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Introducing Jason

Introducing Jason

Hi, my name is Jason and this is my first day working as the new technical copywriter for Affilorama. I'm looking forward to getting to know you over the coming months and learn more about the challenges you face building a successful affiliate site.

What does a technical copywriter do? Essentially a technical copywriter is a combination of two disciplines: technical writing and copywriting. They do share a lot of similarities with the main difference being that a technical writer is more focused on informing unlike copywriters who are mostly writing to persuade. So this means I'll be looking to write blog posts or lessons on Affilorama that capture your imagination and try to teach something at the same time - the best of both writing worlds :).

Lastly, a bit about me. I previously worked for MYOB as a technical writer then migrated to the marketing services team, specialising in online marketing and web development. So, while being relatively new to the affiliate business, I come with a strong understanding of small business management and the ensuing fun and frustrations. I'm looking forward to learning more about this business and will be busy over the coming weeks researching affiliate sites and polling you all on your valuable insights in this exciting industry. I look forward to getting your input!

Since this is my first day (and I'm just hoping to get through the day without forgetting anyone's name or blowing up the office kettle) I'd like to hear from you what 'first day tips' you have for me, or what you remember from your first day at a new job. Look forward to hearing from you ...

ps Do you like my avatar picture? Just let me know if you'd like to add something similar to your Affilorama profile.

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  • Reply Aletta Is Too Cool3724 days ago

    I think you've got more of a chance of blowing up the office printer than the kettle. Whatever you do, don't touch the air-con. I have enough battles with Nick over that one, without another person joining in!

  • Reply Troy Todd3724 days ago

    Hi Jason,
    I just posted in the forum.
    You mean to tell me you guys get Air Con as well as a kettle... Gee.
    You guys sure do get good benefits. lol.
    Whats next? Daily massage therapy.. he he

  • Reply Simon Slade3724 days ago

    Advice.....hmmmmmm. Be nice to the developers as they control our internet :)

    Welcome to the team!

  • Reply Jesus Munguia3723 days ago

    Welcome Jason!

    I'm also new to Affilorama and looking forward to learning a lot as well as meeting great new people. Wish you the best!

  • Reply Jason Dodd3722 days ago

    Thanks JMunguia121 ... it's nice to feel part of something and I think Affilorama (from my brief experience here so far) really provides a nice forum for getting like minded people together. I know in the past I've often visited forums but always backed off from getting too involved as the members usually came across as negative or too critical, particularly of newbies, but the comments I've seen here are all pretty supportive which is great ..

    Look forward to hearing more from you on your journey gaining experience with an affiliate site.

  • Reply Chris • 3721 days ago

    Hi Jason - great to hear about your new role. As they say - talent will out.

  • Reply Alison • 3721 days ago

    Sounds like fun - don't know about the hair though!!!

  • Reply Jason Dodd3720 days ago

    Chris, thanks for the vote of confidence - it's definitely exciting getting stuck into a new challenge!

    Mum, thanks and yep the hair is a bit wild - sorry just been too darn busy to brush it in the morning :)

  • Reply Bart • 3720 days ago

    Hi Jason, and welcome, I have been with Affilorama for a while now but through researching information for a newbie affiliate I had forgotten affilorama. You sound like the man for the job you just took over. The best to ya, Bart

  • Reply Annette Larwood3720 days ago

    I had an office job once where they had masseurs every week. Mmmmmm. Don't knock it.

  • Reply Jason Dodd3718 days ago

    bart, thanks for stopping by, i know what you mean, so many good sites out there its hard to keep up with them all. id actually be really keen to know what you think are the big topics affiliates want to know more about - were looking to ramp up the amount of research were doing for our affiliate members

    alarwood, nice for some! i'll know weve hit the big time when we start getting that here.

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