.

  • Reply Lise Lafontaine • 2583 days ago

    Hello Sam Frost,
    First time I meet you! I am totally, deeply impressed by your
    tutorial. I was baffled about the subject before and now I see the light all because of you. I took lessons and coaching before but NOBODY knew how to present and explain like you. Now, I can give all this backlinking hocus pocus a try! Thank you, Lise

  • Reply Janice Baird2583 days ago

    Thank you so much, this is an excellent Guide. It will help me reach more people to visit my blog. Janice from Good Health in a Nutshell

  • Reply jaywin • 2583 days ago

    I've created many link wheels in the past and have had some success with it helping my search engine rankings. Usually i build around 1 parent keyword. Usually I use different keywords for each satellite site that are related but not the exact same keyword for each.

  • Reply Anthony • 2583 days ago

    Awesome article, a web2.0 blueprint. Thanks

  • Reply Russell Stewart2583 days ago

    'Pure Champagne' information Sam......great stuff!

  • Reply Philip Keller2583 days ago

    Enjoyed the post and have learnt some important points from it. Thanks Sam

  • Reply David Waters2583 days ago

    Sam - thanks for the details about how you use Web 2.0 sites. I have set up several Squidoo lenses but I never really felt like they helped me at all. Now I see how to tweak things, by using Hub, etc and make my set up much more effective. Thanks

  • Reply Pat Brosnan2583 days ago

    Thank you for this info very informative and interesting Thank you

  • Reply altuk712582 days ago

    I have a question - can you place the same article on all w 2.0 sites?

  • Reply Carlos Akira Higuti2582 days ago

    Hello Sam!
    Great Article, will help me a lot with what I have learned from the course AffiloPrint 2.0.
    Thank you!

  • Reply primeval dad • 2581 days ago

    Excellent tips. I find that what holds me back most from adding something to my blueprint is thinking it can't possibly work (to make a sale). This is simple and believable. Thank you for pointing out that you're not out to sell sell sell with these pages... You're out to generate buzz in a way - perhaps that's what makes it easy to believe. But I can actually see the buyers getting there, and there's now a strong foundation to support the sale.
    Off to HubPages I go!

  • Reply Tony Wang2579 days ago

    Hi Sam:

    When you say build a group of web 2.0 properties around 1 keyword what content do you use? Do you use spun articles? or do you just write different articles around the same keyword individually?


  • Reply Steve Crossley2578 days ago

    Hi Sam,

    Since I got back into this I have read a few of your articles. Each time I read one I realise how far I have to go, also reminds me how far I have come. Great stuff!


  • Reply kas Kas2573 days ago


    I just did a smaller link of 4 web 2.0 properties but don´t know why my ranking for the keyword used dropped after that.

    Any ideads guys ?


  • Reply Angelina Willium2572 days ago

    Very nicely explained in points about web 2.0 as I have made changes in hubpages and other social networking sites, I will add in future - squidoo as well, thanks for nice post


  • Reply Ria • 2569 days ago

    After reading this I joined Hubpages and made 3 hubs. They were then promptly flagged for some trivial reasons and all were unpublished. Apparently Hubpages like to nitpick on stuff like "your video has a watermark" and then unpublish your hub because it has a Youtube video with your website logo on the lower right side.

    Then they sent in even more stuff about some violations but did not specify what they are. It could be something just as trivial as the watermark thing.

    So I stopped using Hubpages. It's better to just use a blogger blog where you don't need to go through all that nitty-gritty of following someone else's rules.

  • Reply Nicole @GDI • 2563 days ago

    I'm reading Content Rules and they also tout the power of SlideShare and similar sites. I guess this is the push I need to get on it.

  • Reply Endy Daniyanto2530 days ago

    Hi Sam!

    Thanks for the tips in this blog post. I'm currently learning the off-page SEO lessons in AffiloBlueprint. Your tips here really compliment well Mark's lesson about link building.

    The staff should put a link to this post by you in the lesson notes. That way the students will have a supplementary guide to cover the steps in greater detail that Mark doesn't have the space to talk about in the videos.

    I'm using your tips to build my Web 2.0 properties. It really makes things a lot easier for me.


  • Reply http://www.pog-op.waw.pl • 2357 days ago

    Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your weblog? My blog site is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my visitors would really benefit from some of the information you provide here. Please let me know if this ok with you. Thanks a lot!

  • Reply Tool Chuck2160 days ago

    I see it's been awhile since the last post. Are the tips / hints/ steps discussed here still relevant?

  • Reply Melodye Yancey2058 days ago

    Hi, I have been doing some research and I have found many sites that teach when building links to your money site that you should:

    1 - Use proxies to create the web 2.0 accounts
    2 - Create web 2.0 accounts under different names and emails than your own

    Link building is new to me so I am a bit overwhelmed now. What is your take on this?


  • Reply Samuel Frost2055 days ago

    Hi Melodye,

    I don't think this is strictly necessary (provided you are building the Web 2.0 accounts manually; if you are using automated software then you should make use of proxies etc).


  • Reply gill cotter1922 days ago

    About to sign up to Mark's blueprint course and excited about that - finally I might know where I'm goin cause I have learned so much yet I still feel all mixed up
    I bookmarked this article a while ago and tonight I am writing my hub... thanks so much for these clearly-set-out steps Samuel... I love step by step guides... I'm finding the writing is taking so long, but I've no choice right now with lack of funds to outsource it... I hope for the day I can afford to outsource work lol
    Onto the other web 2.0's next... after I dischiper all the stuff I wrote for this but I followed your guide so it has some order at least. The muddle is me just over-chatterboxing! What's your opinion on perfectionism - are we right to stay at one article till we feel it's perfect or should we say look, no more, carry onto the next...
    Probably a silly question... is balance the answer?

    Between black and white there are many shades of grey (me talking to myself there)

    Thanks again for this great article
    Gill x

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