SEO Blog Commenting 101

By Samuel Frost
SEO Blog Commenting 101


It's no secret that I love blog commenting. Blogs represent everything that is great about Internet technology; they are easy to set up, easy to maintain, attract a more active audience than traditional "static" websites - blogs are also fantastic for SEO. Blog commenting is great for affiliate marketers and webmasters who are looking for a bit of extra link juice and traffic. It's easy, fun, and doesn't take very long to master. Today I'm going to give you the SEO blog commenting 101 so that you can benefit as much as possible from this exciting link building strategy.

Now before we begin with the lesson, I'd like to take the time to tell you how NOT to blog comment for SEO purposes. Many affiliate marketers seem to get quite confused about blog commenting best practices, but it really is important that you get this right!

SEO blog commenting is not:

  • Using automated blog commenting software
  • Purposely avoiding "no-follow" blogs
  • Commenting on unrelated blogs because they are do-follow
  • Using cookie-cutter comments that do not add any value (I'll talk more about this in a moment)
  • Spamming blogs with annoying comments in order to gain links

These blog commenting mistakes are going to deliver poor results, and are a waste of time. Of course it's entirely possible to purchase software that will leave auto-generated comments on thousands of blogs. It's not even that expensive to do. However, with anti-spam plugins becoming increasingly effective, and bloggers becoming more aware on the issue of commenting spamming, this "black hat" blog commenting is on its way out.

For example, here at the Affilorama blog we receive plenty of spammy comments. Now a quick browse of the comments section will alert you to the fact that we don't allow users to post URLs in their comment details (unlike Wordpress blogs) However, every morning when myself and the other Affilorama staff check the pending blog comments, there are always entries from people with rather strange names, such as "cheap backlinks service" or "Xrumer blast package". These comments are always marked as spam, because we know right off the bat that these have been left by comment spamming software that looks for blogs and automatically adds a set keyword as the "Name", and then tries to link that up to the spammer's URL of choice. 

In fact, spammy comments are even easier to identify when you look at the main comment text. It is either something generic and positive, like "thanks for the post, I truly thank you", or something generic and interrogative, like "but are you sure this is true?". It makes sense that newer bloggers could be drawn in to thinking these spam comments are genuine - but once you have a bit of blogging experience it becomes easy to identify the spam.

With that out of the way, here's how to do SEO blog commenting, in 5 easy steps:

  1. Always read the blog post first. If you don't read the blog post you're going to comment on, don't even bother to try and comment. The whole point of the comments section of a blog is to elicit meaningful discussion and debate. In fact, try to think of it as a digital debating chamber! By reading the blog post you will actually be able to leave a comment that adds value and get an insight into the topic at hand. Any experienced blogger (and it's these kind of blogs you want to be commenting on) will have a sixth sense for identifying comments where the submitter hasn't even bothered to read their hard work. Neglect this step and you will find yourself floundering in the spam bin.
  2. No generic comments, ever. So you've taken the time to actually read the blog post - when it comes to commenting you must resist the temptation to leave some meaningless comment like "thanks for the interesting read". Make sure your comment is closely related to the topic of the blog post, and that it is never some generic statement or question.
  3. Avoid keyword dropping. The biggest culprits here are people who try to stuff their keywords into the blog comment name field on Wordpress blogs. Names like "Joe Bloggs@ Blackhat SEO Services" automatically raises the suspicion of any spam-savvy blogger. Save keyword-based links for blogs that actually allow HTML in the comment body.
  4. Don't fret over no-follow/do-follow. Many affiliate marketers will completely avoid commenting on high-value blogs if the comment section is no-follow. Instead, they turn to do-follow blogs, full of spammy comments from every link hunter on the Internet. What do you think will deliver more link juice; a do-follow comment from a blog post diluted by hundreds of spammers, or a no-follow comment from a quality blog with active spam management? Hint: the no-follow comment will be far more useful for SEO purposes. In case you haven't seen it, check out my blog post on do-follow vs no-follow links here.
  5. Comment on relevant blogs. It really pays to be as relevant as possible when choosing blogs on which to comment. For example, if your website is about golf equipment then first look for other golf equipment blogs. Next, move on to general golfing blogs (for example golf swing or golf news blogs) By moving out in concentric rings of relevancy you will always find enough potential blogs, in all but the smallest of niches.

The real SEO blog commenting secret

When it comes to blog commenting for backlinks and traffic, there is one strategy that is almost universally ignored. However, if you can master what I'm about to tell you then you stand to generate powerful backlinks, big traffic, and more sales/leads.

You want to comment consistently on high-quality blogs with insight, advice, and relevant questions. Really become a part of the community, and attempt to build a relationship with the blog owner. After a while, contact the blog owner and ask if you can write a guest post for them - point back to all of the great discussions you've started or participated in on their site. This strategy has a high initial time investment, but the rewards far outweigh the effort you need to put in. By building a strong stable of comments and a healthy relationship with a blogger, you have powerful ammo in your arsenal for guest posting opportunities.

Guest posting will provide you with some of the most potent backlinks possible, and just a few posts on highly-ranking blogs can generate more links and traffic than thousands of article directory submissions or directory listings.

Remember - when it comes to SEO and affiliate marketing, always think outside the box!

I'd love to hear your experiences with SEO blog commenting. Also, if you have any questions or need help I'll do my best to respond. Just leave a comment below!



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Alex 6 years ago
As usual helpful always, blog commenting is still an important factor in link building. I will remember these points which you have extensive defined specially the 4th one with good example (do-follow vs no follow links). I have one simple question i.e how many blog comments are helpful every month? Are they helpful in ranking our website in search engine? If yes, then how? Plz reply
liam jason 6 years ago
Online journals speak to everything that is awesome about Internet innovation; they are anything but difficult to set up, simple to keep up, pull in a more dynamic gathering of people than customary "static" sites - sites are additionally fabulous for SEO. I'd jump at the chance to set aside the opportunity to disclose to you how NOT to blog remark for SEO purposes. These blog remarking botches will convey poor outcomes, and are an exercise in futility.
Shubha 6 years ago
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Vinita 6 years ago
I am not a frequent blogger but whenever i get time i love to do blogging for me blogging is all about learning and giving of information.
if you are talking about traffic and back question is that many blogger are just writing thank you n great post that will generate traffic or that could be reason for spam?
Cecille Loorluis 6 years ago
There are a lot of "Great post!" or "Thank you for this article" comments out there and these *may* generate a backlink if approved by the blogger/website owner. Chances are high they won't be though.

When commenting on blogs and forums to get backlinks, its best to not just thank the author of the post, but to add something to the discussion. Are you for or against? Do you have personal experience to share? Were you able to read something else?

A helpful, well-thought of comment is likely to get approved and get you recognition within the niche.

All the best!
Harry 6 years ago
Well, blog comments have many benefits for the long run. It is helpful to increase the number of linking domains easily. It is one of the effective methods of link building if done correctly.
kiran thakur 6 years ago
Right Blog commenting is that who provide us with more knowledge about a relevant blog that I have already read. It is not just a way for SEO based but it also exchanges the knowledge of bloggers and identify us how we can spread our knowledge with others and make it useful for everyone.

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akshay 6 years ago
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robert 6 years ago
I must say that Blog commenting is defined as a relationship between blogs, bloggers and blog readers. It is a great way to exchange ideas, thoughts or opinions about what people feel for a particular topic or a blog post. Blog comments help the blog to attract traffic and make it social.
ITAspects 5 years ago
Thanks for sharing this.
SEO Blog posting now plays a very big role in advertising your business.
Sunderbharathi Reddiar 5 years ago
For me, blog commenting is the only motivating factor that encourages the writer to do more in terms of quality, topic and quantity. If it wasn't for the comment, many posts would have still remained outdated.
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4 years ago
Blog commenting shouldn't be ignored at all. Sometimes, if you do it in a genuine way it could get you some backlinks and a bit of traffic too... But yes it doesn't help a lot.
Hameem 4 years ago
Number of Instagram likes on your profile helps you to build a strong presence on the social media world.
Anukul 4 years ago
i wanted to ask if this method really works because i am commenting on blogs for a long time and i did not see any growth on my website may be blog commenting is dead ? what are your thoughts on it ????
nhseven 4 years ago
The list that you have mentioned above are beneficial. It has helped me to get my page in the ranking. Thanks again.
Rakib 4 years ago
Yes. Awesome ways , you have shown for getting backlinks and traffic through blog commenting. But I have a question. Blog Commenting is still working for SEO Ranking in 2020?
Jitendra Kumar 4 years ago
This post is amazing. It gives idea how to comment on blog and what should not done in comment section. I have learn about comment section. Thanks for sharing Jitendra Kumar !
Akash Rathor 4 years ago
Thankyou Sir for your great thoughts.
We are going to use these techniques for growing ur yellow page traffic.
Simon Jenkins 4 years ago
Blogging is an inexpensive way for small businesses to drive traffic to their site, enhance inbound marketing efforts and attract more perspective customers. It is a great way to exchange ideas, thoughts or opinions about what people feel for a particular topic or a blog post. Blog comments helps the blog to attract traffic and makes it social.
onpageseo-offpageseo 4 years ago
Backlinks (also known as “inbound links”, “incoming links” or “one way links”) are links from one website to a page on another website. Google and other major search engines consider backlinks “votes” for a specific page.
Afrin Khan 4 years ago
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Govind Srivastav 4 years ago
Thank you for sharing these SEO tips. A big challenge facing small businesses is how to rank well on Google. These tips should help anyone willing to do the work!

ROKS 3 years ago
Yes. Awesome ways , you have shown for getting backlinks and traffic through blog commenting. But I have a question. Blog Commenting is still working for SEO Ranking in 2021?
Cecille Loorluis 3 years ago
Hi there,

Yes, blog commenting is still helpful in getting those backlinks. It still remains as one of the best ways to get your site's online presence established. It's a way to not just get noticed, but to get heard in website's niche.

If you're after getting your website/webpage to rank in your niche, then you need to do more than commenting on blogs and forums.

All the best!
Mustakim 3 years ago
SEO is the art and science of making your digital asset (your website) attractive to search engines like Google. One thing that is great about SEO is that people look for you by typing a keyword (inbound marketing). So, this is a web marketing method where people are all eyes on you and not scrolling down with their thumbs in a hypnotic mode! Really good research technique, well-done mate, and thanks for sharing, I will most certainly put this technique to the test in my section. Thank You!
Alex Howe 3 years ago
Even though those algorithms and the way Google bots crawls every nook - every websites on the entire planet, blog commenting still do works a litle bit. It's can still be one of the ranking factor on SEO. Thanks for this and be safe.

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