How many searches per month should a keyword have?

By Simon Slade
How many searches per month should a keyword have?


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This weeks question from Aaron: How many searches per month should a keyword have?

Mark recorded a quick video explaining his thoughts on keyword numbers and what you should be aiming for when research a particular niche. Enjoy!

When it comes to monthly searches, what is your "magic" number? Let us know in the comments below.

debt forgiveness 14 years ago
this is a very valuable video about the SEO work and increasing traffic on your website great wirk keeo it up
Justin 14 years ago
Hi Mark graet video! thanks for sharing your post. In my opinion or magic number usually go for 3000 searches per month as it is safe and reliable.But it is very hard to find good keywords these days.
Anton Voronov 14 years ago
I really try to reach top 10 for my keywords with 3000+ - 5000 exact searches, but sales are coming from some wierd keywords, and I'm still nowhere close to top 10 rankings for my main target keywords.

Typically, I think that if keyword represents a good buying indication, the competition is always here already
Devin Elder 14 years ago
Mark, thanks for the video. Traffic Travis gives a great SEO analysis and I really like the SEO grading system too.

I see conflicting advice about this, so I thought I'd put the question to you and anyone else who cares to share their experience:

Do you use the "Broad" or "Exact" match type in the Google keyword tool?

Vernon Christopher 14 years ago
I have tried for years to make a lot of money (sales) on the internet. Previous results are dismal! I have learned more from your site in the last few days about internet marketing than I have learned from years on my own! Thank You!

I found the information on keyword search volume very interesting & informative! Thanks for the tip on how to reach or exceed 30,000 searches per month!

Probably one of the greatest pieces of info you gave (which spilled the "beans" on others was:
Google the person's name with scam after it! E.G., Google mark ling scams. You may be the only honest one out there!
Pete Lawson 14 years ago
Personally all the search tutorials I see and with different programs that do these searchs. they all suggest using exact match
Bill Wynne 14 years ago
Traffic Travis rocks! This is a very confusing point for newbies. Traffic Travis really makes things so easy. Thanks Mark!
Bill Wynne 14 years ago
I really appreciate Mark's methodology on niche marketing. I would love to see the next step in the process of his niche marketing like; what social networking does he use, how much emphasis on squidoo and hub pages, how does he use twitter, social bookmarking and what article sites he focuses on as well as what kind of automation software does he use.

For now I appreciate all that Mark does and shares.

Steve Benedict 14 years ago
Google tutorial suggests exact match also. I'm not sure where I got it, but I use a formula that can project daily income ( in a perfect world). You go to Google's keyword tool, enter your subject like currency trading, and get the list. Then, use use exact match...then under show/ hide box, hide advertiser competition and local search volume . Same box, click show CPC. Double click the top of Global search volume, so that it puts it in descending order. Then go down to the download file to csv for excel. It will give you a spreadsheet. Widen the columns for keywords (so you can see long tailed words), widen the Global Monthly Search volume column and add another title in the D column, called potential. Paste this formula: =B2*0.25*C2*0.4*0.04 in the first cell under potential and it will give you that first keyword's daily income potential. Copy that number, and the cell will start a border blinking around it. Highlight the entire column starting from the cell under the blinking border all the way to the end of the keywords. Click paste anywhere within that highlighted area and it will give you a number for each keyword. Go back to the top of the column and highlight the D cell at the top and use your dollar sign to convert these numbers to dollars. Hang with me, we're almost done. If you have Office 2007, you can just click the upper left corner of the spread sheet and it will highlight your entire work area. If you're on Office 2003, manually highlight the entire work area, columns A-B-C-D.
Then go to tools or data, depending on which version you have. You'll see a Sort. Open that and put in sort descending and...this is critical...use the dropdown box to pick out your column for potential. Sort it and you should have the CPC, search volume and how much that keyword could produce a day. I know that the keywords that could produce $23,000 a day are way too strong in competition. I usually go about down to the keywords that potentially produce $500 or less a day, in order to find ones that fit my niche and aren't saturated. I usually mine some gold down in the $100 to $500 a day keywords, and there are enough to keep you writing articles for months. If this doesn't work the first time, try making sure you've followed each step. PM me if you have trouble.
Vernon Christopher 14 years ago
I used Traffic Travis the other day and got some very high searches. Today, the same keywords (time is about 5:30 PM PDT) the ranking of my great keywords was zero! What happened to my great keyword search count?

Hey! I'm trying to use all of the things we are taught! I have tried to make money (lots of it) on my own and with other programs and it did not work for me! I thank the day I started getting Mark's info! I was ready to give up! But I'm not ready to give up Now!
George 14 years ago
What means "and use your dollar sign to convert these numbers to dollars."? Where is this dollar sign?
Peter Mcgrath 14 years ago
hi Mark
enjoyed your utube video as to how many serches a keyword needs each month
to be profitable really depends on how copetitive the niche is like a huge weight loss niche
if you find a word with 500-1500 searches a month on google keyword tool
you can still make money if you have agood product
peter mcgrath
Earn Money Online Training 14 years ago
Very nice video I like to go after any phrases with at least 1,000 searches as long as I will not have a problem getting on the first page of Google for that particular phrase.
Paul 14 years ago
I have been looking for a easy to understand explanation on how to decide what searches a niche should have before it is worth my while pursuing it and your video makes it crystal clear.
Also thanks for the heads up on those two bits of invaluable software. Great video, I have bookmarked it.

All the best,
pozycjonowanie Rzeszów 11 years ago
Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all of us you actually know what you are talking about! Bookmarked. Please also talk over with my site =). We could have a link trade arrangement among us!