Home Affiliate Marketing Blog Introducing our new 'Affilorama Services': To serve or be served?

Introducing our new 'Affilorama Services': To serve or be served?

Introducing our new 'Affilorama Services': To serve or be served?

The many hidden (and not so hidden) talents of our members have not gone unnoticed by the team here at Affilorama. We think that you're all pretty special, and we're lucky to have a supportive community where people are happy to help each other out.

So, we thought this is the perfect place for our members to make a bit of extra cash by lending a helping hand - AND the perfect place for our members to easily find services offering exactly what they're after!

This is how our brand new corner of the forum was born - a place for our members to connect with each other to offer and find services. We've called it Affilorama Services.

What kind of services are we talking about?

Well, this is an affiliate marketing website, so the services that are best offered here are those that can help out affiliate marketers, and especially those relevant to our training products like AffiloJetpack and AffiloBlueprint. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling…

Writing services

  • Are you specialized at writing in particular niches?
  • Can you rewrite articles faster than you can read them?
  • Do you have a knack for writing great sales copy or banner copy that converts?
  • Maybe you’re a fast typist who can transcribe video and audio?

These will go down a treat with our AffiloBlueprint and AffiloJetpack members - offer your service now!

Design services

  • Fancy yourself as a talented cartoonist?
  • Or really good at making animated banners?
  • Like to create eBook and 3D covers?
  • Maybe you’re an all-round talented web designer who can offer the whole package?

Website creation services

  • Are you an expert in working with Xsite Pro or Wordpress?
  • Able to write code really well in a specific language?
  • Maybe you’re an expert in putting together AffiloJetpack or AffiloBlueprint sites

SEO, Marketing, and more

  • Are you a link building pro?
  • A fantastic website critic?
  • Maybe you’re skilled in website optimization and usability design?
  • Good at video creation?
  • Social Media guru?

… How else can you help? Offer it now!

So, you’ve got a service to offer?

Great, offering your service on Affilorama Services is really simple.

All you need to do is create a new thread in ‘Affilorama Services’ that follows the following example ad:

Thread Subject: Setup of 1x AffiloJetpack site (AffiloJetpack members only) - $20
(Must contain a description of the service you’re offering, and the price.)

Thread content: (Should contain the details below).

Price: $20 USD (This should be stated in USD only)
Timeframe: 7 days
Paypal Address: simon@domain.com Please use your Affilorama username as reference on payment.

Description: Please provide a clear, detailed description of the service you are offering and what the customer can expect in terms of quality, and actual work completed.


What else should I know?

You must meet a few basic requirements before you can offer a service, and these include using Paypal as a safe payment provider, and having an Affilorama forum post count of at least 20.

If you're looking for a service, please note that 'services wanted' type posts are not permitted, you can only use the forum to register your interest with advertised service providers. For more details on the specifics, please read the post How to Offer a Service.

We are excited to be introducing this new feature for our members, and want the forum to serve as a convenient place for you to offer and find services. Please help us to keep this a productive and beneficial place for all by respecting our terms. :)

Visit the forum now, or see you there later!

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  • Reply Ashawndra Edwards3292 days ago


    What a great way for affilorama students to network and socialize together Im looking forward to how this turns out!


    Thanks Affilorama Team,

    Ashawndra Michelle

  • Reply Rachael McNaught3292 days ago

    Awesome idea team!

  • Reply Bryce Easton3292 days ago

    Love it! What a great idea!

  • Reply Grady Pruitt3292 days ago

    I remember my brother James commenting a few months back we needed something like that here. Glad to see that we do now. Thanks Affilorama team!

  • Reply Hamant • 3290 days ago

    Hi Mark

    Thats a great idea. I am always looking for someone to do quick fast jobs that I certainly am not good at
    What about having a parallel thread for a place for adding - If someone needs a service as well
    Thanks Mark

  • Reply Burt • 3290 days ago

    This is going to be great! I'm excited to get things started myself and I know this is going to be huge for everyone at Affilorama!

    Thanks for offering a great thing!

  • Reply Pat • 3290 days ago

    Great initiative Mark & co.

    Looking forward watching the result :)

  • Reply Joshua Siaw3290 days ago

    Finally! I expect to see some great services in the coming days. Thanks Affilorama for opening this section.

  • Reply Shensheng Liu3290 days ago

    It is great idea. Now I know where to find help on articles.

  • Reply 3290 days ago

    you guys just think of everything . every time I come on here there are loads of ideas and you just keep adding to them

  • Reply Neo Kanobi3290 days ago


    GREAT Idea.

    We appreciate how you and your team are always trying to find ways to support us.

    Take Care


  • Reply Vany.Isberto • 3290 days ago

    This is really great guys. I have a hard time learning how to build my site. The one I have come for free when I buy the book of Anthony Morrison. Since then I want to build one I could control. If I could find you here, awesome. I am a newbie, I am not a computer savvy and suffering from information over load. I need up and running new site that I can control. MAKE SURE I CAN AFFORD IT! Thanks.

  • Reply Dave Bones3290 days ago

    Great idea! Look forward to hearing more. Let me know if I can help further!

  • Reply ben • 3290 days ago

    this awesome,
    this is a great idea.

  • Reply Linda • 3290 days ago

    Checked it out and already services of interest to me.

  • Reply paulita3289 days ago

    Very good to everybody!!Thanks a lot.

  • Reply Peter • 3288 days ago

    Way to go guys.

    Back linking is certainly a services I will be looking for in the near future.

  • Reply Darryl Hudson3288 days ago

    I think that best thing you can do is provide services to your list of prospect and customers, that's the only way you'll have an sustaining business & build trust these days with all the spammers in IM, ( whether your business model is Affiliate Marketing, or an Product Owner ) We must be of service and deliver on our promises...... I'm all in.

  • Reply 3287 days ago

    Hi, I just joined, have a lot to learn and am looking forward to making a success of this. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Reply JC Dean3286 days ago

    Very cool, Like having an on call staff.

  • Reply Marc • 3286 days ago

    Just woke up and saw the news about the quake. Sure hope you guys are all ok!
    Good luck over there..

  • Reply vinay • 3286 days ago

    This is really a great blog and I enjoyed the information given about Affiliate Marketing Thank you for the useful detailed information.

  • Reply Caroline Nandakumar3286 days ago

    Just when i thought Affilorama could not get any better, you go and introduce the Affilorama Services!

    This is a brilliant idea. It will not only help out those struggling to make some extra cash to build their AffiloJetpack and other IM sites, but also benefit those have the money but need the necessary writing/design skills to set up their business.

    I hope this effort makes this community stronger and better. Look forward to offering my services on this platform :-)

  • Reply Horia Cosma3286 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    Hope you and everybody at Affilorama are OK after the earthquake! My thoughts are with all you people in Christchurch. God bless you!


  • Reply Joan Stalker3286 days ago

    This is an awesome idea, Mark. I hope you, your family and staff are safe after today's terrible earthquake.

  • Reply Pauline Harding3285 days ago

    I hope you Mark and all your team are ok after the quake. My thoughts are with you all.


  • Reply david mcdonald3284 days ago

    awesome idea , look forward to finding some great offers to get my sites up and running faster.

  • Reply Brianne Binelli3284 days ago

    Great Idea, I'm looking forward to learning a lot and hope I can offer services as well.

  • Reply James • 3284 days ago

    I have been involved with internet marketing for little over four months, learning everything I can about vocabulary, how marketing works, and what is involved. But since I am a good student I have decided to become a Great Teacher. For those of you who are constantly bombarded with too much information on every website you go to and you try to make heads or tails of all that information and all the different things you can click on and read, let alone buy.
    Well I am here to say, the first person to build a website that offers very little in the way of choices, but offers KIller stuff, will out perform everyone else. Trust me. More is not always better. People want to get invovled, but they don't want information overload. And there is just too much content offered constantly on-line. So by pass all the hype, all the products and services, opt out of all future e-mails, once you chose just one product or idea and then run with that!
    I hope the guys bringing in millions of dollars each year are reading this. Because soon you will see I am correct. and you will start to see people who now take my advice start to take big pieces of the action away from you. Change the tactics and you'll see more people follow what you are promoting, just don't over load them with too much information. Keep it very simple, plain and just enough to educate and always in steps, don't feed them the whole pie in one sitting.

    Mantini has spoken.

    Follow Mantini on various blog sites. When Mantini speaks, people invariably learn!!!!!!

  • Reply mark fewsmith3281 days ago

    I look forward to seeing this services directory develop, will there be any sort of ratings/comment/feedback system in place,definetly will WANT+ NEED that!

  • Reply Robert Conner3279 days ago

    This is a stroke of genius. You guys have really outdone yourselves, looking forward to using the new services soon.

  • Reply Janice Womack3234 days ago

    This is a great idea. Now if I can only figure out what it is I can do really good. I am excited about joining and working with you to further my affiliate goals. I am new and have a site picked out and am writing articles and a mini course. It is hard. I work two jobs so I have little time, but; I am here every night in AffiloBlueprint or doing something. Tonight was downloading and starting with Traffic Travis. Thanks for all your support.

  • Reply Ray Gollis3229 days ago

    Sounds like a great idea, I see this offer has been up for a while now. So I will offer my services like Website Design and Article Rewriting and Article Submission. Thanks Affiliarama!!!

  • Reply centre for kazibora • 2955 days ago

    This is a great idea. Now if I can only figure out what it is I can do really good. I am excited about joining and working with you to further my affiliate goals. I am new and have a site picked out and am writing articles and a mini course. It is hard. I work two jobs so I have little time, but; I am here every night in AffiloBlueprint or doing something. Tonight was downloading and starting with Traffic Travis. Thanks for all your support.

  • Reply Harriet D. Knop • 2714 days ago

    These include good cups! I had a similar set of gascans for 6 decades. Really the only motive I'm updating them is now that we displaced them.

  • Reply Luigi Fulk • 2713 days ago

    I simply got these plus they are fantastic, all are objective glasses so i would not require a much better set of two. I want to say they're great glasses.

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