Interview with Geno Prussakov

By Affilorama Group
Interview with Geno Prussakov


Hi everyone,

This morning I had the pleasure of interviewing Geno Prussakov. Geno is one of my personal favorite internet marketing bloggers, and also the senior editor for the Search Engine Marketing Journal for the affiliate marketing section. He is also well-known affiliate management expert, consultant, the author of two books A practical guide to affiliate marketingand Online Shopping through consumers' eyes and regularly speaks at many of the big affiliate and internet marketing conferences.

In this interview, Geno shared his expert opinion on the biggest misconceptions about affiliate marketing and the main mistakes beginners make when getting into the industry. He also shared his advice for newbie affiliates as well tips for creating a great relationship with your affiliate manager.

We also discussed:

  • How newbie affiliates can learn the art of copy-writing
  • The affiliate tax proposals in several US states
  • The new FTC regulations regarding false claims, paid endorsements and disclosure of affiliate links
  • The business and ethical issues of leveraging current events for profit
  • Utilizing social media as an affiliate
  • Geno's predictions for the future of affiliate marketing
  • And much more

Listen to the interview right here:



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This was a great interview with a real leading expert in the field - you definitely want to check it out.


And make sure you check out Geno's blog at Or follow him on Twitter at @eprussakov

Danielle Bernier 15 years ago
Thank you both,
This interview is very to the point and honesty is present throughout!
Good job Chris
Evgenii Prussakov 15 years ago
Thank you, Dee1Beus3. Glad you've enjoyed it.

Chris, thanks again for the opportunity.
Nick Fauchelle 15 years ago
Great interview, really enjoyed it.
Evgenii Prussakov 15 years ago
Thanks, Nick. So did I.
susan bee 15 years ago
Hello Geno; Just joined Affilorama and would like to know if your interview is available in written format?

Many thanks,
Chris Goddard 15 years ago
Hi Howdie,

Sorry, the interview is only available as a podcast.

Mobile Computing 14 years ago
Great interview, really like it.