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Opportunity.com by John Reese Review - Worthy Investment?

Opportunity.com by John Reese Review - Worthy Investment?

With John Reese’s Opportunity.com set to go live Thursday May 7 at 3:00 PM (EST) it’s entirely possible you’ve been considering joining. John Reese is well known for his very popular Traffic Secrets products. While they had a high upfront cost, it was largely agreed it easily paid for itself in time.

The great news is that membership for this brand new product from John will be priced at just $39 per month, which will make it within the reach of just about anyone! This means a smaller up-front investment for anyone wanting to tap in to John’s wealth of knowledge and experience in helping people make money online.

In fact, for anyone who isn’t familiar with John’s ideas on making money online, you can watch a free 13-minute video on his site, Opportunity.com, which explains the basics of creating what he calls the Affiliate Commission Engine (ACE). ACE is a system John has developed to assist anyone to build a site that will generate ongoing income through a well-structured, and self-sufficient, strategy.

John’s relaxed teaching style and manner makes it easy to follow along and learn from one of the best in the business. He does his best to keep it simple yet also keeps it interesting with plenty of visual aids, as you'll see when you watch his free preview lesson at Opportunity.com.

John will go through, step by step, the process of creating a membership-based site that will focus on ways to earn substantial income online with affiliate marketing.

Other areas that John touches on include trends, market research, opportunity management and growing your affiliate site.

If this sounds like you, then mark May 7 in your calendar and get in early. John is known for wild product launches, adding in plenty of bonuses for early subscribers, so it really is a case of the early bird getting the worm.

John is one of the only internet marketers to have made a million dollars in under a day. He has more than 15 years of time-proven success in this industry, has helped hundreds of others make real money online and his previous products are proof that he knows what he’s talking about. This adds up to Opportunity.com, at only $39 per month, being one of the best ‘bang for buck’ investments any affiliate marketer can make. So don’t miss this boat of affiliate success as it launches May 7, 2009.

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  • Reply joseph mccaffrey3634 days ago


    I want to be sure to sign up for John's program through your affiliate link. How do I make sure I do that?



  • Reply Jason Dodd3633 days ago

    Hi Joe ... great to hear from you. Just use the links in the blog post, and you'll sign up under our affiliate link.

    Thanks, all the best.


  • Reply rocketdocket3629 days ago

    Worthy investment? Forget it.

    John Reese launched Opportunity.com early, loaded elementary videos on Google Adwords, keyword search, article writing, using blogs and such. (The videos are re-releases of an earlier CD-based training program and many of them only last a few minutes.). John's constant referral to the "resource center" at the bottom of the page doesn't exist.

    At the top of the "Training Center" screen is this:

    "NOTICE: We'll be adding a lot of other reports and lessons during the next few days. Check back often." I've received one response to my email query indicating that they're behind due to the large response.

    Opportunity.com just added a "checklist" of actions to take, including buying domain names and hosting services from BlueHost, an aWeber account, the Affiliate Theme from Unique Blog Designs and applying to affiliate networks. (Nearly all of the recommended services are affiliate links for Opportunity.com.)

    Anyone who wants to learn how to load WordPress if they choose another hosting company is referred to WordPress.org.

    I'm amazed that John Reese and staff would release the checklist, since it contradicts the training recommendations in the videos. Bottom line: Reese launched with an incomplete package, charging a membership fee of $40 per month.

    The AB is a better choice for learning the Internet marketing business.

    P.S. I wish Mark would stop recommending affiliate programs he hasn't reviewed. Forget the $3K bonuses. Recommend high quality, valuable programs worth reviewing.

  • Reply lawrenceq • 3627 days ago

    I signed up on the first day it launched, and I'm not all that impressed. I did learn a couple of things, but it wasnt worth the $39. I say, save your money, and read some books.

  • Reply rocketdocket3627 days ago

    Good luck getting your money back in short order.

    I've submitted several customer service tickets. So far, I've only received a form letter saying "they're overwhelmed."

    Mercy Sanchez (mercy@marketingsecrets.com), who issued the payment receipt for the first month, has an auto response email with a referral link to Opportunity.com's "e support" system.

    It's as if no one is minding the store. Suggest requesting a refund through your credit card company.

  • Reply Andi Putra3627 days ago

    Reading from Lawrence and RocketDocket comments, it seems that Opportunity.com is not an opportunity at all (sorry for the lame jokes -_-).

    I am actually really considering it, but after reading your comments, I decided not to take it. Thanks guys.

  • Reply Brad Bylsma3625 days ago

    I just 10 minutes ago got an email confirming my REFUND from Opportunity.com
    An absolute waste of time.........

    One thing I can say is that unlike anything with Mike Filsaimes name on it you actually can get a refund.

    So where do you go to find people who only recommend what they have seen and used?

    I hope you all have a great week-end
    BradB from BC.

  • Reply prasanna • 3625 days ago

    Hi all Affiliate markers why waste so much of money on some product?. Here is a very good option to all aspiring affiliate marketers only for $1 from experts.Real time guidance and mentoring until you succeed.So JOIN AFFILIATE TRAINING FROM EXPERTS here .They are very friendly and make you super affiliates

  • Reply Brian Prows • 3624 days ago

    I finally heard back from Mercy Sanchez at Opportunity (Income).com with a refund. Considering how long it took to bill my credit card for the first month, I'm not expecting a quick reversal on my card.

    From observing the IM offers and bonuses coming through, I have to believe that Internet marketers are impacted by the global economic slow down and feel it necessary to offer "thousands of dollars" of bonuses to convince buyers to take action.

    Another tactic which galls affiliates are large affiliates who request you clear all cookies in your browser before buying. By doing this, they're stealing commissions from the original source of the referral. (One Opportunity.com affiliate mandated this after baiting customers with thousands of dollars of other products.)

    I'm bothered by Internet marketers, like Yaro Starak, who are getting sucked into the ten top Internet gurus' spider webs. During Yaro's recent release of Membership Site Mastermind, 38% of his sales came from affiliates. Yaro is an outstanding blogger and podcaster who provides very useful free content, as does Affilorma. I worry about him "becoming part of the club."

    Anyone who wants to follow inside IM activity should join the Warrior Forum http://www.warriorforum.com/ You can join at no cost, monitor major launches and post comments.

  • Reply Rusty Sharp3621 days ago

    I was saddened to read the comments here about John Reese's new membership program. I've always thought highly of John Reese. But finally, I've learned that the saying... "buyer beware" applies more to IM than I ever expected.

    A few months ago, based on a strong recommendation from Mark, I joined another membership program... for $997 plus $97 per month. It was called GoogleConquest by Alex Goad... and it was a complete failure (from my perspective), and I'm still trying to get my refund... 6 months later. I heard that they were planning to reopen it... my suggestion - stay away!!

    So, I too hope that Mark becomes more careful in the affiliate programs he promotes. But that's what affiliate marketers do.... promote affiliate products!

    So..... buyer beware, and question everything before opening your wallet and spending money just because some guru somewhere is promoting a new product or service!


  • Reply Brian Pruitt3620 days ago

    Most membership sites promise you all the goodies in the beginning but then drip feed you those goodies to keep you from canceling

  • Reply Chris • 3618 days ago

    I also got sucked into the launch hype (thanks to John Chow and others) and signed up for a year. Having had access to the training material I now realise this is just rehashed material from Reese's old courses. The videos repeatedly refer to resources 'on the CD' ... er, what CD? This is supposed to be a brand new online training course, isn't it?
    I have requested a full refund. We'll see if the promise of a '30 day no questions asked' refund is worth anything.

  • Reply Paupau • 3618 days ago

    Okay guys, I joined opportunity.com and found it very disappointing as well. At $40/month I expected more than the videos there.

    I agree with @RocketDocket when he said that the product was released prematurely. I'm two weeks into my membership (joined last May 10) and want to cancel it and get a refund. I submitted a support ticket right now.

    Judging from the reactions of several people on the slow support from opportunity.com i'm worrying that i won't be able to cancel my membership before it charges me again for my 2nd month.

    Help please? I would like to get a refund as well. :(

  • Reply Chris Stigson • 3618 days ago

    I have come to understand that most of the information sold today is valuable. As long as you are doing it and getting the same results the seller is, I think you have the right to gripe. Saying "I've seen this before..." but are not making money, or have trouble getting started is not a valid excuse to gripe. When you apply the info John Reese provided in this course, the $40 is so insignificant there's just no words to explain how GOOD it is...

    But if you don't do it, it wouldn't be worth even $1... I guess it's just people's perspective, and never forget... THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN... What it takes to be successful can be summed up in a few words: "JUST DO IT"... Don't whine or complain, just do it... GOD, I feel sick at people complaining sometimes... (if you are doing it, GREAT... Find the nugget that will take you to the next level and your money will be well spent...) Read for INTENT, not CONTENT.

  • Reply Rocketdocket • 3617 days ago

    I believe the problem is the highly competitive world IM niche marketing.

    "Internet Gurus" face a constant "Catch-22." Many make 50% or more of their annual income by promoting programs other than their own and constantly worry about revealing information about product launches impacting their earnings and relationships with other Internet marketers. "Don't ask, don't tell" becomes the norm.

    IM niche marketers are also too busy running their own businesses. So they make recommendations based on other Internet marketers' reputations, inside information and the size of affiliate email lists to reach potential buyers.

    Mark Ling and Affilorama are well-respected, deliver great value and offer a support organization rarely found in the IM world. Mark has also freely admitted that other courses he recommends may not be appropriate--especially for newbies. He recommends them because his lists contain people with a wide range of IM experience and interests.

    If he doesn't alert people on his lists, he forfeits the commissions, irritates affiliates and fails to tell people who might be interested in checking out other courses. When he does promote other programs with his bonuses, some buyers will be happy with their purchases while others won't. The IM niche is a competitive, "win/win/win/lose" business.

    As I mentioned in another post, join and participate in Warrior's Forum. You should also seriously think about signing up for multiple training programs at the same time. Don't be lured by price or bonuses. Instead, consider your available TIME to complete the course and your expected outcomes.

  • Reply Paulo Ilustre3617 days ago

    Let's see if the 30-days no questions asked money-back guarantee works. I sent a ticket and an email to Mercy Sanchez of Opportunity.com asking to cancel my account and get a refund. After taking a look at the training videos, I was rather disappointed.

    I believe much of the $40 you pay for is the list of affiliate offers that you can promote. But right now I don't need that list so I'm getting that refund. I hope they're just true to their word that I can get my money back.

  • Reply Harry Luk3617 days ago

    wow... was interested in the product... glad i read the comments here

  • Reply Will • 3606 days ago

    I am also worried about getting my membership canceled as their support is horrible and I haven't heard anything from them. No responses so far (yes they're backed up, etc).
    I enjoyed the videos and am happy to pay the $39, but other than a few blog posts on hot niches and a catalog of affiliate products, it's not really what I expected. I wanted to know what is selling NOW - real time data. Something like the new ppcbully where you can analyze ads that people are using and how long they are running, what affiliiate networks they're from, etc.

  • Reply Mike • 3602 days ago

    I too am waiting for my membership to be canceled. It's been 5 days and just a response that they received my message. If you look at their site, there are no terms and conditions or privacy statements. I didn't even ask for a refund.. just cancellation. This kayako supporft better get their act together.

    The fluff pieces in the niche section were too general for me. Videos were newbie material found free on any top affiliate website w/ a free guide. Bonus material was old stuff from affiliate summit like 5 years ago. Buyer Beware.

  • Reply aby • 3594 days ago

    I think I can get the blueprint here that on every IM courses you need practice, practice, practice. Just take action. I've been as PPC coach member for quite long time, and you can get a bunch of nuggets if you do what you've been get on their forum, modules etc. And also never give up

  • Reply Lageorafe • 3508 days ago

    Buenos dias , I really like your Affilorama site so far it look like a terrfic penny stock pick site that I saw somewhere a while back. Wish I have more time to write usually I'm busy and I work from home so I will check back.

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