Gauher Chaudhry PPC Teleseminar Recording

By Mark Ling
Gauher Chaudhry PPC Teleseminar Recording


Hey Everyone,

A few hours ago, I recorded an in depth teleseminar with Gauher where he revealed lots of his killer strategies for making money from CPA offers. Gauher has made over 2 million dollars this past year from promoting CPA offers, so this is one guy you should make sure you listen to!

To listen to the recording of the teleseminar, right click the mp3 file below and choose 'save as' to save it to your computer, then listen using your favorite media player.

PPC Millionaire Interview with Gauher Chaudhry

Also, check out this 89 page report on making money from CPA by Gauher Chaudhry.

Right click here and select save as to download the report

PPC Formula launches at 12pm EST (New York Time) on Tuesday 31 March.

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PPC Formula 2.0 Exclusive Super Bonuses


All the best!

Mark Ling

Yuan yu 15 years ago
Thank you share , i have down it.
Phil Davis 15 years ago
Thanks Mark for getting Gauher on the call.

The call on PPC, CPA and affiliate marketing was both encouraging and enlightening and I'm ready to dive in (perhaps the shallow end for now). It is clear that if we are willing to put in the time and effort that making a good living from home with PPC and CPA offers is within our reach.


Derek Bagatto 15 years ago
Thank you for this opportunity....a bucket load of time and money saving value....much appreciated. Much thanks!

P.S. 1st time on your site......good tools, good info. Been a productive day. Thanks.

Derek Bagatto
Sam F. 15 years ago
Really great content! thank you. I really needed to hear this. It really got me pumped up to keep going and try these new strategies! thanks once again.
Brian 15 years ago
Hey Mark
Sorry I missed this live. Thanks for making this available. Looking forward to some Golden Nuggets from Gauher.
Nancy nikolauson 15 years ago
Thank You! Great interview with lots of usable CPA and PPC information. You sure gave some usable information fr use all to be able to make money on the Internet.
Shaun Young 15 years ago
Hi Mark,

I'd just like to say "Thanks for setting up that call for us. It was brilliant to hear Gauhur's views on CPA networks and his strategies used to make him money." Lots of juicy tid bits of info there.
You did a nice job hosting it Mark. Well done! Pure gold - Cheers.
James Cameron 15 years ago
Very useful insight into the CPA game!
Steven Hall 15 years ago
Thanks Mark, once again a great call. I've been going through some of your archive of calls in your guruviews and have learnt a lot today. Thanks again for all your work in affiloblueprint too, it's been the first course that I've followed that actually lead me to making good money.
Paul Lawlor 15 years ago
Yet another brilliant and useful teleseminar from your good self Mark. Thanks for all your help

Paul Lawlor
Scott 15 years ago
I've read some of Gauher's older stuff and had honestly forgotten about him. This was a great reminder of the value he brings to this industry. Thanks!
Eric Choo 15 years ago
Thanks a lot for sharing this great info, it really shorten the learning curve for CPA newbie. Once again, appreciated for sharing this interview.
Big Bing 15 years ago
Hi Mark

Thanks for the excellent interview! I am sure this report will be put to good use by any who takes action. :)
JanPaul 15 years ago
Hey Mark,

Gauher is such a great source of information. Good that you interviwed him!
Thank's a lot,

Layek Miah 15 years ago

Ive listened to the interview and its opened my eyes to CPA, great resource and best of all its FREE content.

All the best,
Dominic Edwards 14 years ago
will defernitely try this....sounds very genuine and hard work with a little luck does pay off... Its great.
buy seroquel 12 years ago
Thanks for tris interesting information! I found it very useful =)