Niche of the Week: Self Esteem Affiliate Programs

By Cecille Loorluis
Niche of the Week: Self Esteem Affiliate Programs


The self improvement or self help niche is one of affiliate marketing's evergreen niches. According to MarketData, the self improvement market was worth USD $9.8 billion industry in 2012. Despite the recession, they forecast a 6.1 percent yearly gain from 2012 to 2016. One of this market's sub-niches is self esteem.

Self esteem and self confidence are often used interchangeably, and prior to this article, I was using one to refer to the other too. As I have found out through this week's Niche of the Week, self esteem does not mean self confidence.

The statistics and other information on self esteem may point to women, but men, teenagers and children are affected by low self esteem too. We all have suffered low self esteem and its effects at one point or other in our lives. This is probably why self esteem and self improvement are one of the biggest niches in affiliate marketing. We all want to move past the depression low self esteem brings, and we all eventually want to make ourselves better.

Find Confident Keywords

Most of the keywords in the self esteem niche have low competition. The keyword "self esteem" itself has low competition, but a high global count of 110,000. All of the long tail variations of this keyword has good global count and low to medium competition.

Self Esteem Traffic Travis Results

Since the global counts and competition for keywords in this niche are all good, we can focus more on what kind of keywords we will get for our list. What self esteem issues are you going to write about? What keywords have buyer intent? Going to Ubersuggest or KeywordBuzz could help us find more variations of our target keywords that we can include on our list.

Self Esteem - KeywordBuzz Results 1Self Esteem - KeywordBuzz Results 2

Self Esteem Affiliate Programs

There are plenty of self esteem affiliate programs in ClickBank. Some of the more popular ones include the following:

The Confident Man Program

TheConfident Man - Clickbank

The Confident Man Program helps men gain the confidence to succeed in different areas of their lives: dating/relationships, career, finance and life on the whole. It offers affiliates 50 percent commission for each sale.

The Ultimate Self Esteem Formula

Ultimate Self Esteem Formula - Clickbank

The Ultimate Self Esteem Formula is a self esteem product created by Dr. John Rubino, a world-renowned life coach. Affiliates get 40 percent commission for each sale.

Self Esteem Elevation For Children

Self Esteem Elevation For Children - Clickbank

Self Esteem Elevation For Children is another product by Dr. John Rubino. This time the focus is on children. The commission is 40 percent per sale.

Other self esteem affiliate programs are as follows:

Brian Tracy Affiliate Program

Brian Tracy International is a training and development company headed by Brian Tracy, a keynote speaker and personal coach. You need to be a member of Commission Junction, ShareASale or HasOffers. Brian Tracy affiliates earn between 20 percent and 50 percent commission on each sale.

Path To Passion Affiliate Program was created by Barrie Davenport, a life passion coach who helps people transform their lives by discovering and pursuing their passions. They offer the Path to Passion course and affiliates who promote the course get 50 percent commission on each sale. does not belong to any affiliate network. You can apply as an affiliate directly through the site.

Self Esteem Affiliate Programs - Amazon is one huge affiliate network. The commissions are not as big compared to other affiliate networks, but this online marketplace does have almost everything under the sun. Once you are an Amazon affiliate, you can promote any products the site carries.

How to Boost Your Site's Traffic

Your site will most likely sit on the Internet forever, getting the occasional visit, unless you invite users to check your site out. Link building and inbound marketing helps you do that. Once the site is up, you move on to SEO and link building. I suggest you draft a link-building strategy while the site is in its planning stages, so that when the site is finally built, you can start driving traffic to it right away. Some of the link-building and inbound marketing methods you can try are:

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a staple inbound marketing method. With millions of users logged in to various social media sites 24/7, it's really no wonder why.  Your site needs to have pages on these social networks so that you can engage your target market through these sites on a daily basis. You can share quotes on self-esteem, your latest article on your site, and other bits of information you find about your niche.

You don't always have to point to your site. In fact, it's best to refer to your site every so often, and not all the time. You're not just out to increase awareness of your site here, you're also trying to build a reputation for your site as a source of information.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is finding out where your competitors are building their backlinks and building links on the same sites. There's more than the usual competition in this niche, and it would help you a lot to know where your competitors are promoting their sites and building their links. You can use this information and establish yourself on the same sites. This doesn't mean you stop looking for fresh sites to build links on, but you'll have plenty more on your list.

Forum and Blog Commenting

There are plenty of blogs and forums on self-esteem, the effects of low self esteem and how to overcome them. This is bad in a way because these are the same sites you're competing with, but the good thing is by participating on these sites, they're helping you increase your site's relevance within the niche. Always make sure to read and follow the terms of use for the forums . Share valuable, helpful information. Keep in mind you're not just participating on these sites to gain back links. You're also building reputation and trust too.

Self Esteem Affiliate Programs: What's It Worth To You?

The self esteem niche is great because any one with enough interest can go into this niche. The earning potential is there and the commissions are good enough. There is competition, but it's not so steep compared to other niches. The main challenge is getting your site established and noticed, but with enough interest and commitment to your site, you'll find considerable success in this niche.

And that concludes this week's Niche of the Week. I hope it's given you some confidence on how to go about looking for your own profitable niche. Please share this with your friends through the Share buttons below. Feel free to leave your comments!

For more information on how to go about finding niches, check out AffiloBlueprint!

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