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SEO Blog Commenting 101

SEO Blog Commenting 101

It's no secret that I love blog commenting. Blogs represent everything that is great about Internet technology; they are easy to set up, easy to maintain, attract a more active audience than traditional "static" websites - blogs are also fantastic for SEO. Blog commenting is great for affiliate marketers and webmasters who are looking for a bit of extra link juice and traffic. It's easy, fun, and doesn't take very long to master. Today I'm going to give you the SEO blog commenting 101 so that you can benefit as much as possible from this exciting link building strategy.

Now before we begin with the lesson, I'd like to take the time to tell you how NOT to blog comment for SEO purposes. Many affiliate marketers seem to get quite confused about blog commenting best practices, but it really is important that you get this right!

SEO blog commenting is not:

  • Using automated blog commenting software
  • Purposely avoiding "no-follow" blogs
  • Commenting on unrelated blogs because they are do-follow
  • Using cookie-cutter comments that do not add any value (I'll talk more about this in a moment)
  • Spamming blogs with annoying comments in order to gain links

These blog commenting mistakes are going to deliver poor results, and are a waste of time. Of course it's entirely possible to purchase software that will leave auto-generated comments on thousands of blogs. It's not even that expensive to do. However, with anti-spam plugins becoming increasingly effective, and bloggers becoming more aware on the issue of commenting spamming, this "black hat" blog commenting is on its way out.

For example, here at the Affilorama blog we receive plenty of spammy comments. Now a quick browse of the comments section will alert you to the fact that we don't allow users to post URLs in their comment details (unlike Wordpress blogs) However, every morning when myself and the other Affilorama staff check the pending blog comments, there are always entries from people with rather strange names, such as "cheap backlinks service" or "Xrumer blast package". These comments are always marked as spam, because we know right off the bat that these have been left by comment spamming software that looks for blogs and automatically adds a set keyword as the "Name", and then tries to link that up to the spammer's URL of choice. 

In fact, spammy comments are even easier to identify when you look at the main comment text. It is either something generic and positive, like "thanks for the post, I truly thank you", or something generic and interrogative, like "but are you sure this is true?". It makes sense that newer bloggers could be drawn in to thinking these spam comments are genuine - but once you have a bit of blogging experience it becomes easy to identify the spam.

With that out of the way, here's how to do SEO blog commenting, in 5 easy steps:

  1. Always read the blog post first. If you don't read the blog post you're going to comment on, don't even bother to try and comment. The whole point of the comments section of a blog is to elicit meaningful discussion and debate. In fact, try to think of it as a digital debating chamber! By reading the blog post you will actually be able to leave a comment that adds value and get an insight into the topic at hand. Any experienced blogger (and it's these kind of blogs you want to be commenting on) will have a sixth sense for identifying comments where the submitter hasn't even bothered to read their hard work. Neglect this step and you will find yourself floundering in the spam bin.
  2. No generic comments, ever. So you've taken the time to actually read the blog post - when it comes to commenting you must resist the temptation to leave some meaningless comment like "thanks for the interesting read". Make sure your comment is closely related to the topic of the blog post, and that it is never some generic statement or question.
  3. Avoid keyword dropping. The biggest culprits here are people who try to stuff their keywords into the blog comment name field on Wordpress blogs. Names like "Joe Bloggs@ Blackhat SEO Services" automatically raises the suspicion of any spam-savvy blogger. Save keyword-based links for blogs that actually allow HTML in the comment body.
  4. Don't fret over no-follow/do-follow. Many affiliate marketers will completely avoid commenting on high-value blogs if the comment section is no-follow. Instead, they turn to do-follow blogs, full of spammy comments from every link hunter on the Internet. What do you think will deliver more link juice; a do-follow comment from a blog post diluted by hundreds of spammers, or a no-follow comment from a quality blog with active spam management? Hint: the no-follow comment will be far more useful for SEO purposes. In case you haven't seen it, check out my blog post on do-follow vs no-follow links here.
  5. Comment on relevant blogs. It really pays to be as relevant as possible when choosing blogs on which to comment. For example, if your website is about golf equipment then first look for other golf equipment blogs. Next, move on to general golfing blogs (for example golf swing or golf news blogs) By moving out in concentric rings of relevancy you will always find enough potential blogs, in all but the smallest of niches.

The real SEO blog commenting secret

When it comes to blog commenting for backlinks and traffic, there is one strategy that is almost universally ignored. However, if you can master what I'm about to tell you then you stand to generate powerful backlinks, big traffic, and more sales/leads.

You want to comment consistently on high-quality blogs with insight, advice, and relevant questions. Really become a part of the community, and attempt to build a relationship with the blog owner. After a while, contact the blog owner and ask if you can write a guest post for them - point back to all of the great discussions you've started or participated in on their site. This strategy has a high initial time investment, but the rewards far outweigh the effort you need to put in. By building a strong stable of comments and a healthy relationship with a blogger, you have powerful ammo in your arsenal for guest posting opportunities.

Guest posting will provide you with some of the most potent backlinks possible, and just a few posts on highly-ranking blogs can generate more links and traffic than thousands of article directory submissions or directory listings.

Remember - when it comes to SEO and affiliate marketing, always think outside the box!

I'd love to hear your experiences with SEO blog commenting. Also, if you have any questions or need help I'll do my best to respond. Just leave a comment below!


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  • Reply Michael Smith1749 days ago

    Blog commenting has become one of the important things that can be used to promote something on the Web. If only commenters would comment in the niche that matters.

  • Reply Renu Singh1748 days ago

    Thanks for this valuable information .i was really confused about blog commenting but i get the answer of most of my queries.

  • Reply Alvin Payne1741 days ago

    Great blog. I'm all about the search engine optimization. Too many people write duplicate content, and that is not good. If you want your rankings to rise, you need to be creative, and also know who to link to. I'm working on some toronto seo for my new business, and these are all things any business guru should know. Thank you.

  • Reply Jason Maher • 1699 days ago

    Hello Ricky, Simply just stay clear of people spammers plus the remarks must help SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING (I act on a high 10 agency). Too many dofollow backlinks might cause I dilution in page expert, although top quality remarks might actually complete much more to guide this page. Clearly, in the event you could get much more remarks with no backlinks, that you will find work, although I wouldn’t worry.

    With that being said does one make use of a junk filtration like Askimet? I might suggest an individual look for one which operates to suit your needs.

  • Reply Shveta R • 1694 days ago

    Hi Samuel actually I read your post and also the comments below and found it damn funny that even though you have specified in your post that how blog commenting should be done their are still many losers who are adding up generic comments even on your post :D some of the comments are pathetic it clearly shows that they haven't read up a single line of your article and still are suppose to be doing blog commenting.. But your post is really good hope people read it like me and try to understand as well.. Spammers are really a headache now-a-days..

    Shveta R

  • Reply Faizan Ali1693 days ago

    Yes, I agree with you, a single quality nofollow link is far better than hundreds and thousands of dofollow links which turn your site to be considered spamy. what is SEO ? It's all about quality content nowadays..

  • Reply David • 1688 days ago

    I'm fairly new to SEO and backlinking but I've already had a gut feeling that backlinking software would either be a waste of time or do more harm than good. It's nice to see that SEO is leaning towards provindg real value and discussions in comments. Blackhat seems to be a quick fix that just gets smacked down after a small amount of time.

  • Reply Nelieta • 1683 days ago

    Thank you for explaining this in detail. I didn`t understand the difference between the nofollow and dofollow links. Now I have a much better idea.

  • Reply Michelina Alvert1658 days ago

    Great article! Though I am not a Seo expert but by reading this I can see the essence of SEO SERVICE and the proper things to be done in doing it. I believe that placing a certain website on the top rank is not an immediate process but it takes a series of steps. Thanks for sharing.

  • Reply Kory Cheshier1650 days ago

    So many people still try to spam blogs. That is one reason we had to block blog commenting. These are all great suggestions. Unfortunately, there will always be those companies out there trying to cheat the system.

  • Reply Remote IT Services1615 days ago

    Hi Samuel. thanks for sharing this informative blog. now i got better idea about quality content and do follow links. keep sharing

  • Reply patrick kur1603 days ago

    excellent information keep up your good work thanks.

  • Reply Janelle Yu1596 days ago

    This blog post is really helpful especially with me that is just starting learning about SEO.It is very informative and you explain it well. I learn something about blog commenting. Thanks a lot

  • Reply Jwen • 1573 days ago

    When we do blog commenting, do we comment only to pages with PR 2? When I say pages, I mean the inner page where the blog content is? Is it necessary to look for these page with higher page rank or is it ok to comment to websites with high PR.. When I say website rank, I mean the homepage PR.. Thanks for your reply.

  • Reply Biiswaranjan Moharana1567 days ago

    A very insightful post. We can improve the page rank by following honest and ethical blog commenting. I strongly recommend blog commenting.

  • Reply Antares • 1547 days ago

    Yes, very interesting and informative post. This will surely help beginners about blog commenting. Keep sharing.

  • Reply jacjjy chainnn1539 days ago

    I would say blog commenting is about learning and giving. Learning on the blog post we read and giving additional value to the blog post.
    In a respectable way, if we come across on something we do not agree with what the author have written, we can constructively write in a blog comment reasoning professionally. It's about adding value and thinking out of the box.

  • Reply Andy • 1538 days ago

    I liked alot the post, its true, that comments must be based on reading the posts, if not it becomes spamming. Thanks for the info.

  • Reply waseem ahmad1535 days ago

    Very informative article , i like it very much here some more SEO tips

  • Reply Jorge Santos1531 days ago

    Great article!. I'm new on the world of seo services and these simple guidelines have made it really clear to me. I thought that reading the article and trying to contribute was something logical, why would any blogger want irrelevant info on their articles? Keeping it honest benefits us all. I'll stay around here and try to learn more :)

    - Jorge Santos
    Marketing and SEO Assistant

  • Reply Khanh Hoang1516 days ago

    A very insightful post. We can improve the page rank by following honest and ethical blog commenting. I strongly recommend blog commenting.

  • Reply Pearllike Technology1505 days ago

    Yes, very interesting and informative post. I would like to ask you one question as we know that Do follow back links are very helpful for search engine but in your blog you are telling no-follow blog comments are better than do follow how it can be possible and if we don't put keyword name in section of blog then how we can create back link?

    Samuel Frost1504 days ago

    Hi Pearlike Technology, thanks for your comment.

    This blog post should give you an answer to your question: http://searchengineland.com/googles-matt-cutts-when-commenting-on-blog-posts-try-to-use-your-real-name-177002

  • Reply Pearllike Technology1504 days ago

    yes, I got correct answer from your side.


  • Reply Dean Henry • 1503 days ago

    Blog commenting is old school traffic technique that still work.

  • Reply Bicicletas plegables1499 days ago

    Very interesting article. But the key phrase can go in h1?

    Justin Golschneider1499 days ago

    Hello, Bicicletas. Yes, including your primary keyword in your h1 title is a very good idea. It's one of the best ways to show what your content is about, both to search engines and to readers.

  • Reply Michael Spencer • 1496 days ago

    Thanks for this. I came across the blog searching for a refresher on blog commenting.

  • Reply Angela Cody1477 days ago

    Be transparent is the simple equation guys. Do not use blogs for spamming, use some sensible services for your businesses.

  • Reply Stephanie Riggs1466 days ago

    Different people have different views about blog commenting. The main purpose of blog commenting is to get link juice which will lead to high ranking. Some people prefer do-follow blog comments and some others look for no-follow and relevant blog comments. I think in 2014 all the spam methods of blog commenting comes to an end instead of blog commenting on relevant blogs. Your information about blog commenting is good enough to understand the value of blog commenting in modern SEO.

  • Reply Cara Menghilangkan • 1461 days ago

    Google Always Changed the Algorithm and SEOs quickly Last year in 2012 - google says - Blog comments SPAM but now its reciprocal
    We can not be sure for anything perfectly in SEO but - we can follow Google terms only.

    Blog comments - Always helpful to get organic ranking which can help in ranking too. But many times over optimization and un-categorized niche - can also be very penalized for your site. So always do Niche Blog comments - Not for traffic or High PR !

  • Reply Home Set Katun1453 days ago

    thanks for the do's and dont's of blog commenting sam. with more blog moderators not allowing links in the blog comment, what's the best way to get that backlink? simply leaving a blog comment and maybe somehow mentioning your company name isn't sufficient, especially if the company name is not unique like Home Set Murah

    cecille.l1449 days ago

    The main purpose of blog commenting is to interact with the people within your niche: from the website owner/blogger to the other readers who leave their comments. Most blog comments as for your name, email address and website. You can place in the Website field your site's domain name. If that is not available, then you can link to your site from within your comment. However, this is only when it is applicable and you're referring users to another article that is related to the current topic/subject.

    Hope that helps. Have a good day!

  • Reply Apri • 1434 days ago

    I think doing blog commenting on only do follow comments will be considered as spamming we should also do some commenting on no follow blogs but they should be relevant.

  • Reply Rich theLeadReviewer1328 days ago

    When I read your 5 Steps, I had to laugh out loud (along with you...not at you) as I thought these were 5 really good elements to point out.

    Step 1..."Always read the blog post first." LOL...that step seams SO simple, but then again so many people don't care about the crap that they post; as you point out in Step 2 and 3. OMG...it drives me nuts with some of the replies that they try to get past my Akismet. I finally set it up to just delete the most obvious SPAM...and that made my live much easier.

    Hopefully I can add a few relevant steps in the future...as I am trying to get involved with internet marketing, and I'd like to give back some useful tips that work for me too.

  • Reply Iftekhar Ahmed1322 days ago

    Nice Post, I hardly found useful post which contains real and useful information. I am 100% sure who ever read your post will definitely going to learn something useful.

  • Reply Sundar Rao1309 days ago

    Hi, Cecille Loorluis
    Good Evening, your post is very nice & informative & very usable for anyone.
    i'd like to ask you one query is forum posting is useful for back links? or blog commenting is useful for more traffic or PR for Residential Property For Rent In Mumbai India. Please suggested me.
    Thank you for the sharing of your best article.

    Melissa Johnson1309 days ago

    Hi, Sundar1

    Not all forums will allow you to get backlinks. Some have a plain text-only rule, or only allow it in signatures. Always abide by the rules of the forums you join -- they spell out their policies pretty quickly.

    Again, same rules apply for blog commenting. A lot of blogs will use a "no-follow" policy, which means you get very little, if any, SEO benefit. You don't want to spam the blogs you comment on either -- so make sure you follow the rules of the blog you post on. They typically post rules about how their comments are moderated.

  • Reply Lark • 1308 days ago

    Thanks for the post! You've cleared up a lot of frustration when it comes to blog commenting. Now I know what works.

  • Reply Mark Adams294 days ago

    Thanks for sharing this. I agree that the number one thing to watch out for when leaving SEO blog comments is to not make your comments “spammy.” Not only will it potentially hurt your SEO value, it’s annoying.

  • Reply Kevin Gorinshteyn253 days ago

    Nice article.I really like your work on this article..it is very helpful...

  • Reply priya 228 days ago

    excellent article

  • Reply SEOCheckPoints 224 days ago

    Thanks for the post. Any tips for sites having non-English content? (like using local hosts etc…) I have a technology blog in Turkish.

    Justin Golschneider224 days ago

    Hello! SEO works the same regardless of the language you use. If your technology blog targets Turkish speakers across the globe, then you don't need to take any special steps. If you want high rankings specifically in Turkey and/or a local area, then focus on good local SEO: hosting your site as a .tr, including your business's physical location and phone number, etc.

  • Reply Adam Jackson222 days ago

    Great article!. I'm new on the world of seo services and these simple guidelines have made it really clear to me. I thought that reading the article and trying to contribute was something logical, why would any blogger want irrelevant info on their articles? Keeping it honest benefits us all. I'll stay around here and try to learn more :)

  • Reply Rohit mehta • 217 days ago

    nice article, it's a very usefull. Blog commenting is very usefull for traffic on our site.

  • Reply Alan Search151 days ago

    When doing blog comments having the keyword you are targetting in the url of the post you are commenting on greatly adds tot he inbound link strength of the comment

  • Reply Fahad • 83 days ago

    I was looking for topic how to create backlinks on google and there i saw your website link. Your article regarding backlinks is very informative, love the way you described each and everyone point. You are such a great content writer really impresive work about backlinks creations and methods. Keep up the good work sir. Thanks for such a nice backlinking article

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  • Reply Garima Sain56 days ago

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