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"Lessons I have learned from my failures"

"Lessons I have learned from my failures"

One thing that comes up time and time again among Affilorama members is their absolute need to get focused, stay focused, and stop being distracted by every new shiny offer that comes along, promising to make you thousands of dollars overnight with no effort whatsoever.

Yeah… you know the ones I’m talking about.

We’ve recently had some great posts on the forum on this exact topic:

Smuigal kicked it all off with…

“A while back there was this video introducing a new "system". They totally trashed affiliate marketing as a loser way to market online. Then they made this very bold claim of earning a fast 20k in 20 days or something like that. What they really did was invested 14k to earn 6k. I don't have 14k to lose in order to earn 6k so I'm pretty sure that program was a complete failure to most people who tried it.

THIS is in fact my greatest peeve about making money online. These clever videos that suck you in and then treat you like their personal ATM which by the way, they talk about all the time…

… Wouldn't you like to say NO to being their personal ATM machine? I do. I have and I hope I can help some of you do it too…”

The metaphorical ball then sailed through the air, past a bunch of excellent tips and observations, before landing squarely, serendipitously, at the feet of Digiblue. Without hesitation, he swept it up and made a mad dash towards the goalpost with his response…

“…Sometimes I think the marketing world we are in is one sick and sinister industry, which is full of lies, scams and hype. It sucks newbies (and experienced marketers too) in and spits them out over and over and over again until we either quit marketing all together and look for the next pot of gold or we reach a moment of clarity...

That moment of clarity is when we realize that we have bought product launch after product launch, we receive over 15 emails from marketers every day to your inbox and we're so busy trying to "learn" and stay up to date with the latest hype that we skip over the one key thing that will make us money and that is ACTION (yes that horrible "A" word we all like to avoid). In this moment of clarity we devise a plan to do things differently and to take action on it by staying focused and we start picturing how great everything is going to turn out...

But then a funny thing always seems to happen, we reach that state of clarity but it is like a dream that soon fades away and then we are back to the cold dark reality of doing the same thing again. We know the trap intimately but we go and walk straight back into it. It is all too easy to get pulled back into the marketing madness, the seductive sale messages, the promise of ridiculous wealth in only X amount of days and that new product launch that just landed in our inbox which has been hyped up all over the Internet from different marketers and those damn bonus packages if we are buying through there link...

Finally there will be a day when you cannot go on any longer living like this, sooner or later it will hit, it could be a few months or a few years but it will come. It is that day when the record is scratched so many times it will not play anymore, or the final stick has been placed on the camel’s back, breaking it. It is a day when you finally break free of the marketing trance that you were stuck in for so long and you say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!....”

And because Aletta doesn’t really know anything about sport, her lame analogy ends here. Suffice to say, this is a great thread. If you’ve been having these problems yourself, I strongly recommend you dart on over to the forum and read this full thread.

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  • Reply Jan Smith • 3332 days ago

    Never has truer words been written! Like many others, I spend so much time searching for "that magic bit of knowledge", that one thing; that all the gurus do that brings in hordes of traffic and hungry buyers. It really is like looking for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

    From now on, I think I will sit quietly doing more of what I already know works, and simply enjoy the rainbow instead of trying to hold it in my hand. Because, like water, the tighter (or harder) you try to hold it, the faster it slips away.

  • Reply Brian Pruitt3332 days ago

    I use to be the one to jump at every offer I see but now I find it to be quite easy to just ignore. I just become mindful that for every new opportunity that comes along you still have to start over from scratch wheras if you just find one opportunity and keep at it you will find yourself moving forward.

  • Reply Emmanuel Ampere3332 days ago

    Aletta this is a great....i am new to affiliate marketing........but like you said...there are scams,and some gurus always come out with some product..........and even claim their product are the best on the market.......i have followed mark ling for 2 months now and have listen to most of his interview of other gurus......this sound to me like mark's product is not all you an affiliate need and it seems all the gurus he interview have products to sell.

  • Reply Jim Tsang3332 days ago

    I agree but I am confused at the same time. One hand you are telling people to focus but on the other hand you are promoting other affiliate's products heavily to get other people to signup.

  • Reply Brian Mcandy3332 days ago

    Thanks for highlighting this post Aletta. It's the A word that always scared me until I realized that it's the only way I will ever quit my day job!

  • Reply Frokostordning • 3330 days ago

    Hmm that's very interessting but to be honest i have a hard time figuring it... wonder how others think about this..

  • Reply Inspired Robin • 3330 days ago

    Interesting article/forum post. I think it sounds a lot like Tony Robbins with the record scratching and fed up moment.

    But really, the lessons here are not limited to internet marketing. They are life lessons we can apply everywhere.

  • Reply cozetta foster3329 days ago

    Hi,everyone me to had the same problem with buying to every opportunity,spending lots of money,then getting frustrated not able to comprehend the so call easy to learn.I then start something new I come across,now my moto is concentrate on what I have and learn the steps to get my money to flow,been pursueing home based business for the past two years.The power is to learn how to M.A.P,(monetize,advertise,promote).Bye for now see you on the other side of prosperity,make those power moves stay focus to accomplish your mission (wealth)being your own "BOSS".

  • Reply Neo Kanobi3327 days ago

    Dear Aletta,

    I'm currently an AffiloBluePrint Student and I truly believe that Mark , you and all the Affilorama team have our best interest and genuinely wants to help us. On the video lessons that your course provide, I heard several times to FOCUS, to finish first the course before trying something else but at the same time every week I receive e-mails from you guys promoting another product to purchase. Which causes me to ask "should I purchase this product or not ? Sometimes I do purchase and then I see that I'm losing FOCUS.

    In the past my "challenges" was the bombardment of e-mails promoting the latest and greatest Internet Product causing me to lose FOCUS and since I trust you guys your e-mails about new products always have a weight in my decision to buy.

    I'm aware that e-mail promotion is an important way for you guys to make your deserved money to continue creating these great courses and products.

    *** What I would like to recommend if this make sense is the following:***

    If there is away that you guys could separate the AffiloBlueprint students (current or past students) e-mails addresses from the other users that just have their e-mail addresses to log on to Affilorama website but at this time did not purchase any of Mark's courses.

    And when you send an e-mail promoting another product for the AffiloBluePrint students you would have a PS in the End stating" " If you are currently doing the AffiloBlueprint course please wait until the end before you purchase this product."


    If the product really complements the course could say: " This product will take you to the next level on SEO, PPC, Copywriting, etc".

    This e-mails with comments should go just to the AffiloBlueprint students while the other registered e-mails would get the normal e-mail promotions.

    For me would show greatly that you guys care and by having a recommendation in the end P.S: it would also let me know that when I finish the course this would be a product that I should try it out because it will do bla, bla, bla. But the most important is that you guys would be helping us (AffiloBlueprint) students to keep FOCUS during our course.

    Would this idea be possible to implement ?

    Thanks for your time and keep up your great work


  • Reply Bill Wynne • 3326 days ago

    Depressing huh? Absolutely true and each and every one of us needs to decide if we will be on the hype side or the side that is all about solid marketing. I even see some guys go from side to side. I wonder if this economy is tempting them to do things they would not normally do.

    Focus...Laser Focus... How do you sink a battleship with a gunner without being a Kamikaze? You take that gun and aim in one spot and drill a hole through those 5-6 inches of armor plated steel. Make it count!

  • Reply Shalisha Alston3325 days ago

    Hi. I totally agree. I quit Affiloblueprint because I got sidetracked. I made one site, it failed and I gave up. I want to come back but I don't want to spend the $67 a month when I was paying $47.

  • Reply Margene Smith3322 days ago

    This is a good program. However, the program won't make us successful. We have to keep at it. The one thing I have learnt over my near 60 years is that there is no failure until you give up. Get back in the fight. Resurrect your old site. Tweak the site until its a successful site. Don't quit.

    Winston Churchill gave a speach many years ago. The speach was basically 3 words. The first word "Never" was repeated numerous times followed by the words "give up!" Again his speach was "Never, never, never ever give up."

    I have found throughout my life that that speach is how I must live my life. As long as you keep trudging along eventually success will find you.

    As for the extra money. Well, just accept it as the cost of learning. That one lesson will keep you going until success does find you. Shalisha, tell yourself to keep at it. If finances are hard - work harder but keep at it.

    Sorry if this advice sounds hard. It's a fact of life I have learnt the hard way. Never, never ever give up!

  • Reply Shalisha Alston3320 days ago

    Thank you newstart! You are right. I'm back in the game and I will PERSIST until I win.

  • Reply PPC Icon • 3320 days ago

    I agree the secret to success is sticking at your chosen project until it succeeds, regardless of the newer sexier hot new things.

  • Reply Ervin • 3317 days ago

    Hi everyone,
    I'm like everyone here, I jump at trying to get ahead, lose focus.
    I wish lots of these Marketers wouldn't be so greedy. But they have overhead to pay.
    I'm also following, Ryan Lee, the Continuty King 2.0, & have been learning alot.
    Still I continue here for more info. So never, never, ever give up.

  • Reply joe • 3292 days ago

    the hardest and most important thing is to get focused and not get distracted.thanks for the tips

  • Reply MarkSpizer • 3277 days ago

    great post as usual!

  • Reply Polly Machado • 3251 days ago

    You've done it once more! Superb article!

  • Reply Vickie Lockhart • 3249 days ago

    www.affilorama.com's done it again. Amazing post!

  • Reply Neo Kanobi3248 days ago

    Hello team,

    Someone that I met in this great forum said something simple but very powerfull regarding having focus and staying on course. And I know I feel into this "trap" before several times.

    He said to me the following"

    ..."We all suffer from "shiny new object syndrome," but I like to keep this quote in mind:

    "If you chase two rabbits, both will escape"

    I hope this will help


  • Reply Alva Kang • 3247 days ago

    Hehe I am actually the only reply to this awesome writing!?

  • Reply Auto • 3211 days ago


    Interesing article. I look forward to further development of the site.

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