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Introducing Affilorama 3.0

Introducing Affilorama 3.0

After five months of design and testing, today we're very happy to announce the launch of our brand new redesign of Affilorama!

Our new Affilorama look has been designed to give you faster access to your products, smoother navigation through your lessons and easier access to the latest and greatest information from our blogs and forum! This  redesign also introduces a couple of new and improved features including an enhanced favorites menu, lesson progress bars, and improved sharing features!


Check out our introductory tour video to get you started with our new design!





Affilorama offers easy to follow educational resources, useful software applications and access to the web's largest Affiliate Marketing community. If you aren't already a member of Affilorama, it's free to join! Just click on Register in the top-right hand corner of the website!

If you encounter any issues with the site, please let us know by using the 'Feedback' button at the top-left of the website! Otherwise, we'd love to hear your comments/complaints/compliments below!

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  • Reply Simon Slade3327 days ago

    Love the new site and the new functionality that has been added, should be very well received.

    Well done Paul and team, virtual pat on the back :)


  • Reply Nick Fauchelle3327 days ago

    Well done guys! New site looks great.

  • Reply Troy Todd3327 days ago

    Yeah, love the new look.. very clean.

  • Reply Troy Todd3327 days ago

    Just wanted to point out to everyone that the guys at affilorama have done this new look for us and to make it a nicer forum.
    Thankyou to all involved and I am sure there will be a few bugs here and there...but we can all chip in to help out and make some suggestions and report any bugs etc..

  • Reply Abdussalam Muhamad Ekhsan3327 days ago

    Congratulations for the new look on the site! It looks simple, nice and convenient for users. Good job!

  • Reply Troy Todd3327 days ago

    Hey Guys, Can you make the font size bigger on the forum, it's ok for the younger folk..but I think it needs to be a tiny bit bigger. The old forum had the font a bit bigger. What do you members think? try to view a forum post and see if the font is too small?

  • Reply Paul Webster3327 days ago


    fear not we have heard you! We'll be working through some misc touch ups over the next couple of days, and font sizing and readability is high on the list.

    The forum was the first to receive some attention, and I think you'll find it much more readable if you head on over there now!

  • Reply Heather Yardley • 3327 days ago

    I like some aspects of the new design, though the font size and the grey color is hard on the eyes. Also, why did you change the affilorama theme music? The old music was lots better. The voice of that guy in the video sounds too pompous too.

  • Reply Matts Matts3327 days ago

    I am with Heather here actually. There is some really nice Improvements especially Navigation has gotten quite more logical video design way more slicker and so on which is a good thing. However I think there could be some improvements made to the color scheme is sort of hard to see the difference between the background and the lets call it foreground color In the content areas.

  • Reply Clayton A Terao3327 days ago

    I'm really impressed with the new look. Good work, guys :)

  • Reply Ryan Thompson3327 days ago

    What has happened here? This is not the Affilorama I normally go too. Looks amazing you guys!

  • Reply Ross Scott3325 days ago

    I like it!

    What happen to Robert with the videos? Did he get the virtual sack?

    Any increase you can see on signup's on your home page with the new look?

    I see also you are offering 100% content to visitors in the lessons section before it was like only 25% then you had to sign up for the rest? Is this due to the Google Panda update?

    I would recommend having bigger photos of the authors of this blog. I know your old version didn't have any at all. Its just nice to try and build a rapport with the author. Photos help with this and proper author's bio's would help too.

    My 3 cents worth,

  • Reply Masud Diamond3325 days ago

    i like it. outside can be very good this program. especially for our beginners to start an online business. I will apply for money from a website so that they can learn in Affilorama. thanks

  • Reply Ana • 3325 days ago

    I love the new look! It´s much better!

  • Reply Nida Sea3324 days ago

    Oo! I like the new site! Everything is easier to access, very nicely done!

  • Reply Tillata Gibson3323 days ago

    The new is absolutely awesome. I like the side bar to check off your progress, like an online school.

  • Reply Kieran Gracie3320 days ago

    Great look and fresh feel to the Affilorama site. It should be even easier to promote now. Well done.

  • Reply Eric Marlow3311 days ago

    I miss the heart button that saved favorite posts.

  • Reply Leon Wolinski3301 days ago

    I can go immediately to my tools or favorite pages from the front page , fast, no time wasted. Thanks

  • Reply 3178 days ago

    great new look and such good or should i say great training, answers to all your questions in one spot.

  • Reply Niro adrin2831 days ago

    Excellent thanks I now start to use the site according to the explanation

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