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Search Advertising Video: Google Adwords Guide

Search Advertising Video: Google Adwords Guide

Recently Hal Varian, Google's Chief Economist, posted a video on YouTube where he explained exactly how the Google Ad Auction works.

In this video he demystified the relationship between how quality score, clickthru rate and on page relevancy affect your ppc costs and your ad position. A lot of this information is well known, but to hear it from Google themselves is better than any other source, and he teaches it in a way that makes it very easy to understand.

This information should make it a lot easier for you to understand how to manage your Google adwords campaigns.

I'm interested to hear what people think of this video, please comment below after watching it.

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  • Reply Andrew • 4343 days ago

    Great video. Explains the process nice and clearly, and verifies everything we teach about using PPC marketing with Google... which is always a good thing :)

  • Reply Jon Pastorizo4343 days ago

    All I can say Mark is....Wow! Very well explained.

  • Reply Steve Parker4343 days ago

    Excellent post - everybody needs to watch this.. Thanks.

  • Reply Billy Lockwood4343 days ago

    Wow i've heard a few ways that the cost per click was worked out, but was never 100% sure what to trust, now that i've heard it from the man from google i know what sort of tactics to be using to get ads in the positions i want.

    This is a must watch for anyone doing PPC

  • Reply Nathan Barrett4342 days ago

    The puzzle that was all over the table is now put together

  • Reply Lynne Gordon • 4341 days ago

    An absolutely amazing video. I can't wait to show this to my business associates!

  • Reply Danielle Bernier4339 days ago

    This video is clear to the mind and will free all susperstition or confusion about the QS.
    'Content 'rules and that's the fact.
    You might have an AH! AH! moment...

  • Reply Thomas Clark4339 days ago

    Great Video...now I understand...

  • Reply Jason Dodd4331 days ago

    This really highlights the importance of writing ads with high relevancy and good linkbait - Hal makes it clear that click-thru rate is more important than anything else in determining QS.

    Use the bullet point tool in the Tools section of Affilorama.com - good headline generator!

  • Reply Di Gell4284 days ago

    Very clear and simple just like you are in your lessons ....
    Thank you for showing us this !

  • Reply Lisa • 3953 days ago

    've been using Google Adwords for two week now and I'm getting more visitors on my own. Thanks for the article.

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