Win one of two free copies of Pay Per Click Formula through Twitter

By Simon Slade
Win one of two free copies of Pay Per Click Formula through Twitter


My original Twitter blog post generated a great deal of interest and it was great to see heaps of our Affilorama members following us on Twitter. I hope that newcomers are enjoying the Twitterverse and are getting the benefit of all the useful content that passes through Twitter every day.

So we at Affilorama have decided to run a contest through our Twitter account. Now you may or may not have seen something like this before, but it's pretty simple. All you have to do is become a follower of our Twitter page, retweet the message below and you're in to win one of two copies of Gauher Chaudhry's Pay Per Click Formula, worth $1295.00! That's right! A $1295 dollar product just for retweeting our message! It's that easy. The winners will be notified by Twitter with further instructions on how to access this product when it goes live on March 31st.

Pay Per Click Formula is a step-by-step course that outlines Gauher's successful strategy for creating considerable income via PPC and CPA offers. By using pay per click programs such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Network and MSN Adcenter, Gauher made over $2 million USD in the last 12 months by promoting CPA offers! This course is well worth a look!

I also strongly recommend that you check out the incredible teleseminar that we recorded with Gauher only a few days ago where he revealed some of his most profitable strategies (including one that is responsible for half his CPA earnings): Click Here to listen to the teleseminar replay

How to Enter

If you haven't already joined Twitter, you can do so here. Sign up only take a few minutes. Then, go to the Affilorama Twitter Page and click “follow” once you're following us, just retweet the message below (copy the message and paste it into 'What are you doing' box). Or, if you're already on twitter, just click the button below to retweet our message.

Remember, you have to be following us on twitter ANDhave retweeted the message to be in to win.

Happy twittering!


Julie 15 years ago
I think this is a great idea. Thanks for the opportunity. Good luck with your twitter
promotion. I'll take it under advisement and look into CPA marketing. I have been
hearing a lot about it lately.
Xola Nuse 15 years ago
The affilorama mini-course has to be the best intro for newbies on the internet, it filled all the gabs that had made me struggle to understand the concept of internet marketing. Due to unanswered questions I've been struggling with PPC Ads. But your webinar with Gauer plus his Insider's Guide To CPA Marketing Profits have once again done it for me. It's amazing how you guys can go out of your way to provide so much value.

The new course will have to pass for now as I can't afford it at this time. If I had the money I would not hesitate one second. If Gauer can give so much value in his guide for free, the course must exceed all expectations. I hope to buy it in the near future if it will still be available. However armed with Gauer's guide and the knowledge gained from Affilorama I'm sure I'll be making money very soon. Although I know by then membership will be closed. perhaps when it opens again I'll grab my chance.

But I'd advise anybody who wants to make serious money and can afford PayPerClick Formula 2.0 to grab it and not think twice. Judging by his 89 page eBook Gauer is a thorough person just like Mark. Both you guys demonstrate pervasive passion.
Thank you guys.

Stew 15 years ago
Hey Mark,

Thanks for running this contest. Gauher's stuff is really good and CPA seems like the way to go. I'm eager to learn more:)

I know this course is out of reach for many so you're creating this opportunity for myself and others was nice.

Of course I hustled off to Twitter to get things going viral. Looking forward to receiving that special email!

Tweet Follow Me Follow You 15 years ago
Great Idea!

I have follow the instructions and tweeted out to my 290+ followers and my 200+ Facebook friends.
Fingers Crossed!

I also created a post on my blog to try and increase my following and provide a place for others to do the same. Twitter is a really fun and simple little application.


Irfan Danawala 15 years ago
Ok i just tweeted your msg..hope to win the prize :)
Brett Kruger 15 years ago
Hi Mark.

What a great competition.

I listened to the call yesterday.

Gauher really knows his stuff.

Wish me luck.

luckyluke8 15 years ago
Hello Mark,

Howdy, I have tweeted on Affilorama to my list of followers and hope for a chance to win one of your prize.

Fei 15 years ago
Wonderful. I'm not really into PPC but would love to know more about. I just joined in... XD

denyseduhaime 15 years ago
Great idea for a contest! Good luck with it!
Wiehanne 15 years ago
Follow and tweet it here:
Colleen Lilly 15 years ago
Fun contest! Love twitter! Good idea to increase your tweep followers! Looking forward to Gauher's PPC formula!! Very excited!
DRAL 15 years ago
Hi Mark,

I just joined and hope I did correctly! Still trying to find my way.

Ann Born 15 years ago
Just *Tweeted* WoW! What an incredible prize!

**Wish me luck** :)
Urpo Salonen 15 years ago
nice contest. I put it also in my facebook.

Have a nice day
Indo Contest 15 years ago
Followed and twitted at:
Debbie Dorfman 15 years ago
Thanks for the great info you provide and the chance to win this great course! I'm really a newbie and am trying learn all I can so once I really get started I'll see success. Thanks.
Walter Ichikawa-Doyle 15 years ago
Hey Mark,
Really enjoy what you do here with Affilorama... I of course also did the RT for this contest, however I was sort of wishing I could keep it to myself to improve my chances of winning! Oh well, perhaps I'll be rewarded for my generosity???
Mark 15 years ago
I win a $1295.00 product. But why not say a $100,295.00 product, or even a $Trillion product! Since you're setting the price yourselves, you can make it as 'valuable' as you like, surely?
Mark Ling 15 years ago
No, we're not setting the price. That is the price that Gauher is selling "Pay Per Click Formula 2.0" for on launch day (31 March). Others will be paying $1295.
Via 15 years ago
crossing my fingers
Joseph 15 years ago
I have twittered to my followers, so I hope that me or one of them win a copy.
Great Idea to get followers and thus leads!!!
David 15 years ago
I'm following you and tweeted the message. I'm definitely interested in this prize since I recently learned about it on several websites. I can't afford this product so I'm hoping to win it instead :)
Duane Spence 15 years ago
I can hardly wait-Hope it's me Thanks!
Successful Home Business 15 years ago
This is a great way to create buzz!

I just followed you and did a RT.

Have my fingers crossed to pick up the course for FREE!

Also, feel free to follow me on Twitter.

To Success,

Joseph Parton
BDSMShop 14 years ago
I just wanted to say hi, I'm new here and I hope to contribute more in the future :).
Owennajag 14 years ago
I'am a absolutly newbie in affiliates. Can anybody help me, to get the right informations?
I have found a affiliate adsense website, but i am not sure, if its the right way for me. Any ideas?
Jothigningory 14 years ago

General idea - why not add a survey to this awesome forum so that you can know what us users want? Something like the runpolls surveys would fit in great.