Niche of the Week: Parenting Advice Affiliate Programs

By Cecille Loorluis
Niche of the Week: Parenting Advice Affiliate Programs


Being the mother of two young girls, I know from firsthand experience that children can drive their parents crazy. It starts from infancy and continues on through your child's adulthood. Children will do things that can irk, annoy and exasperate you.

They can also make you laugh with their antics and see the world in fresh, new way.

Being a parent brings on the pressure of making sure you're raising your child well, and issues that come with child-rearing can oftentimes drive parents up the wall. Some parents find a good piece of advice, whether from other parents or professionals, can really make a big difference.

An infographic by the Frugal Dad talks about "America's Billion Dollar Baby Scam." It points out how willing parents are to spend on their children, and how the baby advice industry has grown since the 1970s. Judging by the number of parenting advice sites and books on the Internet, there is a high demand and plenty of competition in the parenting niche.

"Parent" Keywords

It's ap-parent what some of your target keywords should be. But do they all need to include "parent"?

"Parenting advice" is a good keyword to target, but there are a lot of other keywords you can target and use in this niche. Most of the keywords you'll find are "crisis" keywords; phrases that emerge from a certain crisis or challenge parents may face.

Potty Training - Traffic Travis Results

A good example is "how to potty train boys," "when to start potty training," and "ready for potty training." These keywords are crisis keywords because they are about a specific problem parents want resolved. These keywords have good monthly search values and are between medium and high competition.

Some keyword variations have easier competition or better monthly values than your original target keyword, so make sure to check sites such as for variations on your target keywords.

Parenting Advice Affiliate Programs

Sifting through parenting advice affiliate programs is just like going through various pieces of advice: you have to see which will work the best for you.

There's a variety of parenting affiliate programs to choose from on ClickBank. There's 100+ Parenting Mistakes, Minecraft Parenting and Below are a few more of the parenting advice affiliate programs you'll find on the ClickBank Marketplace. Further down the list are some I found in other affiliate networks. - Parenting Affiliate Programs

1. Start Potty Training

One of the first of the many hurdles new parents face is potty training. provides parents with a guide on how to get their little ones potty-trained so they can move on to tackling other parenting challenges.

How much can I make?
75% per sale, including all upsells.

How do I apply?
More information is available on their affiliate page. You can also sign up from within ClickBank. - Parenting Affiliate Programs


Raising a happy, confident child is no mean feat, and this is where's training can help. Parents can take their course to get certified as a self-esteem coach for children.

How much can I make?
40% commission on each sale.

How do I apply?
They have an affiliate page, or you can join through ClickBank.

Law of Attraction for Kids - Parenting Affiliate Programs

3. Law of Attraction for Kids

The “Law of Attraction” is a popular belief that positive thinking attracts positive events. A lot has been written about the Law of Attraction, and it is primarily for grown-ups. offers a course that's basically The Law of Attraction: Kiddie Edition.

How much can I make?
50% on every sale.

How do I apply?
Everything you will need to promote their Law of Attraction for Kids course is on their affiliate page, but you need to be a ClickBank affiliate.

Talking to Toddlers - Parenting Affiliate Programs

4. Talking to Toddlers

Parents don’t call it the “Terrible Twos” for nothing, but will show you how to manage those toddler melt-downs.

How much can I make?
75% per sale.

How do I apply?
Among other things, there’s a video presentation on the affiliate page, or you can go directly to ClickBank to register as an affiliate.

Positive Parenting Solutions - Parenting Affiliate Programs

5. Positive Parenting Solutions

The most comprehensive of the parenting advice affiliate programs featured here so far, Positive Parenting Solutions is an online training program that teaches parents to address various issues from toddler age through the teens.

How much can I make?
15% for each sale. It might not seem much compared to the other products here, but the training program goes for US$299.

How do I apply?
You can check out their affiliate page. They are on the ShareASale network, so you need to sign up there first.

Parenting Powers - Parenting Affiliate Programs

6. Parenting Powers

Founded by experienced Parent Coach Susan Epstein, offers parent coaching through various eBooks, guides and worksheets.

How much can I make?
15% per sale.

How do I apply? manages their own affiliate program. Head over to their affiliate page to sign up. - Parenting Affiliate Programs

7. Kids in the House does not provide coaching, but they do offer over 9,000 videos from various professionals to teach and entertain parents.

How much can I make?
25% on each sale.

How do I apply?
You can join through ShareASale. They also have an affiliate page if you need more information.

There are other parenting advice affiliate programs online, but the above are the best ones I've found. If you've come across a few good ones that aren't listed here, just let us know through the comments so we can add them to the list. You can also join and promote the numerous books on parenting.

Get Parents to Your Site

Some link building and inbound marketing methods to drive your target market (parents) to your website.

It’s not enough that you get your website up. You need to drive traffic to it and let search engines and the rest of the online community know you've got your fabulous site on parenting advice up and running. Here are some of the methods you can use to let readers, particularly parents, know that your site has great info for them:

Content Strategy

Before promoting your site on social media sites and forums, make sure that you've got the right content to tempt them to visit and stay on your site. This is where good content strategy comes in.

If you're not a parent but really want to be in this niche, you need to read up on everything parenting before writing. Research the problems parents face these days and write about those.

Once you have a good content strategy, planning, researching and publishing these articles should be a lot easier.

Link Indexing

This is probably one of the least used off-page SEO methods—probably because once we've built links, we just leave them there and move on to the next inbound marketing method.

After building your links, it's a good practice to make sure that search engines are aware of these new links to your site. You can ping them, or submit them as an RSS feed, or use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Social Media Marketing

Of course, it's important that you do social media marketing. This is where most people converge these days, including parents—and their children, too!

Once you have your site up, make sure to set up a Facebook or Twitter page for it. You can then share any new content from your site on these social media sites and gather followers. You can also share parenting information from other sites in the niche on your website's social media channels.

Parenting Advice Affiliate Programs: For Parents Only?

You don't need to be a parent, but you at least need to grasp the common issues and relate to them to form a connection with your target community.


The best people to start a parenting advice site are parents, but if you're well and truly interested in this niche, then there's nothing wrong with starting one of your own. There is plenty of literature on parenting you can read through, and I'm going to say the odds are good you know a parent who can share their experience with you—your own parents, for example.

This is a competitive niche, though, so it's important that you've got a clear idea of what your site will be and look like. Having link-building and inbound marketing strategies before starting the site will be a great help too. You need to make sure you do your research well and know your target market.

Some affiliate programs offer more than others, but the commissions you can get from the products in this niche are good enough. With a good site and strong link-building and inbound marketing efforts, you can earn well in the parenting advice niche.

I hope you enjoyed this week's niche! If you did, please make sure to share it using the Share buttons below. Feel free to leave me a comment, too!

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Native Affiliate 10 years ago
Hi Cecille been following the Niches you write about...Very informative, really enjoying them thank you. However was asking if it would be ok to write on the Spiritual Niche next time Im keen to do this niche as I have a real interest but don't know where to start...affiliate programs which are the best ones etc...
Cecille Loorluis 10 years ago

I'm sorry for the delay in responding to your comment. I'm glad you like our Niche of the Week posts.

As requested, I did one on the Spiritual Niche : . I hope you find that both helpful and enjoyable.

Have a good day!
Susannah 9 years ago
Just a small correction - when it says "High" or "Low" competition in the Google adwords keyword planner, that refers to the competition for advertisers bidding on the keyword. That does not refer to the pagerank or SEO of the content sites ranking for that keyword.
Silly Hat Affiliate 7 years ago
Great article Cecillie! I shared it to my Twitter ;)
Ashley Miller 7 years ago
You caught me JUST IN TIME. Tomorrow is hubby's payday and I was about to pounce on WealthyAffiliate's training. It is quite obvious that you offer so much more here and I'm ready to learn! I'm even more excited now than I was yesterday when I found WA. I'm thrilled with the results of my research. Thank you so much!