Law of Attraction: 29 Best Spiritual and Metaphysical Affiliate Programs of 2023

By Cecille Loorluis
Law of Attraction: 29 Best Spiritual and Metaphysical Affiliate Programs of 2023


We always recommend that you go for a niche you're familiar in, a niche you have a knowledge or interest in. The spiritual niche is neither for me. It's one of the niches in ClickBank I haven't looked into and don't plan on going into. But I wanted to show you that you can enter any niche you want, as long as you do your homework.

The Spiritual niche is a big one made up of several smaller sub-niches. There's the law of attraction, mind power, meditation and healing, affirmations, and motivation. If you're interested in this niche, then I suggest you focus on a specific sub-niche, like meditation or motivation for the youth. You can expand to the other sub-niches later on.

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You won’t find any direct reference to the spiritual niche being an industry or it being profitable. You need to take the niche apart and look at the profitability of each individual sub-niches. For the most part, you’d see most of them go under another main niche, the self-help or self-improvement niche.

As an industry, the self-improvement niche is estimated to reach a US$14B value by 2025. It is one of the industries affected by the pandemic, but has turned itself around through maximizing its use of virtual meeting platforms, apps, and eBooks.

There’s more to this niche than meets the eye, but first, let’s get to know the affiliate programs in this niche that will help us in our spiritual and financial journey.

Top 10 Spiritual Affiliate Programs

Here are the best of

Soji Energy

Creates and sells beautifully-designed water bottles that are infused with healing crystals.

Commission:  15% to 25% per sale
Cookie duration: 90 days
Affiliate Network: ShareASale

The Secret of Deliberate Creation

This is a popular Law of Attraction course. It shows you how to manifest and achieve success.

Commission: 50%
Cookie duration: 60 days
Affiliate Network: ClickBank

Yoga Download

Bring Yoga with you anywhere with their app. Yoga enthusiasts get access to thousands of classes and music. They also have a clothing store.

Commission:  12%, 30% for teachers and studios
Cookie duration: 90 days
Affiliate Network: ShareASale


Get access to hundreds of psychics that offer tarot, spiritual and love readings.

Commission Rates: $75 for every first deposit
Cookie duration: 30 days
Affiliate Network: In-House

7 Day Prayer Miracle

Offers a guide on how to pray effectively and manifest your miracles.

Commission: up to 90% commission
Cookie duration: 60 days
Affiliate Network: ClickBank


Creating and selling premium audio and visual meditation tools since it began in 1988. Their products are a natural alternative to managing stress and anxiety.

Commission: 20%
Cookie duration: 60 Days
Affiliate Network: ShareASale


Offers a selection of audio tracks and meditation tools to help relieve stress, reduce anxiety and deepen one’s spiritual life.

Commission: 40%
Cookie duration: 1 year
Affiliate Network: Infusionsoft

Teal Swan

Best-selling author of internationally published books and frequency painting artist Teal Swan shares her journey and teaches people how to transform their pain. Her website and online shop offers meditation Ebooks, audio, and card decks.

Commission: up to 40%
Cookie: 45 days
Affiliate Network: FlexOffers

Sounds True

Tami Simon started Sounds True in 1985, and it has since grown into an extensive library of books, music and courses on transformational teachings that guide their readers as they go through their own spiritual and personal awakening.

Commission: 35%
Cookie duration: 60 days
Affiliate Network:  Post Affiliate Pro

Live and Dare

Popular meditation blog Live and Dare by speaker and author Giovanni Dienstmann has a variety of meditation books and courses. He also offers coaching sessions.

Commission: 40%
Cookie duration: 60 days
Affiliate Network: In-House

The following spiritual affiliate programs may not seem as profitable, but they are still worth looking into:


On their About page, they explain that “sivana” means “oasis of enlightenment”. They sell healing gemstones, sustainable clothing and spiritual decor.

Commission: 10%
Cookie duration: 45 days
Affiliate Network: Refersion

Better Listen!

Offers a wide collection of audio programs that cover meditation, wellness, spirituality and personal growth.

Commission:  15%
Cookie duration: 30 days
Affiliate Network: ShareASale

Trinity Road

The Catholic Company,, and Catholic Coffee are just a few of the brands under Trinity Road.

Each brand offers its own set of products.

Commission:  10% per sale
Cookie duration: 45 days
Affiliate Network: CJ Affiliate

15 Minute Manifestation

A self-help audio that helps you sleep and focus better. In turn you are able to better manifest your desires and succeed.

Commission:  75%
Cookie duration: 60 days
Affiliate Network: ClickBank

 Shambhala Publications

Based in Colorado, Shambhala Publications create books, audio tracks and courses that aim to develop a kindhearted, contemplative community.

Commission:  10%
Cookie duration: 30 days
Affiliate Network: Rakuten Linkshare

Cosmos with Love

More metaphysical than spiritual, Cosmos with Love has a bevy of products that help you find your true calling, your soulmate,  and spirit animal.

Commission: 75%
Cookie duration: 60 days
Affiliate Network: ClickBank

Spiritual Intelligence Training

They offer coaching and training programs on emotional and spiritual intelligence so you can feel, think and perform better.

Commission: 20%
Cookie duration: ---
Affiliate Network: In-House

Enlightened Beings

Creates and sells manifestation and meditation books. You can also book personal manifestation sessions with Enlightened Beings founder, Jafree Ozwald.

Commission: 50%
Cookie duration: ---
Affiliate Network:  In-House

The Psychic Tree

A one-stop shop for essential oils, crystals, books… anything and everything you need for your physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Commission: 4%
Cookie duration: 7 days
Affiliate Network: Affiliate Gateway


They have a wide range of self-help classes including those that tackle spirituality that, similar to the other spiritual and wellbeing courses here, elevate the mind and help you become better individuals.

Commission: 30%
Cookie duration: 30 days
Affiliate Network:  In-House

Sage Goddess

A “metaphysical” store that offers gems, classes and resources to help practitioners in their spiritual practice and journey.

Commission: 7% commission
Cookie duration: 24 hours
Affiliate Network: In-House

Manifestation Miracle

Manifestation Miracle by Heather Mathers  is a Law of Attraction course that teaches “destiny tuning” to help in personal growth.

Commission: 75%

Cookie Length: 60 days
Affiliate Network: ClickBank

The Mindfulness Summit

Founded by Melli O’Brien and Matt Dickenson, the Mindfulness Summit is a not-for-profit project that has put together the experts on mindfulness and meditation to form a collection of interviews and presentations.

Commission: 50%

Cookie Length: ---
Affiliate Network: In-House

Dharma Crafts

Founded in 1979, Dyan Eagles’ Dharma Crafts sells an assortment of meditation supplies such as cushions, jewelry, yoga mats, incense, and more.

Commission: 9%

Cookie Length: 30 days
Affiliate Network: ShareASale

Buddha Groove

This family-owned online shop offers various jewelry, clothing, and wellness products.

Commission: ---
Cookie duration: 30 days
Affiliate Network: ShareASale

Bean Products, Inc.

Chicago-based Bean Products, Inc. has been manufacturing sustainable home and wellness products. Their products range from yoga mats to dog beds.

Commission: 10%
Cookie duration: 30 days
Affiliate Network: ShareASale

Mukha Yoga

Offers a wide range of Yoga clothing and accessories.

Commission: 8%
Cookie duration: 60 days
Affiliate Network: AvantLink or Impact

Jonathan Parker

Dr. Jonathan Parker is a counselor and author. He has created several hundred audio programs to support people in their journey to personal growth. His website also offers workshops and private sessions.

Commission: 20%
Cookie duration: 45 days
Affiliate Network: ShareASale


A yoga and lifestyle brand that carries an assortment of yoga clothing and accessories alongside fitness equipment.

Commission: Up to 10%
Cookie duration: 10 days
Affiliate Network: Linkshare

Sura Flow

Founded by Sura, a professional meditation teacher and coach, the namesake website offers online meditation courses. Primary to these courses is Liberate, an intensive and immersive meditation training course.

Commission: 14%
Cookie duration: 30 days
Affiliate Network: In-House

Lay The Path to Discovery

After getting the website up, the next big step is to let the rest of the world know that your awesome site is now live. There are a lot of ways to do this and some of them are:

Blog and Forum Commenting

There are forums and blogs on various aspects of spirituality. Depending on the sub-niche you decide on (meditation, law of attraction, etc.), you can search for blogs and forums that are also in the same niche. You can then participate in those discussions and share your thoughts and experiences.

Always make sure to check the terms of each forum you're participating in, and be mindful of the comments you leave on blogs. Blog and forum commenting is not just about building backlinks. This is one of the ways you can build relationships within the niche, and interact with your target market.

Amazon Kindle Traffic

There's plenty of information and information-sharing in the spirituality niche. This can be a disadvantage because it means there's a lot of websites out there already with more or less the same information. What you can do is to gather as much of this information, form your own opinions and thoughts about it, then publish it as a small eBook on Amazon.

Another, much easier, way is to buy PLR packs on the spiritual niche, re-write them and publish as an eBook you can share on Amazon. You can charge a small fee for each download of the eBook but I think free is better because who doesn't want a free book?

The key to this method is to make sure that your eBook has links to relevant articles on your site. That's how you'll get traffic from your eBook to your site.

Social Media Marketing

This is a method that should never be overlooked. Social media platforms remain a solid source of traffic. You can either create a page for your website and become another beacon or join the conversation and community around similar pages. Either way, be sure to funnel this traffic back to your own website to increase visibility of your affiliate offers.

Spiritual Affiliate Programs: The Path to Better Health and Wealth?

There are plenty of products in this niche you can promote and you can take your pick from several of the sub-niches. The commissions are good enough, but I am not sure if it can more than make up for the competition because there is quite a bit of competition in this niche.

There are plenty of good keywords you can target though, so with the right products and a steady stream of content and link building, you can find success in this niche, whether you are on the quest for enlightenment or not.

I hope you like this week's Niche of the Week! Please make sure to share it using the Share buttons below. I always love to hear from you so please leave a comment!


Endy Daniyanto 10 years ago
Hi Cecille,

On the contrary, I am familiar and interested in this niche since I have been an active practitioner of self improvement even way before starting affiliate marketing.

This is one of my main niches where I make most of my money from, but I don't know whether that qualifies it as "profitable" or not. That said, I think the Clickbank products you mention are among the worst you can choose -- since I actually read Miracle Brain System and found it to be a poor product.

On the other hand, the MindValley affiliate program products are among the best in the industry. I have made quite a sum promoting their products, and I have the peace of mind since they are high quality products.

I think the key to being profitable in this niche is to actually tie one of the sub-niche concepts (such as meditation, law of attraction, etc) to a physical transformation a person wants.

For example, the meditation in and by itself might be hard to monetize, but when you combine it with weight loss or money making, it can be VERY profitable.

This is what I see people who look for spiritual solutions want: they want to achieve the PHYSICAL transformation through SPIRITUAL approaches.

I hope that helps people here who are considering about this niche. It's a great and "clean" niche, but you should have a fair amount of interest in the "airy fairy woo woo" stuff if you want to really make a healthy profit.

Tony Wang 10 years ago
Hi Endy,

I'm kind of getting my hands on this niche now. I can't agree with you more on that if you want to target this niche, you must connect it with other physical benefits. After all, people who buy products about spiritual want to feel good and improve their life in real world.

Putu Yudiantara 10 years ago
I am a "explorer" of spiritual path. And i will really enjoy promoting spiritual products. On my mind right know, i think i should found good quality product for serious spiritual seeker, not just product for "spiritual junkie" since serious buyer must be serious seeker.
Toni 7 years ago
Thank you for this article, it helped me out a lot. I am a spiritual person and I was thinking about creating a website based on what I've learned and to also be able to dig deeper expanding my spiritual knowledge.
I didn't think there were affiliate programs for this and was unsure of creating a website till now. So I thank you for this useful information.
Michael Wallace 7 years ago
I desire to be an affiliate to help others help them selves.
Moh. Wasim 4 years ago
Thanks for the insightful post!

We're also a player in the spiritual niche and operate under the domain So far, our best (organically) performing keywords appear to be the following:
spiritual healing
talisman and taweez
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black magic removal

All the best!