Ewen Chia Book Review – The untold story

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Ewen Chia Book Review – The untold story


Ewen Chia (pronounced chee-ah) has been described as the world's #1 affiliate marketer and has a huge online reputation, having made millions with his internet business. His untold story is now available in his new book, How I Made My First Million on the Internet, which tells his story of how he found success doing business online.

What’s interesting about Ewen’s story is that it’s not a magical ‘rags to riches’ story. In fact he talks about five long years from when he started in 1997 to 2002, where he locked himself away from 11pm to 3am every night working on his internet marketing, while at the same time holding down a fulltime day job. That’s a reality that many affiliate marketers can understand, and typifies Ewen’s story, which resonates with a sincerity that is absent from so many online business programs.

Not a magic formula

Now it’s worth stating from the outset that Ewen’s new book does not claim to be some type of magical formula for printing money. It’s true he firmly believes that his success is proof that anyone can do the same (he even says that his biography has been written to show that he is just an average guy), but ultimately the book is his story and he shares the methods he used.

It’s the same as any biography that you might read, just because you read Donald Trump's biography doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to become a big-time New York property developer, but you may well read things that will improve your business management, or at the very least be inspired by the example of someone who worked hard to achieve their dreams. 

Great content resource for online marketers

Here’s an overview of the topics Ewen covers in his book: 

  • Market research - What are people looking for online? What do they want to buy?
  • Market selection - Which market will be easy to break into? Which market holds the most promise in terms of profit potential?
  • Product selection - Which products can I deliver as solutions to meet market needs and demand?
  • Offer targeting - How do I position my offer correctly within the market?
  • Traffic - How do I get my offer in front of the market?
  • Lead generation and follow up - How do I capture prospects (potential customers) from my market onto an e-mail list? How do i present my offer to them once I have their attention?
  • Backend - How do i create a “backend” system of additional offers that will boost my income and assist in the long-term profits and growth of my business?
  • Automation - How do I place the majority of my business on autopilot so that it runs and makes money for me without too much additional work?
  • Duplication - How do I start a second or even third business so I can multiply my total income?

Throughout the book Ewen describes proven methods of improving your internet business. The techniques he has used are not completely unknown but he brings them together in a way that demonstrates how they complement one another. In fact he describes what he calls as the ‘five deceptively simple concepts that built the foundation of all my success.’

Suitable for any affiliate

The book is written with all types of affiliate marketers in mind, from newbies through to super affiliates, and covers all the most popular questions such as how do I find a profitable niche, how can I create an irresistible offer and 14 ways to boost traffic.

As has been mentioned, these isn't touted as some magic recipe for printing money (otherwise everyone would be doing it!), just tried and tested methods that Ewen has found worked for him, and he’s sure will work for you if you put in the time and effort.

In typical Ewen style, he also includes some bonus chapters (to create an offer you can’t refuse!) on important topics such as blogging and writing persuasive ad copy.

In fact, the more I read of Ewen’s book, the more I realized that it wasn’t just affiliates who could benefit from Ewen’s story. Anyone who is doing business online or works in internet marketing, could learn from Ewen’s experience.

Even if you only learn one new thing that improves the way you do business, it will make buying and reading Ewen’s book worthwhile. And learning is what it’s all about, as Ewen himself says: “Improvements to your bottom line will be made only insomuch as you are willing to learn what works and what doesn’t. Even small changes … can have significant impact on your profits.” 

Check out the book here - its well worth it!

Aaaron 15 years ago
The link has been going to a page error all day. It isn't loading the sales page?
Jason Dodd 15 years ago
hi aaaron, ive been told his server is experiencing huge demand at the moment. id recommend trying again in approx two hours or so
john kelly 15 years ago
good review, interesting to be web-surfer at the moment and experience the tsunami of affiliate offers from promoters of Ewen Chia's book offer, though even The Mighty Ewen is not immune to the Gremlins - unless this is another marketing ploy to have a second bite of the Launch Cherry (after all the book has been available from Amazon since some time in January, and there were already used copies on sale !! Amazing but true!