A Great Keyword Research Tip

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A Great Keyword Research Tip


The following blog post is a guest post by internet marketing expert Matt Carter.

Hi Everyone,

I am going to share with you some of the best affiliate marketing advice that I have learned, and in fact one particular keyword research tip, that once employed, single handedly kick started my affiliate success.

What confused me, early on in my affiliate career, was why I was not making sales when I had a great looking website up. I also had some fantastic Google rankings so the traffic was ok, and I'd made sure that all my pages were monetized properly, by having images ad and plenty of obvious affiliate links to click, yet hardly any sales!

This was quite a disappointment for me, I thought affiliate marketing was going to be easy and I could kick back and watch the money roll in, however that's when I realized the flaw in my plan.

What I soon realized is that when someone has decided to do some shopping online, they often start by going to Google and doing some initial research. Very few people just dive straight in and buy the frist product they come across, I wish it were that easy!

Let's say a person has decided it's time for a new T.V. and they know they want it delivered to their door, so purchasing online is perfect for them. Well, first they might go to Google and type in "Best T.V.'s" and browse a handful of websites to get an idea of the types of T.V.'s and their prices.

Next they might refine their search down further and go back to Google and start to type in "Plasma T.V.'s" as they have now narrowed down their choices to some kind of plasma. Once they have browsed through another bunch of sites that discuss Plasma's, they should have a better idea of the kind of plasma they want.

So back to Google they go once again, but this time they are armed with a bunch of brand names and/or model numbers! So they might type into Google "Sumsung Plasma" or perhaps even more refined and type in "PS58B850". So as you can see the searcher started with a very broad search for "T.V.'s" and they progressively moved further toward the T.V they wanted, and ending up typing in "PS58B850" as they did more research.

So my point here is simple, if your site was one of the sites that the searcher used to do his/her research, you may not have made a sale. However if your site was the one they arrived on after they searched on "PS58B850", then you may well have made a sale!

These high converting keywords are known as 'Buyer Keywords' and they are what you should be targeting with your affiliate sites.

Remember you have to still do some research and work out if there is enough search volume on a particular buyer keyword to warrant you going after it. However also keep in mind that the search volume of buyer keywords doesn't need to be as high as other keywords, as these kind of keywords convert at much higher rates.

What Are Some Other Buyer Keywords?

Well there are lots of different combinations of buyer keyword phrases, however I have found some of the best are: Product XYZ Review, Model Numbers, Brand Names, Buy Product XYZ, Product Author, Product Scam, Best Product XYZ, etc...

One thing to be aware of is that if you are doing PPC marketing, some affiliate programs will not allow you to bid on keywords that have the brand name in them, so you are best to check that out first.

There you have some of the best Affiliate Marketing advice to help your websites produce sales. If you build you affiliate pages targeting buyer keywords then half the work is done for you, and visitors should convert to sales much more frequently.

Hope this tip helps you guys!

Matt Carter

About the author:

Matthew Carter is the founder of MattsMarketingBlog.com, an internet marketing training portal that offers free video training, education, and tools to both beginning and advanced internet marketers.

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Vernon Christopher 14 years ago
I have been trying for years on my own to make lots of money on the internet. It hasn't happened. Your post was very enlightening! Thank you!
Chris Yong 14 years ago
This very distinction about different keyword types is critical especially for PPC. When I first attempted PPC a while back, I failed. Now it's actually working for me. I start out on buyer keywords first and then gradually branch out to include others.
Brian Mcandy 14 years ago
Excellent post. All the successes i have seen so far is by using buyer keywords. It really helps if you understand the sales life cycle and where your keywords should fit in to capture the buyers when they are ready to purchase.

Bill Wynne 14 years ago
Absolutely true and very important to keep in mind if you are doing any PPC campaigns. You don't want to spend money on clicks for people to find information to do their research and then buy the product somewhere else.
Chris 14 years ago
Making money online isn't easy, but with time and effort you can do it. I started trying 3 months ago and I have just started to see a substantial profit. Those that never make money online are somehow missing the big picture. All you need to do is get your hands on 2 or 3 good PLR products, sign up with Clickbank and E-Junkie, and start writing articles around your products. With sites like Clickbank and E-Junkie, you can get others to promote your products for you. The key is to have a good niche product and to start a blog and get your articles indexed. It's easier said than done, but with the right information, you can be successful. I started in early December and just this month started to make substantial income. So far I've made over $300 this month and the month is only half over. If you really try, success will come and you will break through!
Steve Benedict 14 years ago
I can agree with trying to find people that are more committed in the buying cycle, and closer to making a purchase. My question is how to market articles toward them? The EPF Generation X robot is a pretty specific category,and not easy to generate 25 to 30 different articles on. After a few Q and A articles and product features, it's hard to come up with ideas for an article campaign.

Any thoughts would be a great help.