Niche of the Week: Public Speaking Affiliate Programs

By Cecille Loorluis
Niche of the Week: Public Speaking Affiliate Programs


Public speaking is the act of addressing or speaking with a group of people to inform, influence, or even entertain your audience. There are a lot of advantages in engaging in public speaking: it helps you develop your leadership skills; it allows you to affect the people around you by inspiring them with your words, or motivating them to take action. It's one of the ways you can become a thought leader.

Public speaking is important in our daily life. Even if you aren't addressing masses of people with a microphone in hand, points out that we need those skills during business meetings and job interviews. Public speaking is knowing how to communicate, and knowing how to communicate gets our message across to someone, or to a group of people. Despite its many benefits, public speaking remains in the top 10 fears and phobias for many people. There were several articles such as this last year revealing that most of us would rather die than speak in public.

Given the statistics and the need for this skill, it's no surprise that the public speaking niche in affiliate marketing is part of the bigger self-help niche. I decided to take a peek into this niche after doing some research for my wedding speech niche last week. Let's see if it's worth it going into this niche.

Keynote Keywords

Most public speaking keywords have low or medium competition, such as "how to speak in public," "fear of public speaking" and "public speaking tips". Buyer-intent and crisis keywords in this niche have high competition, including "public speaking class New York" and "public speaking training,"

Public Speaking - Traffic Travis Results

Another keyword you can target in this niche is "speech": "how to give a good speech," "how to write a speech" or "how to improve speaking skills."

Be A Good Speaking - Traffic Travis Results

Related keywords like "presentation training" and "motivational speaking" have high competition. This is because these are skills that people need at work and they have to pay to get training for.

You can go to sites like Ubersuggest to get more keyword variations. You can also check out public speaking sites and look at articles on public speaking to get more keywords. Sales pages of public speaking products are also a good source of keywords to target in this niche.

Public Speaking Affiliate Programs

There are public speaking affiliate programs in ClickBank, but all of them have very low Gravity scores. So I decided to look online, instead, to find some options.

Mind Valley

Mind Valley - Public Speaking Affiliate Programs

​I've talked about MindValley before and I'm including it again. The program doesn't have products on public speaking per se, but there are mindset and affirmation programs like Omvana that can help people overcome their fears, including fear of public speaking.

Darren LaCroix

Darren LaCroix - Public Speaking Affiliate Programs

Darren LaCroix is a 2001 World Champion Of Public Speaking winner. He has been a keynote speaker since 1994. He is also the creator of Be Paid To Speak By Next Week, which is available from his online store.

Darren LaCroix affiliates earn 25 percent commission for each sale from the online store. You need to apply to the affiliate program through the website.

Maurice DiMino

Maurice DiMino - Public Speaking Affiliate Program

Maurice DiMino is the creator of the Sicilian Mentor Speaking And Presentation Template. He sells books and offers one-on-one coaching on his website.

If you want to promote his products, then you need to apply through his websites. Affiliates receive 50 percent commission on each sale.

Patricia Fripp

Patricia Fripp - Public Speaking Affiliate Programs

Patricia Fripp is an a well-recognized keynote speaker. She and her team of experts provide training sales presentation, speech writing, and keynote speaking.

Online training is available through the website, and for each sale, affiliates get a 15 percent commission. The digital download products, on the other hand, give 25 percent commission.

There are a lot more public speaking affiliate programs online. The ones I mentioned are examples of what affiliate programs in this niche tend to be like. You can also promote public speaking books from Amazon.

Be Public With Your Site

A good link building and inbound marketing strategy is a must, and not just in affiliate marketing. It's a necessity whenever you build a site.

Always have a link-building strategy, even if the site is not fully up yet. Having one will come in handy when it's time to actually go into the process of building links and ranking in the search engines. The following are some link-building methods you can use on a public speaking website.

Reverse Engineering

There are already a lot of established sites on the public speaking niche. It would be challenging to compete with them but you can turn this into your advantage by doing reverse engineering.

Using SEO tools like Traffic Travis and AffiloTools, you can check out the sites where you competitor sites have built their backlinks. You can then build backlinks on the same sites. While this method doesn't give you a boost in rankings, it helps you level up with your competitors.

Blog and Forum Commenting

As I have already mentioned, there are plenty of websites on public speaking, including blogs. You can participate in forums, too.

The key to blog and forum commenting is to look at it more as a way to engage with your target market and gain their trust, instead of as a way to promote your site or create a backlink. Posting helpful and informative comments goes a long way in creating an image as a trustworthy and knowledgeable expert.

Social Media Marketing

I have mentioned on several posts that people who experience a common issue tend to group together to find comfort and share knowledge. These days, much of this sharing and comforting is done through social media sites.

Make sure to set a page up for your site and start sharing information. Don't just keep on posting links to pages on your site. Share helpful and amusing information or images from other websites, too.

Public Speaking Affiliate Programs: Your Stepping Stone To Affiliate Marketing?

If you're new to affiliate marketing and don't have a niche in mind to start with, then the public speaking niche is a good start. Fear of public speaking is something we're all familiar with, so this is a niche anyone can relate to.

There's certainly potential to earn in this niche, even though the competition is intimidating. There are plenty of established sites on public speaking, but don't let that get you down. A good link-building strategy will help a lot in increasing your site's ranking for its target keywords as well as getting traffic to your site.

I wrote a post on self-esteem affiliate programs before and I think the two can be combined into one site, since public speaking requires a healthy self esteem.

With that, I conclude this week's niche. I hope you enjoyed it! Please make sure to share it using the Share buttons below. I would love to hear your thoughts on this week's niche. Be sure to leave your comments too!

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Amuro Wesley 10 years ago
I am thinking about promoting Brian Tracy communications program as an affiliate.
Marsha Mann 10 years ago
This is a lot of excellent information. As far as I'm concerned I'll never learn enough about keyworks.

I really like the idea of commenting on blogs and forums. This I find pretty easy to do. I'm a little shaky when it comes to public speaking though.
Alex AngCheeChao 10 years ago
Thanks for the information. Like what you mentioned, click bank offers public speaking course products but has either got 0 or low gravity.

Initially I am looking at Andy Harrington's Jet Set speaking program to promote but could not find any affiliate program on his page.

I'm also looking at Les Brown's public speaking program to promote, no luck either.

The last one would be Brendon Burchard. Again, Couldn't find affiliate program for that particular course (public speaking) to promote.

Not sure if I've missed out anything though. Thanks again!

Alexander Ang