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Chris Carpenter PPC Teleseminar

Chris Carpenter PPC Teleseminar

Wow! Last nights teleseminar with Chris Carpenter went really well.

Here are just a few of the dozens of comments that I received in the chatbox at the end of the call:

Delano from Pretoria:
hi. i want to listen to this seminar again. Thank you very much for your time and effort. I really appreciate it. have a great day. look forward to chatting again sometime.

Thanks for this Mark. Also I'm about to start working as an affiliate for several of your products--I like your work!

John from Vancouver:
Thanks chris,i'm a newbie but i'm wow. thanks

Janet-Washington DC
I wish I'd listened into your teleseminars before, I'm blown away! :-)

Below you can listen to the recording of last nights teleseminar with Chris Carpenter (the millionaire direct linking ppc affiliate):

Click Here to be taken to the replay of the teleseminar

If you want to watch Chris's other great video on whether direct linking is back.

All the best!

Mark Ling

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  • Reply Jason Wright • 3698 days ago

    Hey that was an awesome call Mark. Thanks Chris for not holding back and being so generous with your information!

  • Reply George Fleming • 3698 days ago

    You guys rock! I'm still skeptical about the whole direct linking thing, but most of the other strategies apply to me even though I like to set up my own landing pages.

    Can't wait till gcd 2.0 comes out.

    Looking forward to your next teleseminar, these are incredible!

  • Reply Rmblfish • 3698 days ago

    this seems like the final solution in ppc marketing it feels like..
    and what about the live moneymaking campaigns he gives away for anyone to clone...

  • Reply Happy Goldfinder • 3698 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    I bought Chris's system about 4 years ago but didn't quite understand it. Then something big came in the outside world and I forgot all about interneting anything.

    In the back of my mind I have always known though that when I bought googlecash it would be a great earner.

    I dabbled in Adwords myself this past 2 months before Anik and Amit came along and of course in doing so I met your team.

    Googlecash has opened my whole lifes vista to something I really believe in

    OK it's costing me but I know I will get this right one day.

    I had an ad for movie downloads and google closed it even though there a hundreds out there and the closed a games ad too for copyright reasons when there are lots of those out there too.

    I'm a newbie here but I'm not dumb so I let google run the show.

    Thanks to Chris for a real boost to my faith.

    Happy Days

  • Reply Allan James • 3698 days ago

    Great teleseminar, and I'm about to listen to it again and take more notes.

    I was particularly interested in his Start Small tactics. I suspect a lot of us have been making the mistake of getting too big and too complicated about PPC to early, instead of starting small with very few keywords, learning what needs to be learned, make profits and then, and only then, scaling out our successful campaigns.

    The KISS principle :-)

  • Reply Shaun Young • 3698 days ago

    Nice stuff guys. I thoroughly enjoyed all the info that was shared between the two of you. Looking forward to more revelating teleseminars such as this in the near future.
    Keep up the good stuff Mark!
    Wish there was a download available :)

  • Reply Theresa Johnson • 3697 days ago

    I have dabbled in PPC in the past and made some nice money. This tool takes PPC to another level.
    To be able to see the complete campaigns of other marketers within your niche is powerful. Can't wait for this to launch. My finger is on the order button.


  • Reply Dagmar • 3697 days ago

    Guys, would it be possible to make this as a downloadable mp3 or such?
    Would be more convenient to listen not having to sit behind my computer - would be easier on my back problems

    Thank you Very much!

  • Reply James Neil • 3697 days ago

    PPC Bully is a fine tool. GCD elevates this from 'delayed' feeds to real-time - so I can take ACTION. As the saying goes "it doesn't get much better than this"! WTG Chris (and) keep Jonathan doing his killer vids - they help a LOT!

  • Reply Ivan • 3696 days ago

    I'd like to also say thanks for yet another informative call.

    And I agree with Dagmar that making it (and similar calls) a download whenever possible would be a nice little bonus. I use my gym time as my mobile study time too :o)

    Either way, many thanks!

  • Reply Anna • 3694 days ago

    Hi all, I have a big problem with this - I have been told by Yahoo themselves that we CAN'T direct-link, that it is not allowed.

  • Reply Roxie Boyd • 3689 days ago

    Guys, there is a reason why this isn't in a downloadable MP3 format. It is the same reason that a pdf is not available. This is highly serious stuff, and is not to be virally sent around the world. I know, I know, I hate sitting at my computer listening to audio or watching video. I can't believe people actually sell videos on the internet. My goodness, who has time to watch 90 hours of videos?

    If you are serious about direct linking, you just gotta listen.

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