Directory Submitter and Directory Submitter Gold... Backlinks for Everyone!

By Mark Ling
Directory Submitter and Directory Submitter Gold... Backlinks for Everyone!


Here's a really useful tool for getting a whole lot of backlinks to your website.

Now, there are quite a few products and programs out there that will automatically submit your site to a whole bunch of directories for a reasonably low price. The problem with using these is that a lot of directories frown upon or just plain disallow automatic submissions like this. Even though you submit to 500 directories, you might find that relatively few of these submissions actually get accepted. For the large part, directories tend to prefer manual submissions, but for anyone who has ever sat down and tried manually submitting to a whole bunch of directories -- you'll know it's a super tedious process.

Enter Directory Submitter!

I've recorded a video showing you what it is and how it works, and you can view that here (video now removed)

Basically, this isn't an automatic submission tool. We'll say that right off the bat. This is souped-up manual submission. Manual submission made faster and easier. It's good.

How does it work?
Once you've downloaded the software (and the free version of Directory Submitter is just that... free!) you simply start a new project for your website (or whatever page you want listed in the directories) and then fill in some details. These details are what will be automatically filled in when you come to submission pages, so it's the standard stuff like contact email, user name, password, address, etc.

Then you move on to the next step where you fill in the stuff that actually appears in the directory. Enter titles for your listing, descriptions and keywords. Where Directory Submitter gets really useful is that it allows you to enter a number of different options for this step. You might have five different titles you want to submit to directories under. You might have different sets of keywords you want to use, or different descriptions.

Directory Submitter allows you to enter a number of options, and then "rotate" these and use a different combination of titles/description for each directory. This makes it look less obvious to the search engines that you've used some kind of submission program.

Once you've got this all filled out, it's simply a case of double-clicking on a directory listed in the software. The submission form will be automatically filled out, but you'll probably have to choose a category for your website. Once everything is all sorted, just hit "submit" and that's one directory done! Directory Submitter will keep track of when you submitted to the site, so you can go back and check on it later.

You can order directories by pagerank, or by Alexa ranking, depending on your motivations for getting in the directories.

The free version of Directory Submitter is well worth downloading and trying. It comes pre-programmed with about 350 free directories you can submit to. There is a "Gold" version of the software which has over 2000 directories listed in it (and more being added regularly) and is pretty cheap for the benefit it gives. I've got my staff using it and I've noticed that it's been helping our traffic quite a bit, and Affilorama members who are using it have reported similar things: Increased traffic both from directory traffic, and from the boost the links give to your search engine rankings.

Grab your free copy of Directory Submitter.


P.S: For those of you keeping up with "Where In The World Is Mark Ling" -- We're currently in Rome, practicing our Italian and being fined for forgetting to validate our train tickets!

Slightly tragic story: We spent a couple of days in Venice for the Heineken music festival, hoping to see Smashing Pumpkins, Incubus, Pearl Jam, The Killers, My Chemical Romance... Hey, and we were in Venice! What could possibly go wrong? 

The weather, of course. From out of nowhere came the storm to conquer all storms. It lasted twenty minutes, but in those twenty minutes it managed to blast over all six speaker towers. Suffice to say we saw nothing except for a whole lot of ambulances and injured people. Luckily nobody was killed! After that the sun came out again with absolutely no hint of what just passed. Bizarre! You'd think that someone up there had it in for rock music.

Anyway, we've got a couple more days here in Rome and then we'll head back to Edinburgh. Time to go and enjoy the sunshine, look at some old things, dodge some rose-sellers and eat some gelato! 

All the best everyone,


Rich Micheals 15 years ago
Thanks Mark....
Ive got the Gold version but for whatever reason all the "Callen" software is void of any

The concert sounded cool1

Rich Micheals

Electron 15 years ago
What can you say about quality of directories? Are the "white" or "grey"? "Grey" directory means that it require reciprocal link. What about directories age. indexed pages and Google PR? Are they really good?
Clayton A Terao 14 years ago
Hey Mark! I came here to download the software, but I got side tracked by your story about Venice.

I went to Venice back in 2003, and somehow actually fell into a canal after slipping on some moss (Don't ask, it's a long story...). My friends fished me out of the water and I didn't have time to change my clothes at all since we had to catch a train to Rome. Worst train ride ever, let me tell you!

Kathaleen Dunford 14 years ago
Hi Mark,

"but for anyone who has ever sat down and tried manually submitting to a whole bunch of directories -- you'll know it's a super tedious process."

I sat down and manually submitted to 498 directories only this week. Can you imagine how long that took? Over seven hours.

Thanks for bringing this software to our attention. It is on my to purchase list when I have the money.