Muscle-Building Affiliate Programs: Heavyweight Earners?

By Cecille Loorluis
Muscle-Building Affiliate Programs: Heavyweight Earners?


The muscle-building niche is considered one of affiliate marketing’s evergreen niches. It is right up there with the related weight-loss and wellness niches for popularity. These three big niches are so closely related that I initially overlooked this huge niche as a topic to explore.

With websites like,, and a whole slew of others, all about bulking up and increasing your strength, it's easy to guess the muscle-building niche is still strong as ever. But this massive number of websites about this niche also works against it, indicating tough competition for a newbie affiliate.

But is the muscle-building niche capable of turning out some large profits?

Muscular Demand

Lots of people talk about wanting to lose a few pounds. But how many want to bulk up?Muscle Building Stats - Statista

In the above report, Americans listed health maintenance as their top health and wellness goals in 2015. Weight loss follows right behind that. Muscle building is down at the bottom of the list, with only around 20% of the respondents listing it as a health goal.

However, you will find that there are just as many muscle-building products as there are weight-loss product. This makes sense if you consider that most people start building muscle by first losing weight. You need to get rid of excess body fat, lose weight, then build muscle. If you’re already building your muscles, then you need to maintain your weight, not decrease it. One begets the other, and it’s possible that the demand for muscle-building programs starts with weight-loss courses.

Building Keywords on Muscle Building

There's fierce competition on the keywords that count, so prepare to do some heavy lifting when searching for keywords for this niche.

It must be this niche’s close relation to the weight-loss niche that gave me the idea that this niche is bound to be competitive. I launched Affilotools, typed in a few keywords : "triceps," "build muscle," "muscle building," "bodybuilding" and checked whether my suspicions were correct.

I was honestly expecting through-the-roof competition, but surprisingly, all these keywords returned low competition with adequately high monthly search values.

Muscle Building Keyword Results A - Affilotools Results


The keywords I looked at don't show buyer intent so while they could get me traffic, it wouldn't be people looking to buy anything. But they are a good start.

“Muscle building supplements” shows high competition because it’s not only specific, but it also shows buyer intent. People looking to buy supplements will type exactly that phrase into a search engine. So in addition, I recommend using related keywords, like "body building supplements," "muscle enhancers" and "muscle supplements." These are still competitive, but not as competitive compared to the original. 

Muscle Building Supplements - Affilotools Results

If you run out of keywords, then I recommend visiting Keyword Spy or Ubersuggest for related suggestions. You can also check out sales pages of the products you are interested in promoting and look for crisis keywords, which are as good as keywords with buyer intent. 

Muscle-Building Affiliate Programs

5 muscle building websites, 2 muscle building online stores. Here are the affiliate programs worth looking into.

I didn’t have to look far for any of these muscle-building affiliate programs. I went right into the muscle-building niche in Affilojetpack, et voilà! A pre-vetted list of 16 affiliate programs to consider. This saves me time, because I didn't have to look through ClickBank -- there are a lot of muscle-building products to promote there (which you are welcome to check out!).

This doesn’t mean I stopped with the product list in AffilloJetpack. I still did a search on Google, and then combined the results to give you a wide range of options to choose from.

Here are 7 muscle-building products you can promote :

Adonis Golden Ratio Systems

1. Adonis Golden Ratio Systems

About Adonis Golden Ratio Systems
Adonis Golden Ratio Systems is a 12-step program (like AffiloBlueprint!) designed to rid you of your stomach fat, and get you a muscular body without the use of any supplements.

How much can I make?
Every sale gets you 75% commission. This is around USD $34 per sale.

How do I apply?
You can join the Adonis Golden Ratio Systems affiliate program through ClickBank. You can also go to the Affiliates Page to get your affiliate link.

Critical Bench

2. Critical Bench

About Critical Bench
This is another pick from AffiloJetpack’s affiliate products list. Critical Bench offers a “bench specialization” program that helps you increase your bench press weights as you pack lean muscle.

It’s similar to the Adonis Golden Ratio System in that both are muscle-building programs, but Critical Bench has a focus on bench press and overall exercise routines.

How much can I make?
You earn 75% commission per sale. That is equivalent to USD $66.

How do I apply?
This muscle-building affiliate program is on ClickBank, but you can go to the Affiliates Page for banners and other affiliate material.

Sixpack Shortcuts

3. Sixpack Shortcuts

About Sixpack Shortcuts
The first thing you will notice in the website is how good-looking of a site it is. The company offers several training systems designed to complement muscle-building programs.

How much can I make?
Affiliates can earn as much as USD $100 for each sale.

How do I apply? manages its own affiliate program. Click on the “Affiliate” tab on the site to visit the Affiliates page.

Muscle Maximizer

4. Muscle Maximizer

About Muscle Maximizer
Best-selling fitness author Kyle Leon directs, a fitness website owned by Muscle Meal Incorporated. Like the other muscle-building programs here, the company creates fitness products that help bodybuilders .

How much can I make?
You earn a 75% commission for each sale.

How do I apply?
This is another muscle building affiliate program you’ll see in ClickBank, so you need a ClickBank ID to join. The company will give you a special affiliate link based on which sales video you want to use. You can generate your link on the Affiliates page.


The muscle-building affiliate programs in this list so far have been all about gaining muscle without the use of supplements. However, provides you with all the supplements you need to lose weight, manage it, or gain muscle. The site also offers fitness clothing and workout accessories.

How much can I make?
Affiliates earn 15% commission on purchases from new members, and 5% from returning members.

How do I apply?
The affiliate program is available through You can also apply through the site's Affiliates page.


The name of this website is something all muscle-building enthusiasts aspire to: Admittedly, the site takes you back to the early days of the Internet with its design. But, it does have a variety of workouts designed to help build muscles.

How much can I make?
Affiliates earn 75% commission on each sale of the site's eBook.

How do I apply?
This is another ClickBank product. You can get affiliate links through the Affiliates page or ClickBank.


I thought twice about including and in this list. They are not truly websites about muscle building, but online stores that offer-muscle building supplements. I decided to add them because they do have muscle-building routines and information on their sites. They are also probably frequented by fitness fans, so we might as well.

Like, also offers gym gear.

How much can I make?
Affiliates earn 10% on each sale.

How do I apply?
TigerFitness manages its own affiliate program, so go to the Affiliates page to get more information or apply.

Backlink-Building Game Plan

Just like you need a consistent strategy to build muscles, you also need one to widen your website’s reach.

Link-building and inbound marketing are where you will be flexing most of your affiliate marketing muscle. As with any endeavor like bulking up or losing weight, you need to have a plan or strategy to follow so you can reach your goals. And you need to stick to that strategy long term to see a payoff. Have a link-building game plan in place so you don’t waste valuable time in getting traffic to your site once it launches. A few options you can try include the following:

Blog and Forum Commenting

I’ve always said that where there is a crisis, there will always be a community behind it. has its own member forum. So does There are plenty more, some are specific to an city or country, where body-building enthusiasts can unite and support one another. Check them out, and join in the discussion.

We have nifty guide on how to do blog commenting for SEO, but you can also check out other sources for tips on how to do it, like this one from QuickSprout.

Amazon Kindle

This method is both easy and difficult. It's easy in that you can outsource the project and have someone write you a small eBook on muscle building and hire someone else to do the designing. 

It’s difficult because you are going up against other eBooks in the same niche on Amazon. And there’s a lot of them.

Still, this method is worth trying because you’re killing two birds with one stone here: getting traffic to your website through the links within your eBook, and building a reputation of authority through your eBook.

AffiloBlueprint contains a module on driving traffic to your website through Amazon Kindle. You can supplement it with tips from other marketers, too, like Neil Patel.

Ad Swaps and Solo Ads

This is a method for the more advanced marketer, but if you’re a newbie who’s bent on seeing faster results, then you can try your hand at this method, too. Just make sure to proceed with caution, and have plenty of restraint.

A solo ads is essentially buying ad space in someone’s newsletter. The site owner emails their subscriber list, promoting a page on your website, usually your squeeze page, for a fee. Ad swaps are the same, but you will send a similar ad for the website owner to you own subscriber list. The catch here is that it can get costly. Finding a website owner who sells solo ads can generally be difficult, too.

However, you shouldn’t have much difficulty finding sources for solo ads in the muscle building niche. This is where having a lot of websites on the same niche can be advantageous. Turn those websites from competitors to partners, and you both can benefit from ad swaps. Always keep in mind that you should work within your budget, so you don’t overspend.

Muscle Building Affiliate Programs: Are You Up to the Challenge?

Be prepared to work your way through the competition if you want to earn.

Adonis Golden Ratio Systems Critical Bench Muscle Maximizer
75% 75% up to USD $100 75% 15% 75% 10%

The muscle-building niche is as popular as the weight-loss niche, and like the weight loss niche, it will continue to be so. This means income will be steady when you're established in this niche, but that won’t come easy.

Keywords are mostly competitive, especially for buyer-intent keywords, and you’ll need to have a solid link-building and marketing strategy to push traffic to your website. Results will not be immediate, or profits large enough, if we look at the commission on these programs. They’re not bad at all, but I have seen the same commission on products in far less competitive niches.

So do you go into this niche or not? That’s entirely up to you. If you’re up to the challenge, then by all means. As Deborah Moggach put it, “the only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

How did you find this week’s Niche of the Week? Would you go into the muscle-building niche? Leave a comment and let us know!

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