Google Cash Detective 2.0 Bonuses

By Mark Ling
Google Cash Detective 2.0 Bonuses


Hey Guys,

I'm really excited about today's announcement. I've put together what I believe to be the best bonus package I've ever provided for the launch of a product.

All up the value is $8184 in high quality bonuses as you can see below. All you need to do is join Google Cash Detective 2.0 when it launches on Tuesday and you'll be given access to the below super bonuses (limited to the first 50 to join through my link).

But first, if you missed the teleseminar that I recorded with Chris Carpenter (creator of Google Cash Detective) then you can listen to it here.

And if you want to check out Chris's prelaunch videos, you can watch them here.

Here's what to do if you're in a rush and want to join NOW, plus claim your Bonuses:

To claim your bonuses you have to:

1. Clear your cookies (search google for 'how to clear your cookies' if you are unsure of how to do this).

2. Click the following link and then purchase Google Cash Detective 2.0 (Launches Tuesday 10 March 12pm EST)

==> Link to Google Cash Detective 2.0 Plus Bonuses <==

3. Email [email protected] with your receipt and we'll give you your bonuses.

Bonuses details are below...

Google Cash Detective Super Bonuses Package:

My Latest Confidential PPC Domination Plan ($2997 value)

Confidential PPC Plans

I’ve got a brand new updated plan that I’ve devised for myself that I’m going to implement to make myself an extra huge income from PPC. This plan is unproven as of yet, but given the huge success of my previous ppc campaigns and the fact that this was developed in conjunction with numerous conversations with other ppc millionaire friends of mine, it is very likely to work well.

I’ll also run a LIVE teleseminar (plus I’ll provide you with the recording) where I explain to you my PPC domination plan and answer all of your questions so that you can copy or modify this plan to use for yourself.

You will also receive all necessary video instructions so that you know exactly HOW to implement this plan.

30 Exclusively Profitable Niches ($2997 value)

30 Profitable Niches

I've gone through Google Cash Detective personally and pulled out these profitable niches by hand myself.

These have been picked up to google cash detectives standards, you can be 99% certain that there are a lot of money in these niches and hence you can go in and take your piece of the pie.

Instantly profitable campaigns webinar lead by Chris Carpenter Plus recording ($997 value)

Instantly Profitable Campaigns


This is EXCLUSIVE for the first 50 people who buy through my link only.

This isn't just any webinar event, in this particular event Chris Carpenter reveals dozens of profitable campaigns and he will give you proof of this.

My 'Buyer' Keywords Report PLUS video (Value $97)

Some keywords result in higher probabilities of sales than other keywords and I've compiled a list from my vast experience in Pay Per Click as to what types of keyword phrases lead to buyers more often than most others. This is an essential list of 26 keywords, plus an explanation video that goes with them. Having these should be immediately helpful to your PPC efforts.

I'll give you a quick example of one of these keywords: "stop"

Now here's how that applies:

  • stop dog barking (in the dog training niche)
  • stop divorce (save marriage niche)
  • stop baby crying (childcare niche)
  • etc

As you can see people who type the word "stop" are really stressed about a particular problem and want to 'stop' it right now. And hence a lot of these people want to pay money for the ultimate solution to their problem.

This is just one example, there are 29 more of these powerful keywords in my 'Buyer' Keywords report PLUS video.

This has been instrimental in my ppc success over the last few years and is going to play a big part in your future success too.

It goes really well with Google Cash Detective when you find a profitable market and want to expand your keyword list beyond what you've uncovered using the GCD tool.

Buyer Keywords


CPA Riches Videos ($997 value)

CPA Riches Videos

Watch these videos and discover how to leverage CPA (Cost Per Aquisition) networks in your online business. CPA is great because you get paid per lead, rather than per sale. For example, there are dozens of offers where you'll get paid per email address that gets submitted, or even just a zip code. Finally it's your turn to get on the INSIDE and begin generating an unstoppable stream of cash with CPA's... even if you've never signed up for a CPA network before!

This is great because one of the best ways of using Google Cash Detective is to uncover profitable CPA offers and their keywords and promote those.

Traffic Travis Professional Edition ($99 value)

Traffic TravisAstoundingly comprehensive collection of essential market research tools, all in one place!

Traffic Travis with Google Cash Detective form a very powerful combination of tools for PPC domination.

  • Keyword research tools - Why pay membership fees? Traffic Travis can dig up piles of relevant keywords for your campaign. Simply type something in, choose your source, and away you go!

  • Competitive intelligence features - There are quite a few of these market research features, for example, once you've found the heavy hitters in your niche you can begin to analyze their strategy, beginning with their keyword list: In one swoop, Traffic Travis can tell you which keywords they're bidding on and how well the ad does for the advertiser. It can even track the advertiser's campaign over time!

  • Backlinks analysis - This nifty tool quickly checks who is linking to you, and then gives you a bunch of interesting statistics about those sites. You can also use this tool to see who is linking to your competitors! (This is a great way for finding sites to either swap links with or buy links from.)

  • On page SEO critic - This is like having an SEO expert looking over your shoulder. Traffic Travis will give you a rating for each page that you analyse for how well optimized it is for a particular search phrase. It'll also give you suggestions for how to improve your rating.

  • Graphs and reports - Make all that information easy to understand with Traffic Travis's reports and graphs. And remember... this is a great way to keep tabs on your competition as well!

  • And much more!


So there you have it, $8184 in high quality bonuses, it doesn't get any better than that!

Important: How to Claim Your Bonuses

To claim your bonuses you have to:

1. Clear your cookies (search google for 'how to clear your cookies' if you are unsure of how to do this).

2. Click the following link and then purchase Google Cash Detective 2.0 (Launches Tuesday 10 March 12pm EST)

==> Link to Google Cash Detective 2.0 Plus Bonuses <==

3. Email [email protected] with your receipt and we'll give you your bonuses.


All the best to your continued success!

Mark Ling

P.S. Just a quick heads up, I've heard that Chris Carpenter is limiting Google Cash Detective number to a maximum number of people, I haven't heard what that number is, but I'm sure it'd sell out within the week, or sooner.


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Dave Tishendorf 15 years ago
Hey Mark,

A sort off the wall question for just about anybody, really, but is it a good idea to call one's credit card company and let them know you have a $2,000 charge coming? That would be an unusally large amount for me and I'm afraid they might decline it, thinking it might be fraud. What do you think?

Fantastic bonuses, by the way. Look forward to being on your team.

Len Hill 15 years ago
How and where do we go for the GCD launch tomorrow March 10, 9:00 am.? I'm as in as I can get and that's all the way . I'll be standing by with credit card in hand...............Len Hill
Simon Slade 15 years ago
You can claim your copy through this page at 12pm EST tomorrow. Just come back to this page and click the link in the post :)
Lyndon 15 years ago
Hi Mark

Look forward to joining you on this project. How much cash do you
think I'll need to invest into Adwords before it becaomes obvious that
a campaign works? Are you doing any handholding from the outset? I
have done some PPC but have a negative ROI at the moment! I need to
make it work as I've convinced the wife that it's the thing that's
going to bring in a little extra cash (and maybe more!) so I really
need to see results in the first month so it gives me opportunity to
get a refund - I REALLY don't want to do that!

Thanks for your time
Hayden Walker Alexander 15 years ago
I'm in!
Yusuf 15 years ago
Is it me or is the site not loading? Must be an overload. Hope I get the bonuses!
mikekaz 15 years ago
wow gcdetecive is bogged down. site is timing out
MDJ 15 years ago
All links to GCD are dead....either that or the servers have crashed. It's unfair.....I've been up all morning waiting for it to launch and now I can't even buy it because the servers are down. And by the time they are up and running or that I am able to reach them, it will be sold out =( All you Gurus are the same.......
Ken 15 years ago
Trying to get your link to work, but server has 504 Gateway Time-out and GDC Members area is down, as well. So much for getting in the first 50, spot...

That's at 10:26AM(CST) Launch day...I'm peeved....I want in!
conrad 15 years ago
I ttried ot buy but cant access the GCD website. CC in hand, and get spend the money....

Not too thrilled at the setup already.
Will 15 years ago
Is anyone else having problems connecting to GCD site?
Michael 15 years ago
Hi Mark:

I recently purchased Traffic Travis. I am a newbie. What would be the key differences between GCD and TT? And if there are differences what tools would address the "gaps"?


Debbie 15 years ago
Help can't buy google cash!!!!!!11!!
Bill Johnston 15 years ago
I've been trying to click through your link since 9:00 (Pacific) and can't get through. Has the demand been so great to crash the link?
Dave Tish 15 years ago
Mark, any word on what's keeping GCD from putting up its launch page? It's now almost 9:30 a.m.
Kevin 15 years ago
Wow. This really sucks. I've been waiting since early this morning to make sure I was there right at launch time.

It is now 11:30 CST and I have to take my wife in for surgery.

Oh well, guess it wasn't meant to be.
Tom 15 years ago
Guys, your link above for GCD just sends me to the original intro video from Chris. I would like to buy it for your bonues, but can't get there through this link.
Rob 15 years ago
Hello Mark or anyone that can help. I'm trying to purchase Google Cash Detective through Mark's affiliate link, but I can't seem to get to the sales page to purchase. Is it me, or is it Google Cash server overload from everyone trying to get in at the same time?

I REALLY want to purchase through your link so I can get the bonuses. Can anyone help me out?

Best regards,
Bob 15 years ago
Hey Mark, seems to be toast. Any ideas about when it's coming back up and how to order before it all sells out?
joe 15 years ago
Hi, trying to access GCD but un able to connect would there servers be overwelmed, or is there a problem with the links.
spencer McDonald 15 years ago
Problem with link, looks like maybe Chris's server may of been attached?
Do you have anything you can tell us?
Chris 15 years ago
Is it me or is the GCD page down? I'm trying to get in but no luck as of yet
Joan Stalker 15 years ago
Trying to get through but impossible to connect at this point.
ron 15 years ago
I have been up and trying to GCD off your site but all your link to purchase it goes to a error page and all my cookies and pop up , cache is clear what is going on. but you not the only one who is having problem other who is selling it their links go to a error page. what can I do I am on california and was up a 8:30 am to make sure I want miss it.
Thank You

Ron 15 years ago
Well Mark it looks like things were not ready for the hordes of visitors again your links from this blog page do not work, you would think that when marketers hype up these launches they would be prepared for the worst possible conditions, after all you are a millionaire.
Ben Baca 15 years ago
Looks like yet another server overload. NONE of anybodys order links promoting this product is working. Its been about an hour since it went live but I cannot get access to the order page. Looks like a massive screwup somewhere.

Jeff C. 15 years ago
Is there a delay in the GCD launch? Mark's affiliate link has been off and on for the last hour and when the page does load, it still displays the teaser video. How much is GCD?

I also thought it was very odd that when I tried to find out additional information on Chris and his Google Cash product, Clickbank has disabled the product. Seems kinda shady to me. Am I missing something?
Dave Tishendorf 15 years ago

I signed up with GCD through your link an hour or two ago and I still haven't received any communication from GCD, including a receipt, which means I can't get your bonuses yet. My ISP may blocking their emails, but I have no idea what address to whitelist. The url I am using for the GCD site -- -- just turns into the order page. I would contact their help desk if I knew how to get to it. If you have any ideas what I should do, let me know.

Just wanted you to know what going on at this end, which is exactly nothing.


Thanks for you help.

Dave Tishendorf
Joan Stalker 15 years ago
Sorry, Mark, I'd love to buy this through your link but it's too expensive for me right now. Thanks anyway.
Simon Slade 15 years ago
Link should be up and running fine now :)

Mark Ling 15 years ago
They are having huge server issues, which is frustrating for me as I emailed him about it in advance to make sure it was going to be ok. But that has happened for me before too, just so many people hitting the site and pressing refresh at the same time.
Mark Austin 15 years ago
Hi Mark, purchased through your link finally but like some others no email receipt as yet to send you. Thanks Mark
Lyndon Ricketts 15 years ago
Hi Mark

I had an issue with access like everyone else and although I am now a member, I don't know if the affiliate link was referred to you as I had to try differnt browsers. Can you advise please?

Also, has anyone ever heasd of the phrase 'damp squib'?

terry tracy 15 years ago
Yeah, I was pretty pumped until I saw the price. It looks like a fantastic tool to have. I only hope that after I get through the blueprint and I am making some good cash, there will be programs like this still available when I can afford to buy.
Chris 15 years ago
Bought through yuor link... finally. Cannot get the confirmation email... am I good for bonuses??? (if they EVER fix their servers... ;-)
Paul Smith 15 years ago

Came to your site through Marc and Daniel at PLRPro. They hardly ever recommend anybody else, so I thought you must be good. And your site is just fabulous.

BUT, I had joined GCD before it went public, and it's great (esp. videos by Chris and Jonathan Paul), and I can hardly get enough time for those two fabulous sites and yours too.

So, I'm not sure what I'm saying really, other than I guess I'll just have to try and really nail those two before coming back to Affilorama (which I can see is fabulous, etc. etc.). Actually, I guess I can nail this down a bit - how did you blokes manage to get things going with all these 'goodies' on show all the time?


PS I'm not racist at all - I'm perfectly willing to learn from a Kiwi.
vik 15 years ago
sounds interesting ... where ever is money u will find me :P
Ben 15 years ago
Looks like GCD has gone into total meltdown. Not even Chris's email is attainable nor is his support email. Still cannot log in nearly 24 hours after purchase. I sure hope he extends the guarantee considering we have lost a full day already and haven't even seen GCD live yet.

Here is hoping that they get this mess resolved soon,

TOM 15 years ago
Option 2 payment plan. Is there a monthly fee ? Is the payment for one year and each year thereafter you pay the four payments?
Lee 15 years ago
Hi, wanted to order but need to check if the bonus still available?
tom 15 years ago
i have followed mark for about a year now,and he does a great job.but i would never purchase anything that chris put's out like many other's i know.but thank's for the email mark,and best to you.
David Merkel 15 years ago
Am still waiting for the bonus' that you promised with aGCD sign-up.
Simon Slade 15 years ago
To access the bonuses above please follow these steps.

1. Email support@affilorama with your GCD receipt number AND your Affilorama forum username - if you don't have one you can setup a free account at
2. We will then add the bonuses to your Affilorama account so when you log in to Affilorama at any time you can access them.
John Hjort 15 years ago
I am frustrated and in a limbo right now, have not gotten my e-mail receipt . The Login data for GCD crashed also. I know that you are not pressuring me but if there is a time line, I will shy away from any ad that gives a time sensitive or deadline. It is a big turn-off for me, because of this experience to signe up with GCD.. I have not heard from any support folks from GCD as yet.


P.S. I am daily going through GCD training video which is excellent

Gareth Smith 15 years ago
Hi Mark,

I signed up yesterday, using your link. Received 'welcome'
email/subscribed to aweber, etc.
......... to this moment, I'm unable to login - emailed GCD about this12 hours ago -
no response!

Am I expected to receive such poor service? NO.

Please let me know what is happening.

Thank you,
Mark Davies 15 years ago
I would love to sse some FEEDBACK, from anyone who is actually using GCD, it sure is a lot of money Plus monthly plus the other available upsells that seem to be 'included ' for 1 month!
warren 15 years ago
Hi Mark , Not sure is everything working ok with this offer and I have some other questions for you regarding this I guess if its ok with you I will wait for your reply thanks for your help
Mark Ling 15 years ago
Hey guys, I've been using GCD myself since it launched and I did have trouble logging in twice. Both times I contacted Chris and they were to do with an upgrade to the software going on once, and the other time due to so many people hitting the website at once due to an email that went out to the prelaunch list.

I've seen this happen with numerous product launches, usually the first week or two are the hardest. I know he has been getting thousands of customer support emails daily during this launch and I'd say that has affected his customer support, but knowing Chris he'll be working hard on getting through all of this.

I must say I have been enjoying using the software and if you did buy it through my link, you'll see how I'm using it in my private ppc plan myself. Very handy.
Romeo Burke 15 years ago
i will try it
Le Tuan Anh 15 years ago
Order but declined for unknow reason, never happen like this before!

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