Is Direct Linking Back?

By Mark Ling
Is Direct Linking Back?


Back in 2003, I read a book called Google Cash, by Chris Carpenter.

It revolutionized the way I was doing my affiliate marketing by proving that I could put an affiliate link in directly into AdWord ads and earn amazing affiliate commissions, without having to set up a website. Since then the Google Slap came in and I had to come up with another way of making a killing from AdWords.

So I went for the longer approach, I set up mini-websites, each containing about 20-30 pages of content, plus pay per click landing pages for each ad group. This method has worked exceedingly well for me, but it is time consuming and Chris just showed me a private video where he reveals over 26,000 direct linking ClickBank campaigns that are hugely profitable. I thought direct linking was dead, yet this video proves me wrong.

I'm really keen to hear your feedback on what you think of this method? My guess is that if this works as well as it appears to, then I'd better master it before competitors do.What are your thoughts?

Click here to watch this video!

Is Direct Linking back?

Also, I've managed to talk Chris into appearing on a live teleseminar that you can listen to on Thursday, 9pm EST (New York Time). I'm going to grill him as much as I can to find out exactly how he makes so much money by direct linking, and also you guys will be able to ask your own questions live on the call. Here are the details below:

Interview with Millionaire Chris Carpenter (Direct linking PPC Expert)

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Joe Ciechanowski 15 years ago
I heard chris' stuff is junk that quits working after a short time - but direct linking is my main attack
vivienne 15 years ago
I saw this yesterday and it is very exciting. All the nitty-gritty testing, research which was putting me off has disappeared in a magic puff.
Helmut Freydag 15 years ago
Thank you for this video. Chris has showing us that he`s a real expert in PPC. Google Cash Detective is an amazing tool.
Best Affiliate Programs 15 years ago
Looking forward to hear you grill Chris in that live tele seminar, actually anxious to know how come he says direct linking is back, in what ways? Anyway, we'll just wait for it and see.
Alex 15 years ago
I have been hearing that direct linking works for a few months now. It is always from people who have expensive software that snoops on other people's campaigns.

I imagine this is a pre sell to a membership program - perhaps a low price to get attention.

Any low tech solutions welcome Martin


Adrian 15 years ago
This method would save a lot of time if mastered... should be interesting.
Juergen 15 years ago
As a receiver of Chris' newsletter I also saw this video today... I mean it is just amazing, although I am kind of skeptical to still get a piece of the cake from that. Fact is that once a certain amount of people know about that and use the tricks, then sooner or later the market will be full with gold diggers and also Google will find a remedy... also I am pretty sure that Chris is smart enough and being already a step on top of all of us that we heard about this today, congrats to him.

At the end of the day, even for sure it is worth a trial with some bucks, but for the long run I agree 100% with Charles Heflin, concerning that we have to deliver quality on our websites and do the straight handwork, SEO etc... maybe it takes longer and is more difficult, but just because of that there will be less people getting there, which means that the market will always have some space for a good concept... summa summarum.... I think it is a matter of mentality.... some people are good at making a quick profit of a quick opportunity (maybe Chris is such a guy), however, those people are really prepared for that to be able to be there before the others even know.... for the majority of people I think it is better to focus on solid long run techniques that survive a certain hype.... it's like a good old jeans... it is never on fashion but it is also never out of fashion... it just works without any doubt
Brian Sloan 15 years ago
Looks like just what I need for my SpeedPPC campaigns with Arbitrage Conspiracy.
Saul 15 years ago
With domain name cloaking, 'direct linking' never died - click on some ads of popular products and see the ones that are the same sales page only different domain. That stuff was always there. The problem is that it's 'black hat', Google hates it, and you can expect to be slapped or worse yet banned.

Another method is over bidding the competition. And the way to profitably to do that is using a competition tracking tool. There are quite a few of them, ppc bully, hexatrack, etc. And it seems to me that GC detective is Chris' spin on it.

Still, imo, your own LP will always be more profitable, unless you think you can take up a lot of niches fast by overbidding (fast enough to pay off).
Monica 15 years ago
I've been studying his videos- I'm supposed to get GCD for free from PPC2. Evidently only half of it is ready. It's very enticing however I'm very cautious that I will actually get it for free. It looks good.
sean-daniel 15 years ago
There is a dynamic tension with Chris Carpenter; GC Detective is perhaps a little technically better than others at the $60 dollar tag level but will be much more expensive both in the upfronf cost and any additional keyword search ( variable) costs, at the same time having watched the pre-sell videos my take is that the concentration on affiliate linking in adwords has real merit- even if the conclusions about cloning profitable campaigns identifying their profitability based on continuous days is still very loose. Its still intelligent gueswork. Chris does present the concepts well.
ben 15 years ago
I replicated one of chris's so called "profitable campaigns" in the rev phone niche,his results were after 86 clicks he had 6 sales,i set my campaign up the same and after 85clicks i had 1 sale?
Andrew 15 years ago
I dont beieve a word. Click bank numbers look good, but what about the google numbers, how much is he paying out to achieve the click bank income
Ion Andrei 15 years ago
Hi Mark!
I think it is the best gift that I received for very long time. And right in the moment i was needed. If God helps me, I want to meet you in flesh and blood, and to thank you personal.
You are great.
God bless you!
Mark Davies 15 years ago
Sounds like google cash detective is baaaaaccckk, more costs, upfront and reoccurring monthly!
Adwords PPC - Bob 15 years ago
I must be missing something here?

These spy tools are nothing new. They help you identify affiliates who are direct linking to merchant landing pages along with the keywords being used as well as the ads that are successfully converting. The assumption is that a profitable ad is based on longest running and most frequently displaying ads, that affiliates won't keep throwing money at Google if the ads and keywords aren't converting - although some bozo's do.

So you use Google Cash Detective and you clone a profitable campaign. And Google now expects you to use the destination URL as your display URL. According to Google's rules, they will only display one advertiser per page with the same destination URL. That was the whole idea behind the affiliate Google slap a few years ago. Google didn't want a 5 affiliates showing up on the right column of Adwords all promoting the same thing.

So how are you supposed to clone and copy these direct linking campaigns, bid on the same keywords and use the same display URLs (or it wouldn't be a direct linking campaign if you go to your own landing page)? For a given keyword, Google is only going display one ad with the same display URL, in the video example. The ad that Google is going display is the campaign you are trying to clone, not your new ad that you're throwing into the mix.

Am I missing something here?

Chrisi Darrington 15 years ago
Well, I will tell you this... I signed up with another membership before paying for this program. I was moving along for about 2 months building my sites and have nailed how to get on the first page for organic listings. What I was lacking was affiliate marketing, which I admit scared me. I was stuck on Adsense. However, I trusted the source and decided to try your program. I'm almost ready to have you take a look at it, and then I get this email to look over the PPC program of which I paid to get and find it to be totally scary, I don't have the money to invest in that much testing so that was a total scary disapointment, but I thought maybe later I can try it...

Then today yet "another" email for this program. Honestly, in the past two weeks I've been hit over and over with new things. This video of Chris's program looks very promising but where's the end? What does it cost?

I'm frustrated but keeping my mind open to see where this will end up.
loksch 15 years ago
The video that was sent to PPC for viewing is not working @ 2100 hours on 03.02
Troy 15 years ago
Juergen and Bob.. good posts guys.
I too would like to know the answer to this.
The reason why I do not do direct linking is because of that google rule.
Maybe I am missing something
Might be good to grill him with some questions on Thursdays call.
Simon Slade 15 years ago
Some great questions guys! Save them all up for the interview and you will be able to grill Chris live :)

Make sure you have the date booked in and your questions written down.
Ruben Damian Corbo 15 years ago
OH MY GOD! Finally I was trying to find this answer forever! FINALLY!
MARK BARKOW 15 years ago
First of all, Google will not allow this to get out of hand. They frown on direct linking as it is. Sure, you can make money at it if you are really good, but you have to be using keywords with very little competition in most cases, and get really good bid prices which he does. If too many people start direct linking again, Google will slap even harder or will totally ban it entirely. Another point is that Chris's money figures that he shows in his Clickbank account are misleading. he shows an average price per click of .28. Yeah, that might be the cost for his account. His account is mature, Clickbank knows he gives them a lot of business and his account is in very good standing with them. If you are first starting out and open a new account AND USE IT, YOU WILL BE PAYING A LOT MORE PER KEYWORD. Sometimes even more than double what he shows. Where is the profitability then?? Also I know for a fact that this is over $500 program upfront with a high monthly fee, i think $97. In my opinion it is not worth it. In my opinion,there are other spying tools just as good such as pc bully that do just as much for a fraction. If you want to do good at ppc, you really need relevant landing pages. He is full of b.s
Ron Howell 15 years ago
Do people not remember what happened the first time he launched GCD back in 2006?

Google it, or search for some youtube vids on the subject.

Once bitten, twice shy!
Sterling 15 years ago
One heck of a slick pre-launch campaign! Selling these programs must be where the money is now.
Look, nobody can deliver the holy grail for making money. These gurus are all together sharing and sharing alike here: an "interlocking board of directors."
I brokered and traded futures for 40 years. Over that time, lots of materials appeared that promised the inside track, easy, mechanical no-brainer guide to riches. Now if the product could deliver that, who would share it?
Don't sell the goose that lays the golden eggs.
If I had the ability to generate such enormous profits, why would I take the time and expense required just to dilute it, to educate my competition? Perhaps I would for $500,000 upfront and an easy $100 a month from, say 700 subscribers.
Hey, you think 700 subscribers cloning reversephonelookup are all going to make $1000 a day?
Remember the adage: If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Take Adrienne Devita's sound advice: roll up the sleeves and get your hands dirty with the data. Do it by hand and master the techniques in the course. (Recall the part about long-term "Authority sites?) When you get really good at it, know all the ins-and-outs, then you can start selling your own software. :)
BlueFire 15 years ago
You guys/gals are missing one key concept, which is what makes GCD unique.

KeywordSpy, KeyCompete and SpyFu allow you to determine which keywords are being bidded on per destination URL. They have hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of keywords which they have been tracking for many months.
The theory is that if a particular keyword is still being paid for by people for a particular destination URL, then it should be profitable. For example, it may show you that the keyword "make money online" is being paid for by the people who own/promote the destination URL "".

The problem with the above is that you have no way of knowing WHO is bidding on that keyword when pointing to that destination URL. You'll have a never-ending stream of newbies out there who will throw up thousands of keywords on Google and point it to their favorite affiliate site.
So even if the word has been paid for by people for the past year, it may have been promoted by hundreds of newbie affiliates who paid for that keyword for a few weeks and then went broke.

The second type of tracking available is from sites/products such as: Hexatrack, PPC Bully, Ad Spy Pro, Affiliate Elite, Traffic Travis, etc.
These technologies are one step down from those listed above, since you have to manually enter the list of keywords which you want tracked.
You then need to wait many days to see any useful results (typically recommended at 20 days) before you can act on it with some degree of safety.

In contrast, Google Cash Detective 2 is the only technology I know of which enables you to track the TARGET URL rather than the DISPLAY URL.
So instead of spying on people pointing to the display URL "", you can now spy on a specific target URL such as "".
If that same target URL is consistently displayed in the Google ads for more than 20 days, then you've just found a specific affiliate who seems to have a profitable combination of: keyword, ad, destination page.
Some other affiliates will use a review page as a landing page, or a pre-sell landing page.
GCD2 will allow you to spy on all of it.

I hope that helps to make things clear.

It is true that the first time that Chris launched Google Cash Detective and Google Cash Automator, there were a lot of problems. I didn't personally sign up at that point, so I'm unaware of the specifics....but I have heard various other people warn me of this.

Even though this product is unique, hopefully has been fixed from the prior problems it had, and shows great prepared to pay for it. The upfront cost is expected to be around $1000 with an ongoing monthly fee of around $100.

There's a lot more that goes into having a consistently profitable campaign than just keyword spying: tracking, split testing, further keyword research to expand on long tail terms, expand to the content network, content network research, landing page creation, adgroup management, creating a proper sales funnel, email promotion, etc, etc, etc.

Don't think that GCD2 is the silver bullet that will change your life.....especially if you're not in a position to afford of $1000 to get this tool.

Having said that, I'll likely buy this product on launch day, due to seeing the potential of it.....but I'm already in a position where I'm earning thousands of dollars in profit per month from my existing internet marketing activities. It's always good to re-invest in your business, but again, please be careful with thinking this is a silver bullet if you can't afford the price.
Cascadia 15 years ago
You are probably correct about his account being mature and are right to be skeptical. If you don't put the time and energy into it and learn from the training, it will be useless and you will fail. What you can do from looking at the campaigns revealed in the program is what has been successful and learn from that. You can copy it but it is better to revise it and put your own mark on it. Don't slap it together and expect to be successful. This is not a get rich overnight program. Some probably will have success overnight but not many. The majority will give up before they have really tried. I have seen many tools as well but this one combines many of them and brings it all together. It is a worthwhile tool if you are serious about it.
carol montgomery-adams 15 years ago
As another student of Arbitrage Conspiracy and being in our 9th week of INTENSE training, I can see the value of this tool. However, it is just a tool and like learning anything in life, it is always good to learn how to do it yourself FIRST and then you are better able to determine which tool is best for YOU and your needs. We are learning the techniques to do this can be done but wow does it take time and my wrists hurt already from all the hours of typing and clicking I've done for AC!!. Investment versus expense and ROI is the decision formula. I"ll buy when I've got enough in my PPC account to invest in more tools...I believe in PPC..persistence and application of the knowledge will pay off....Go Turtles!!
Ken Weathers 15 years ago

I really like the new tool and can barely wait to get my hands on it.

Nicm 15 years ago
I believe this is ppc marketing in its finest form

Dez Futak 15 years ago
I second CMAdam's & BlueFIre's comments - as a fellow AC member, I've been learning that there are many factors & skills needed for successful PPC campaigns. I'm sure GCD2 will be of great help - but at the end of the day, it will only be the most useful to those who've put in the consistent effort to *master* the skills needed - and as always in life, there is no real shortcut to mastery :)
Robert Cwik 15 years ago

You were lucky! I did exactly the same, and even created a landing page (was easy as the reverse phone det. provides one). 70 clicks, 0 sales. I don't mention the cost... Simply put, If he had left this campaign running, then those 6 sales would be soon diluted in empty clicks, too.

What's the fuss about it? Are you folks really so happy to spend more and more money to feed Google and creators of various programs, like this?

OK, I think I have seen here someone say they were successful. My question always is: how much does it cost? Because telling me "I earn $2000 a month on the internet" does not impress me. You may earn $2.000 profit spending $100.000, and I am not in a position to do that. Show me the way to EARN $10 a day, spending $50 (a real one, one that works, and the one for which you don't have to include the "Earnings Disclaimer" in fine print), and which I can scale to reach even $1000 a day spending $5000, and I will even share my profits with you.

I know, there isn't such program, and all this is just another nice try to drain your pockets. The same quality as PPC Classroom, and others. And I have already paid to dearly for my online "success".
Jan More 15 years ago
Is it ethical to copy and paste all the ads at GCD?
bollox 15 years ago
You lots are just stupid. If you really could earn so much every day on the internet everyone would be doing it! Plus you would not get told how to do it! The reason why these people make money is because people like you pay for it, so that is how they make their money!

They promise that you will make money like them, so you pay them adding to their money and you get told something you can find out for free on google! lol
Ron Howell 15 years ago
Yahara wrote,
"Is it ethical to copy and paste all the ads at GCD?"

If you spent months setting up a profitable campaign, researching profitable keywords, testing and tweaking it by running split tests, and then someone came by and stole it from you...

How would you feel?

This is assuming that GCD works. There's still no evidence of that yet. People shouldn't listen to pre-launch hype from people who stand to gain financially from it. They have a biased opinion.

There are other much better ways of doing research for profitable niches and keywords.

PPCKahuna teaches how to set up profitable campaigns by using PPC plus SEO systems so if you were to stop running your Adwords campaign you're still going to get traffic from natural search queries. This is a much better long term approach in my opinion. Plus you don't have to steal anyone's hard work.

Stephen 15 years ago
Direct linking is not back in my opinion. You try setting up any adwords campaign with dl and see how hard you get slapped. Even if you get a Domain name from go daddy or GDI, you will still get slapped by Google because one of their terms clearly states that your display url cannot be similar to any other ad bidding for the same keyword. The same goes for your destination url. Google wil only show the higher ranking one. Even if you increase your bid, that doesn't mean that your ad will be shown. You still need a better CTR than the higher ranking ad. So you can bid as high as you like to achieve a better CTR and spend hundreds if not thousands in adwords. PPC spy GCD etc. are good tools to learn ccp but by no means a silver bullet
Aiden Rosenberg 14 years ago
Hey guys, my first affilorama post but not a good one :(

I signed up to the trial of Google Cash, GCD and GCA, it was alright but i didn't have any luck with it. I've been attempting to cancel my subscription with absolutely no success. All support e-mails from their cancellation policy bounce back from the postmaster saying the mailboxes don't exist, and i just sent through a support ticket but i don't expect a reply. Of course once the 7 day trial is over you get billed fairly big amounts, (big to me, as i'm just a newbie with no money).

I just called my bank and cancelled my credit card, just to be sure. Googling "google cash" comes up with a lot of sites with people having the same problem. Also, I found that ethically the google cash system isn't fair, as I wasn't aware the strategy was just "copy other people".

**when everyone elses strategy stops working, you'll just go down with them!**

The lesson I think i'm learning is that there isn't gonna be a big short-cut to finding a successful strategy. I'll continue to learn from free content from sites like this, but this is definitely a good wake up call!

Aiden Rosenberg 14 years ago
Re: my above post

I sent a 'support ticket' to google cash asking to cancel the trial and they responded back to me via e-mail within a day (which was good) asking to confirm cancellation. I feel a bit more relieved but it's still a worry that the e-mails in their cancellation policy don't exist.

I highly recommend doing some research on google cash before trialling/purchasing.

Jon Pastorizo 14 years ago


You're fortunate cause you are now here and can learn a lot here to start building your online business. Always remember, "There are no shortcuts to a place worth going."

See you in the forum.