Hands-On with Push Button SEO for Wordpress

By Samuel Frost
Hands-On with Push Button SEO for Wordpress


One of the coolest thing about the Wordpress platform is the huge number of plugins available to make your job easier. From spam protection through to SEO (and everything inbetween) there is bound to be either a free or paid plugin available. In fact, SEO plugins are some of the most popular Wordpress plugins out there. If you've been using Wordpress for a while then you will probably have tried a few different SEO plugins - some are bad, some are good, and some are even better.

In today's Affilorama blog post I'm going to be giving you a hands on look at one of the newest SEO plugins available. It's called 'Push Button SEO', and has been developed by a guy called Brian Johnson. What I'll be doing in this blog post is showing you some of the different features of Push Button SEO. I've installed the plugin on one of my personal Wordpress blogs, and deactivated any other SEO plugins I had setup previously.

At-a-glance SEO analysis

My favorite feature of Push Button SEO is it's very simple graphical representation of how well your posts are optimized for on page SEO. You can enter the main keyword you are targeting for your post or page, and then see how well your content has been optimized for that particular keyword. This is very handy, as it means you don't have to crunch any numbers 

Let's see an example of this in action. I've got a post on my blog that is targeting the keyword "gold investment guidelines". So what I do is enter this keyword into the "Primary Keyword" field of Push Button SEO, and then I press "analyze":

As you can see, Push Button SEO then returns a graphical representation of my on-page SEO for this post. I've got an orange bar that is half full; this tells me that there's quite a bit of room for improvement here. But what if I want to get more in-depth information? To get Push Button SEO's full page report I simply click the "Report" tab.


Even more graphical representations here in the in-depth report, which is once again useful for quickly informing you as to what needs work. I can easily see that my URL is matched properly (this is because my post is /gold-investment-guidelines - an exact match for the keyword "gold investment guidelines")

My META Title, page headings (h1, h2, h3 tags) and internal linking are all good. My META description and outbound links are letting the page down, according to Push Button SEO. A good META description will encourage visitors to click through to my website from the search engine results, and having outbound links optimized for anchor text gives your page more credibility and weight with Google.

This kind of graphical analysis really does make proper on-page SEO much more simple and accessible. In my humble opinion, a lot of people are put off doing proper SEO because they find it confusing. With this plugin, there really is no excuse.

Suggestions, suggestions, suggestions

Take another look at that screenshot above. Beneath the fancy colored bars are a list of suggestions for simple SEO improvements. This is usually pretty simple stuff, but done correctly will have a good impact on your rankings and site optimization. 

Embedding a video in your main content, for example, is always a good idea (especially if you embed a video from your own YouTube account, as this will increase your view count) as this will keep visitors on your page for longer. If you can keep people on your site for longer then your bounce rate will decrease, and a lower bounce rate will see your site being rewarded in the search engines.

Push Button SEO also offers a keyword suggestion function. This is a quick and easy way of finding additional keywords to target in your post. Having used this function quite a few times, I've got a feeling that the keyword suggestion tool is very similar to the free one you find on Ubersuggest.org - of course you do get the added convenience of it being built right into your Wordpress editor window.

Mind your links

Internal linking is a very important part of proper on-site SEO. Building strong links throughout your website acts as a kind of glue that holds the whole thing together. You can also use internal linking to boost the ranking of a particular page (for example, if there is one page on your site that you really want to rank highly, build anchor text links from other pages to it) as well as for indexing new pages.

Push Button SEO has a useful internal linking function that allows you to assign certain pages as "SEO Targets" - pages that are the most important - and then quickly insert links when making new posts/pages. Here's how to do it:

Let's say that I want my "gold investment guidelines" page to become an SEO Target. From the "Links" tab of Push Button SEO, I just check the box that says "Assign as SEO Target":

Now whenever I make or edit another post or page, I have a quick option to add an internal link to "gold investment guidelines" from within the post editor:

That's a useful time saving feature, as you could create a list of a few pages you really want to rank well for and build lots of internal links to them. One little tip - make sure you vary the anchor text for your internal links, as this creates a more natural link profile.

You can also use Push Button SEO to add links to authority content. This is good SEO practice, as the search engines seem to reward websites that actively link to informative and authoritative pages - sometimes helping your competition out can actually be beneficial for yourself. 

To do this, click the "Authority" tab and enter a keyword you want to find authority content links for (in this case I've searched "gold investment")

You can preview the content snippets, and then add any authority links you choose with a simple mouse click. Adding authority content is a great way of boosting your website's credibility, and adding to the overall user experience.

Content Curation 101

The final tab of Push Button SEO we have left to explore is the "Content" tab. From here you can pull in  images, videos, blog links, and news links and add them into your own posts. This kind of thing was made popular with Web 2.0 platforms such as Squidoo and Hubpages, where you could easily pull in other content and incorporate it into your own pages to add more value for readers.

To use the image function of Push Button SEO you will need a Flickr API key. Fortunately, you can apply for one of these for free, and all the details of how to do this are actually present in the plugin settings.

My favorite thing here is actually the video search, as it saves time having to head over to YouTube and manually grab the embed codes of videos. For my "gold investment guidelines" post I've searched for "gold investment" related videos:

By clicking on either "small" "medium" or "large" you can embed different sized videos straight into your content. 

Push Button SEO adds your video using a shortcode like this:

So it's important to preview your post to make sure that the video displays correctly:

 The "Blogs" and "News" tools are very self-explanatory - you simply enter a keyword and can preview then pull in links to related content.


Note: Push Button SEO is currently being offered for special launch pricing so don't miss out on that if you are intending on getting yourself a copy.

Where Push Button SEO nails it for me is in its simplicity. Not everyone has hours to spend pouring over detailed SEO reports, or hunting out great content, images, videos etc to incorporate into their own website. By using Push Button SEO you can save a lot of time and effort, which you can then put back into adding even more content for your website to move further up the search engine rankings. 

If you're new to SEO and affiliate marketing, or you just dislike complicated plugins then Push Button SEO will be a breath of fresh air. It is effective, easy-to-use, and as simple as you could ever hope a plugin to be.

You can get your copy of Push Button SEO here. If you buy through this link you will also receive a free copy of Brian Johnson's Halloween Super Affiliate course. This course sold out fast, but Mark has managed to secure Affilorama users a copy. All you need to do is buy Push Button SEO here, then forward your receipt details to hsasupport @ gmail.com to get your free Halloween Super Affiliate Course. 

This course shows you how to quickly and easily build Wordpress sites targeted around a specific keyword, and then profit from those sites. Brian uses Halloween as an example of a holiday that makes it easy to make lots of sales in a short space of time. You can't get this offer anywhere else, so make sure you get Push Button SEO + the Halloween Super Affiliate course - place your order here.

Also, if you have any questions about Push Button SEO don't hesitate to ask and I'll do my best to answer. Just leave a comment below!




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Linda 12 years ago
Hi Sam,
I tried to upload the plugin into one of my WordPress sites and got this message: Unable to create directory/home/sites/trainingyourdogs.info/public_html/wp-content/uploads/2012/04. Is its parent directory writable by the server?
Do you think I got this notice because the All-In-One SEO plugin is still active? If not, can you help me find the solution to get the plugin uploaded?
David 12 years ago
You must disable your other SEO plugins before activating this new plugin!

Please believe me, otherwise you may wind up with a mess! Make sure you find out all the details before installing the new plugin.

Hopefully you have not effected any other SEO on your site yet?
Mike McLean 12 years ago
As a newbie the ease of content curation will be an immense time saver. Love the way it prompts you to keep on track with all the right stuff.
Seam Smith 12 years ago
Is there something like this made for sites with Joomla CMS?
mary corsets 12 years ago
Waste of time plenty other free versions available..... -D
Samuel Frost 12 years ago
But are the free versions so simple?
Arnie Fulmer 12 years ago
A very nice plugin for sure I like the content curation feature the best.
It looks like a nice investment for sure.
Richard Ellis 12 years ago
very handy tool, thanks for the analysis Sam
Mario Bruneau 12 years ago
You really don't get it people!
This is not just "another" wp plugin.
If it comes from Brian Johnson, you know it's good and as an Auto Content Specialist, there are some AutoContent features that you will find in this plugin too. The kind of content that is good for you rankings.
Also, it is not just for keywords. It is far more than this. Can't you read?
Anyway, don't like it? Leave it. But stop picking on it.
My 2cents.
Samuel Frost 12 years ago
I have to agree with you mb.

I always treat any new plugin with a bit of suspicion as there are so many - I went into this review truly not knowing what to expect as Mark had personally requested I test it.

I was genuinely pleasantly surprised by how good it is, and you can see the kind of stuff possible with Push Button SEO in my review.
Robert Clark 12 years ago
Looks interesting and simple to use which is especially great for those with little SEO knowledge.
affiliation marketing 12 years ago
Soooo... I stil do not understand, why should one pay 47$ if there is a free analog of it, e.g. "Wordpress SEO"?...
rocketdocket 12 years ago
Insightful review of another Wordress plugin. I've found my brain going into spasm when trying to think what I want to write (content) and SEO principles (how to write).

Copyblogger Media's Scribe was a disappointment, but Yoast's Wordpress SEO works well. However, both have strengths and weaknesses in keyword and on-page analysis.

If bloggers avoid cookie-cutter SEO tools while writing, they can write intelligently, creatively and fluently, then improve SEO factors later.
Samuel Frost 12 years ago
The way I would suggest that you use this plugin is to simply help put solid SEO fundamentals into every post you write on a Wordpress-based blog.
Richard M 12 years ago
A totally great way to write a fully optimized post. The plugin almost writes it for you!
Omar @ OmarAndWill.com 12 years ago
This looks like it will come in handy when it comes to Wordpress and SEO integration.

I first off am a newbie when it comes to Wordpress sites. I am use to creating sites in a static HTML way with Xsite pro. But I have actually been planning to revamp my blog a bit...and I will be using these tips.

Thanks a bunch

Sam from Home Remedies 12 years ago
This looks good especially the curation thingy.. but do you realize Googles next update thingy is targeting on page over-optimization?
What this means could be debatable.. anyone know more about this? Would this conflict with any of the features of this plugin?
Samuel Frost 12 years ago
I wouldn't worry too much about this over-optimization thing PROVIDED you are adding lots of quality content to your site.

This over-optimization update will be penalizing websites that have more SEO than content.

So for example, if your site has maybe ten 3-400 word articles and everything is 100% optimized for SEO and the content isn't really that great, then you might want to worry.

But if you focus on content first, SEO second you should be fine.
Michelle 12 years ago
Thanks for all the info, at the moment on my site I am using Joomla so wonder if you have anything for that.
Rob Start 12 years ago
Interestingly alot of the features are not new, but the way they are implemented are. I like the simple but effective graphical representation of keyword presence.
Samuel Frost 12 years ago
Hi Rob,

I totally agree with you. There are other WP SEO plugins that have implemented some of these features before. However, I can't think of one that does it so nicely or in such a simple manner.

It's kind of like how the iPod wasn't the first mp3 player, but it became considered the best through it's simplicity and functionality.
David 12 years ago
Thanks Mark!
I appreciate that link, I have 8 wordpress sites up now and doing seo can be a hassle at times.

I have tried and purchased many SEO plugins, but if this does what you just laid out I will definitely go buy it as soon as I finish this comment!

I hope your " friend " realizes what it was worth having you mail to your list. I understand the business, and I know that if this product wasn't on the money, you would never have done this!

With that being said, your endorsement is good enough for me!

Have a great day Mark!

Relentless Traffic
Jai 12 years ago
this one looks really promising and sounds more good than WP Easy SEO... Thanks for the share..
Kris Kampschror 12 years ago
I like all of the features of this plugin. Would I have to disable SEO Presser also. SEO Presser has been the way that I optimize my posts and it works very well. I have some posts that rank 100% using that program. How would this help me? Would it supplant or assist?
Tony Sellick 12 years ago
Just did a search and Wordpress couldn't find it!
Tom 12 years ago
The same extra bonus is added to the Sara Young affiliate link, so it's not special for affilorama.com. Nice review anyways.
azeem 12 years ago
is it better than ALL in One SEO ???
Dave 12 years ago
Personally I will stick with Easy WP SEO. I think the whole curation thing can easily be dealt with via Google alerts, people have been doing it for years without the need for a plugin

paulie69 12 years ago
Thanks Sam for the helpful review. Does anyone know how this plugin compares to Seopressor? Seopressor sure looks good.
Gerard Reich 12 years ago
Excellant Article! Definitly going to take look at this plugin. Very good information regarding the use of SEO. Thanks
Exemplar Technologies 12 years ago
Interesting plugin. Must say I do like it. Would love it if it included schema tags as well. Will look at it again before I consider buying it.
Sandra OBrien 12 years ago
I bought the plugin, submitted my receipt but haven't heard back about the Halloween Affiliate bonus?
Samuel Frost 12 years ago

Not to sure what's going on there - did you use the email address I provided in this blog post?

Forklift Licence Adelaide 12 years ago
This SEO plugin looks really promising and might be a great upgrade to All In One SEO... Thanks for the share.. Were looking forward to testing and checking it out. Regards
Paul Johnson 12 years ago
I have submitted for the bonus as well, still nothing heard back, but on the subject of the Pushbutton SEO Plugin, I am very happy with the purchase and the quality of the product offered by Brian, and this Plugin is in action on 3 of my sites already.

The difference between this plug in and anything free is light years, it is all about producing relevant quality in your Wordpress sites, I use SEOPressor as well, and the two of them work well together :)
Joan Jablonski 12 years ago
I've been looking at this product and it seems pretty good (haven't actually tried it yet). I got the free download. One thing concerns me though. The pricing says $47.00 for one site only. $77.00 for 50 sites and $197.00 for 500 sites. Once you use up the (say50) sites, do you repurchase, and at what price?. With the $77.00 package, (50 sites), do I have to own the domain name that the WP site belongs to, or can it be used for a clients website? Would appreciate your response to these small questions. Regards Joan.
Samuel Frost 12 years ago
Hi Joan,

I'm not a Push Button SEO staff member so I'm not 100% sure here, but to answer your questions:

1) I assume that if you go over 50 sites you repurchase another $77 licence for 50 sites. However, Brian is an approachable fellow and would probably work out a way of managing things for you (my guess is that the 50 site package is suitable to affiliate marketers with a decent number of sites, and the 500 site package is for "power users")

2) You can use it on a clients' site. Remember that you own the licence :)
Danny Howard 12 years ago
Hi Sam

Nice Review... I use allot of SEO type plugin and have used a fare few.

The all in one SEO pack used to be great with the SEO Pressor until someone recommend the new "yoast seo" plugin.

This plugin for me personally is by far the best on the market right now and it's free.

Thanks for the review Sam


Samuel Frost 12 years ago
Hi Danny,

I've used the Yoast plugin and it certainly works well. My problem with it is that the plugin is not very easy-to-use in comparison with Push Button SEO.

The biggest benefit of Push Button is that it makes things so simple - and I'm a big fan of simplicity.
Blogging Tips 12 years ago
Hope this awesome plugin will dominate the blogging arena very soon !!
Dana from Acne Chatter 12 years ago
Hi Sam,

I am using WOO premium theme with its own SEO. I tried to use Yoast (I disabled WOO) but I found it was giving me serious problems with my site.

Do you or anyone out there know if this plugin could potentially interfere with a theme.?

Thank you.


By the way really a great post, very well put together.
Gilbert Sequira 12 years ago

Being a novice I appreaciate anything that helps and works easy. This is the first plug-in that I used right out of the box and understood. I really like the way you can insert videos and the way the plug-in reviews your website to optimize.
Thanks Brian and Danny
kelli goodsir 12 years ago
Thank you so much for this info on the SEO plugin. I cannot wait to use this on my website in progress. As a newbie I greatly appreciate helpful info like this-please keep it coming .I can use all the help I can get-this plugin sounds awesome.
Obinna Frost 12 years ago
Looks very simple. Doesn't Wordpress SEO by Yoast provide most of these functions, for free?
Winida 12 years ago
Felt led to download your SEO Pack for WordPress. I have no idea how to cofuginre it. I take it it's for pros? I don't even do html, that's why I use WP as my publisher. I almost paid for the pro version, but because I can't even figure out the free version, I have no idea what the plugin is for. It looked good, and showed up at the top of the list of Popular WP plugins. A simple explanation would be helpful but I don't expect it. It's probably just over my head that simple.
George Edwards 12 years ago
Agreed that there are a great amount of free WordPress plugins - and they are fun to install and get going. WordPress SEO by Yoast is the one that I use, and it is pretty cool.
Martin Armstrong 12 years ago
This is great! This could be really useful for optimization. I am looking forward to try its functionality. It's nice as it is a simple add-on for WP.
Sanjib Saha 12 years ago
Hello some great points. This will certainly help me. This is the post i was looking for. thanks
Dee-Dee MacLeod-Wilson 12 years ago
This plugin is awesome! It makes blogging & creating great content so much easier and the added training is cool too
AutoTube Pro 12 years ago
I gotta vouch for this beast plugin. I've had preview access to this, tried it out and all I can say is it's brilliant and simply does the trick...
The thing is, videos keep your visitors glued up to your blog and this is where the real money is if you know how to monetize them...this plugin does just that.
Lucas 12 years ago
Looks greater on the surface but then upon closer scrutiny the plugin "recommends" font styling!!! Bold/Italic/Underlining of KWs. How so. This styling is a CLEAR nogo post Penquin - unless I missed out on something.

Cheers, Lucas
sheikh352 12 years ago
I am a member of Brian Johnson's 300 Marketing Group and bought this plugin straight away. It comes with really good training and I use it now, for ALL my new posts and pages. There's a great comfort in knowing that my posts are optimized (but not "over-optimized") for SEO purposes. At this stage, I am focusing on building as much quality content as I can. Once I reach the stage where I can slow down on adding new content, I can turn my attention to the other things that matter, such as linking and gaining social acceptance. None of it matters without good content and PBSEO gives me the confidence to create it. It works in conjunction with the Fickr API key, as mentioned, as well as All in One SEO Pack.

Strongly recommended!
Dennis and Shelley Maxted 12 years ago
I purchased pushbutton seo and i have to say i love it. Anything that simplifies and takes the doubt out of things is good in my book. Thanks guys at Affilorama for recommending. I know i can trust you guys to keep supplying us with these pearls of wisdom. One happy camper here.
lloyd ismail 12 years ago
If I am using Platinum SEO can i still use Pushbutton SEO.

MegaIndex 11 years ago
Really a Great post. I love your blogging style. Wordpress SEO plugin has really a great. Pushbutton SEO is really awesome ...
Tempat Akbar 11 years ago
A good Keyword in a content has an important role in increasing the visibility of web page/blog in search engines in addition to the link building efforts. Order the right keyword density and markedly increases the percentage of occurrence of web/blog on the main page search results are thought to have relevance because SE is higher.
Carlton 11 years ago
whoah this blog is wonderful i like reading your articles. Keep up the great work! You already know, many persons are hunting around for this info, you could aid them greatly.
Doug Cairns 10 years ago
This is now "sold out" and the blog post is quite old. Any other recommendations for 2014 Samuel?
Cecille Loorluis 10 years ago
Hi Doug,

We regularly publish SEO posts. The most recent was https://www.affilorama.com/blog/5-negative-seo-techniques and https://www.affilorama.com/blog/google-growing-up-seo . There are several marketing articles in between these that can help you drive traffic to your site.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
Heidi 10 years ago
I really enjoy the WP SEO plugin from Yoast as it's so easy to use.

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