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PPC Formula 2.0 Bonuses

PPC Formula 2.0 Bonuses

Hi Everyone,

I'm so excited about today's announcement. But firstly, if you missed what happened last week, I interviewed Gauher Chaudhry, a man who makes over 2 mil a year from promoting email and zip submit offers via pay per click.

He revealed his insider strategies and tips and if you missed the recording of the interview, then here it is:

Gauher Chaudhry PPC Formula Teleseminar Recording

Now for today's PPC Formula 2.0 Super Bonuses announcement...

I've been working really hard negotiating this with Gauher Chaudhry, and between the two of us, we've come up with an incredible bonus package for anyone who chooses to join PPC Formula 2.0 through my affiliate at the end of this blog post (launch date is 31 March, 12pm EST).

These bonuses will be available to the first 50 people who join through my link (I'll remove my link when they have all been claimed).

Important: How to Claim Your Bonuses

To claim your bonuses you have to:

1. Clear your cookies (search Google for 'how to clear your cookies' if you are unsure of how to do this).

2. Click the following link and then purchase Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 (Launches Tuesday 31 March 12pm EST)

==> Link to Join Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 Plus Bonuses <==

3. Email support@affilorama.com with your receipt and we'll give you your bonuses.

Super Bonuses Details:

1. 2-part CPA Bootcamp, lead by Gauher Chaudhry (plus recording) ($1997 value)

Not even the regular PPC Formula 2.0 customers will gain access to this. This incredible bootcamp will be lead by Gauher Chaudhry and is EXCLUSIVE to people who join PPC Formula 2.0 through my link.

In this amazing 2-part CPA bootcamp (plus recording) you'll:

  • Discover even more of Gauhers latest cutting edge strategies for CPA and PPC Domination
  • Find out about the best converting CPA offers and how to strategically target them, including Gauher's advanced keyword research techniques and super conversion tactics.
  • Learn how to make sure that you get accepted by every single CPA network, even if you've never joined one before.
  • Ask your own questions and hear Gauher answer them... LIVE.
  • Uncover Gauher's highly effective bidding formula for PPC, his advanced methods for how he scaled up to over 6 figures a month, and a whole lot more.

2. The Ultimate CPA Lead Capture System ($497 value)

This is an incredible lead capture system that allows your site visitors to take quizzes on anything you wish for points, they are then forwarded to the CPA Network of your choice through your affiliate link to signup and qualify for prizes.

Your CPA Cash Networks scripts will come preloaded with a bunch of TV show trivia to get you started, but you can install this script on as many domains as you want over and over again, to run trivia games in any niche that you choose.

It is easily rebrand able, you can change the header and home page images to match any type of trivia game you wish to run, depending on which CPA Network offers you are promoting!

You also have a full admin panel where you can change the prize offers and images to what ever the networks you are promoting are offering at any given time.

We do send you the script preloaded with some prizes as examples, but you will want to check with the Networks that you are promoting and be sure to replace these example prizes with the REAL prizes that they are offering!

With just a little practice you will be building killer CPA lead capture sites.

Combining this software with what you learn from PPC Formula 2.0, you'll have the ultimate system for ramping up your PPC success!

3. 2 Hour Super Affiliate Mastermind Teleseminar + Resale rights ($997 value)

Listen live as I reveal 27 cutting edge, advanced affiliate tactics. You will get to ask me live questions on the call also.

While the content of the call is invaluable in of itself, you'll also receive the exclusive resale rights, which means that you can resell the recording of it, use it as a high value bonus, or whatever you like.

4. Traffic Travis Professional Edition ($99 value)

Astoundingly comprehensive collection of essential market research tools, all in one place!

Traffic Travis with PPC Formula 2.0 form a very powerful combination of tools and knowledge for PPC domination.

  • Keyword research tools - Why pay membership fees? Traffic Travis can dig up piles of relevant keywords for your campaign. Simply type something in, choose your source, and away you go!
  • Competitive intelligence features - There are quite a few of these market research features, for example, once you've found the heavy hitters in your niche you can begin to analyze their strategy, beginning with their keyword list: In one swoop, Traffic Travis can tell you which keywords they're bidding on and how well the ad does for the advertiser. It can even track the advertiser's campaign over time!
  • Backlinks analysis - This nifty tool quickly checks who is linking to you, and then gives you a bunch of interesting statistics about those sites. You can also use this tool to see who is linking to your competitors! (This is a great way for finding sites to either swap links with or buy links from.)
  • On page SEO critic - This is like having an SEO expert looking over your shoulder. Traffic Travis will give you a rating for each page that you analyse for how well optimized it is for a particular search phrase. It'll also give you suggestions for how to improve your rating.
  • Graphs and reports - Make all that information easy to understand with Traffic Travis's reports and graphs. And remember... this is a great way to keep tabs on your competition as well!
  • And much more!

5. Marketing Secrets Mastermind ($499.95 value)

Marketing Secrets Mastermind

Learn from 10 different internet millionaires as they teach you their cutting edge strategies for ppc, adsense, copywriting and more. This is a comprehensive course in of itself. There are over 30 hours of interviews and video lessons here. (Normally sells for 499.95 at Marketing Secrets Mastermind)

6. Resale rights to MSM ($499.95 value)

Not only will you get to learn from the incredible information contained inside Marketing Secrets Mastermind, you'll also get to resell these amazing interviews yourself.

Important: How to Claim Your Bonuses

To claim your bonuses you have to:

1. Clear your cookies (search google for 'how to clear your cookies' if you are unsure of how to do this).

2. Click the following link and then purchase Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 (Launches Tuesday 31 March 12pm EST)

==> Link to Join Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 Plus Bonuses <==

3. Email support@affilorama.com with your receipt and we'll give you your bonuses.


I highly recommend you consider joining this product, I've had a great chance to go through it and it's one of the best I've ever seen.


All the best to your success!

Mark Ling

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  • Reply James Mason • 3466 days ago

    I just listened to your teleseminar from last week and have filled up two full pages with notes from what I learned. If that call was anything to go by then PPC Formula is exactly what I need.

    Thanks for arranging that teleseminar and those bonuses for us Mark, you always go the extra mile. Your passion for what you do shows through in your high work ethic.

  • Reply Renato • 3465 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    How much will PPC Formula 2.0 be sold for?


  • Reply Lucie Bellemare • 3465 days ago

    This is a really nice bonus. I've read that CPA marketing can be very profitable, but also that it can be quite difficult to be accepted by the CPA networks. Hopefully this course can shed some light on the whole process. Thanks for all the great material in Affilorama!

  • Reply Rob Redford3465 days ago

    I hate to think how much that program is going to cost -- a bonus package this valuable probably means $$$$ for PPC Formula.

  • Reply Philip • 3465 days ago

    i think this will be a very costly program like the rest on the net..I would say $1,000 or more this is how you really make money online make up a program and sell it to people that are trying to make money online.

  • Reply ben • 3465 days ago

    hey guys
    Gauher already mentioned the cost will be $1295 with a payment option as well..

    hope that helps


    use polls with CPA offers

  • Reply Mark Ling3465 days ago

    Thanks Ben, yep the price will be $1295. Even if you don't decide to buy, make sure you listen to the teleseminar that I recorded with Guaher as it is packed full of invaluable PPC tips that you can apply right away.

  • Reply rschimme3465 days ago

    Has anyone heard if there is a guarantee or refund period in case the program is not what you expected?


  • Reply Simon Slade3465 days ago

    @rschimme Yes there will be a guarantee on PPC Formula 2.0. I'm not 100% sure on the length but would expect it to be 60 days. Check the sales page tomorrow and it should say :)

  • Reply Rob Keating • 3465 days ago

    Hi Mark,
    It is fun checking out all the bonus packages people are putting together for the lauch. Yours looks especially good.

    With the Boot Camp you offer is that an online boot camp? or do you have to go to a physical location?



  • Reply Mark Ling3465 days ago

    Hi rob, it is an online boot camp. Live webinar access will be given, and you'll also get download access to the recording of it if you can't make it live.

  • Reply Marko Manninen • 3465 days ago

    Lucrative bonus endeed. I hope product price is not too high (oh i see the price from comments now) and it comes with usual satisfaction quarantee. Too many times i've seen promised more than really given. Teleseminar of Mark is quite convincing anyway!

  • Reply Paula Saxen • 3465 days ago

    OMG Gauher is amazing. I've learned so much already from your teleseminar with him, he obviously is the real deal and $1295 for over 10 years of experience.. that's a steal to me. I'm in.

  • Reply Jerry Richert3463 days ago

    Hi all, just joined the forum and listened to the teleseminar wth Gauher. Goo stuff, even for a newbie. $1295 is a heap. What payment schedule has he arranged? $100 a month may get me in or I'm out for a while. Where can we download the 89 page report, anyone know?

  • Reply Dan • 3462 days ago

    So what's the deal with the payment plan link ? I sent Gauher an email about it yesterday and still no reply. Is this the kind of support I can expect if I purchase his $1297 course ?
    Based on his Lack of response I am very concerned about purchasing this.
    What do you really know about this guy Mark ?

  • Reply Vicki • 3460 days ago

    Hi Mark, I saw the software bundle option that comes with the PPCF2. Got 2 questions...

    Firstly, do you own LP gen or think it is necessary?

    Secondly, Traffic Travis... is this really free for life, or just free trial for x months, then $29.95 recurring?

  • Reply Mark Ling3460 days ago

    Hi Vicki,

    I do own LP Gen and think it is very good, but no it is not necessary in order to fully benefit from ppc formula, you can do the ppc taught in ppc formula without it. Gauher does use it himself though.

    Traffic Travis is lifetime.

  • Reply Vicki • 3459 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    Is it possible to get the SAME high quality score if I use do silo-structure manually, as compared to using LP Gen's dynamic keyword insertion and affiliate data feeds? My main concern is whetherNOT getting LP gen will end up costing me more money in PPC due to lower quality score. What do you think Mark?

    Can you show us a demo of the Lead Capture System, so that we can see what the system looks like.

    I know I may sound long-winded but I wouldn't be asking these questions if I'm not serious about buying PPCF2. Thanks in advance.

  • Reply Meor Ridzuan3457 days ago

    Is the bonuses deal still on? In the call, you mentioned it is limited to something like 50 people.

  • Reply internet television • 2680 days ago

    What i find tough is to discover a blog that can capture me for a minute but your blog is different. Bravo.

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